Sons Of The Forest – Winter Tips

Sons Of The Forest – Winter Tips 1 -
Sons Of The Forest – Winter Tips 1 -

Hello and welcome, We hope you find this Sons Of The Forest – Winter Tips guide useful.
A Guide for How Long The Seasons Last and Some tips for winter.

Every Seasons Length


Seasons are determined by In-game Days


  • Spring: 4
  • Summer: 6
  • Fall: 4
  • Winter: 6


Winter Tips for Winter


  • Wear the Clothing Item "Winter Jacket" to maintain a good Level Of Stamina.


  • Light a torch on fire, It Will Help You Keep Warm In The Cold.

Skipping Winter:

  • Winter is a great idea but it's difficult to execute. Winter is cool. At First But it gets plain annoying. It's a cool feature, but here's how to avoid it:


  • To get through winter, You and Your Teammate/s have To Find Either A Shelter or a Bed And Sleep Through The Six Days of Winter, if You Would Like to put it down since seasons are based on the in-game days In essence, we are hibernating.

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