Sons Of The Forest – How to spawn items & ID List

Sons Of The Forest – How to spawn items & ID List 2 -
Sons Of The Forest – How to spawn items & ID List 2 -

Hi, welcome to this post, This Sons Of The Forest – How to spawn items & ID List Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

In this guide, we will discuss the ID of each item that will be spawned using the command is explained along with the procedure to get items through the ID.

How to spawn items with an ID value

ID codes are considered “honest” cheats to a certain degree. You don’t need to install third-party software or hack Sons of Forest’s files. All you have to do is modify the save file using ID codes and stock your inventory with all the required items.

  • 1. Open Sons of the Forest and open the saved game you wish to add items to, and save again (this is not necessary; however, it can assist you in finding the file you’re looking for) and then close the game completely.


  • 2. Navigate to the game save folder, which is located at C: Users >(Username) > AppData > LocalLow > Endnight SonsOfTheForest > Saves.


  • 3. Open the folder using a seventeen-digit number. Select SinglePlayer (single-player mode) or Multiplayer mode (network mode) according to the kind of file you wish to add items.


  • You will see a folder here with different numbers for every save file you have in Sons of the Forest. The only way to distinguish them is by the date of the change. Find the folder with the most recent date.


  • 5. Locate the PlayerInventorySaveData file and open it in Notepad (or another text editor).


  • 6. A line of text code represents the player’s inventory. It tells you what’s inside it and how much.


  • 7. Scroll to the end and look for the code that closes the file, which looks like “:[]}]}}”}}

Sons Of The Forest - How to spawn items & ID List - How to spawn items using an ID value - 7400821

  • 8. Enter the following code into the highlighted area of the image above, so that it matches exactly the image (or copy/paste the code into the file that appears).
  • ,\”ItemId\”:ItemIDHere,\”TotalCount\”:NumberOfItemsHere,\”UniqueItems\”:[]


  • 9. Replace ItemIDHere by the ID of the item, and NumberOfItemsHere by the quantity you wish to receive. There shouldn’t be any spaces on either side of these numbers.

Don’t add a new code if you already have an item in your inventory and want to change its number! Find its ID and alter the number of items in your inventory to match the desired number.

When you finish editing the file, save it and close PlayerInventorySaveData. Then, open Sons of the Forest again and play the saved game.

The ID of all items

Alcohol: 414

Aloe Vera: 451

Air canister Air canister: No. 469

Backpack: 402

Battery: 527

Drawing book 552

Bone armor:

Buckshot (shotgun ammo): 364

Canned Food 434

Cash: 496

Chainsaw: 394

Fabric: 415

Cooking pot 517

Craft spear 474

Creepy Armor 593

Cross: 468

Crossbow: 365

Bolt for crossbow: 368

Duct tape:

Emergency package: 483

Energy drink 439

Energy bar: 441

Energy mix: 461

Energy Mix +: 462

Feather: 479

Fish: 436

Flash: 440

Flashlight: 471

Flask: 426

Food tray Food tray

Fragmentation grenade: 381

Gold Armor 572

GPS locator 529

GPS-treker: 412

Grab bag: 351

Grappling hook 560

Guest card: 526

Guide book: 589

Health Mix: 455

Health Mix + 456

Armor from the Skin: 519

Knife: 380

Letter: 484

Sheet armor 473

Loot bag: 508

Magazine: 78

Middle stone: 506

Modern boom: 373

Molotov: 388

Snack rations MRE: 438

Noodles: 421

Pistol: 355

Pistol cartridges: 362

Silencer for pistols 374

Plasma lighter: 413

Printer boom 618

Printer resin: 390

Radio: 590

Raw meat 433

Resuscitator: 444

Revolver: 386

Stone: 393

Rope: 403

Rope gun: 522

Severed Hand Severed Hand

Severely injured leg:

Shotgun: 358

Skin pouch: 508

Skull: 430

Sleigh: 428

Bullet (shotgun cartridges): 363

Small stone: 476

Stick: 392

Stone Arrow 507

Stun gun: 353

Stun gun cartridges: 369

Swimsuit: 619

Tactical Axe 379

Tarpaulin: 504

Technology-based armor:

Grid of technology:

Torch: 503

Turtle shell 506

Walkie-talkie: 486

Wristwatches: 410

Zipline rope: 523

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