Sons Of The Forest – 5 Tips for new players

Sons Of The Forest – 5 Tips for new players 1 -
Sons Of The Forest – 5 Tips for new players 1 -

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1 – Search for valuables and collect them

The first thing to remember is what you require to get started with Sons of the Forest. You are in a very vulnerable situation when you awake from an accident. Therefore, search the neighborhood thoroughly and return as many treasures as you can. There are plants, stones and even sticks. Every object has the possibility of being useful. Keep a note of the location of any vital resources you uncover, like healing aloe vera plants, to return to them in the future.


2 – Building your base

You must locate an appropriate location for your first point of the base. This is not a great option for the snow biome since it is too cold. You should search for an area that is warmer, preferably close to a water source.

When you’ve located the ideal location, you should begin felling trees and constructing a crude shack for yourself there. Begin by building a small shelter. Additionally it would be best if you built a wall or fence surrounding your base to serve as an additional defense against assaults.


3 – Saving ammo

Sons of the Forest has significantly more weapons than its predecessor. These include various types of firearms, including handguns, shotguns, and pistols. But, when you consider the scarcity of ammunition, you should keep it in your storage for only in case of an emergency.

Creating a bow and arrows as quickly as possible is recommended if you are looking to be successful in fending off subsequent waves of enemies or in the hunt for animals. You can also employ melee weapons such as axes or clubs that you have made yourself to fight your enemies. Always have a firearm to use when more powerful foes like mutants come after your base.

In the event of monsters that are large or large groups, keep your molotov cocktail on hand. It makes life a bit easier when you locate the machete or the modern axe.


4 – The environment you are in

Being prepared is vital to success in any task. This is where the saying “acting recklessly can lead to one to ruin” applies. Be aware of the routes taken by your opponents, and avoid following them too early in the game.

Before you take on your adversaries, you should first examine how they react. You will have a better chance of being prepared by them than for you.

If you’re prepared for combat and have the necessary equipment to engage in combat, go for it. Bones are extremely useful for creating armor and are not difficult to find. You can put them to sleep, and then burn their bodies in a fire.


5 – Calvin and other AI

Calvin is an unplayable character However, he survived the helicopter crash with you. Please help him and don’t abandon him. He is your constant support throughout the entire game. You are also accountable for providing him with food and providing him with proper care; if you don’t do this it could cause him to become ineffective or even die.


Who is Calvin NPC?

Due to the collision, your first companion, Calvin, has lost his hearing and suffered head trauma. In multiplayer 8-player mode you won’t have the ability to talk to Calvin, and you will only have one other person to assist you. You can give Calvin instructions with your notepad. This allows you to instruct him to gather resources and bring them to a specific place. Additionally, he can attack enemies and hunt them down or follow you around.

Companions will stop whatever they are doing and eat. They will complete their work at a slower pace if you do not take care of them, or if you treat them badly in any way.


How to recruit new companions?

The first step to attracting new supporters for your cause is to know what they want from you. Once you know this information, you can begin recruiting new companions. Calvin is the only companion that you can currently take on in Sons of the Forest.

This is the mutant female known as Virginia, who has been seen in a variety of trailers released so far.

She’ll flee from you at the beginning of your journey, but she has a personality that can be described as rather risky. Despite the fact that she doesn’t divulge much information about it, you could invite her. If you’re nice to her, you will increase her confidence in you. The developers aren’t going to reveal any further information at this time.


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