Sons Of The Forest – First Hour Tips

Sons Of The Forest – First Hour Tips 1 -
Sons Of The Forest – First Hour Tips 1 -

Hi, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Sons Of The Forest – First Hour Tips Following this guide step by step.

I have only played for a short time… don’t expect me to give you top-of-the-line advice… this was all my brain could come up with.

First Hour

1 – Chests that are left from the start of the game are refreshed, so go back at the end of each day

2 – There’s an unpaid loot left from the crash site, I didn’t know about it, it has breakfast or soda

3 – I didn’t design the custom base like in the trailers, so I had to abandon the idea and create a log cabin using the book of crafts.

4 – If you see a red-dashed area on an object (eg. wood) it means that you can hold down the primary button with your tool to cut it, break it, ect.

5 – Kelvin’s “Clear Area” button means he will get rid of the material, so don’t be afraid that he’ll confront that cannibal that is who is following you and engage in a fight

This is a simple idea, but this is what I’ve learned from my first hour. I’m sure someone has already discovered 20 more useful ideas.

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