Somewhere in the Shadow – Every code in-game

Somewhere in the Shadow – Every codes in game 1 -
Somewhere in the Shadow – Every codes in game 1 -

If you don’t know how to resolve puzzles you can see keys here

Key to First puzzle (in Prison)

KeyCode in the bottom

There are 4 numbers in prison
43 17 22 39
Resolve is:
For example number 17 -> 1 means it’s first in List and the 7 it is number for password
So here we are :
17 – 7
22 – 2
39 – 9
43 – 3
Password is 7293

Second puzzle in toilet

KeyCode in the bottom

When we got the toilet, we can enter the shower room and see behind the walled triangle is 3. And we can see a square is 4 on the toilet’s barrel.
In the main room, we can find signs on the wall.
We know the triangle is 3 and the square is 4.
So we must know what is “X”
So we must put some signs between triangle, square and “X”. Cause we know numbers in answers.
For example first and second raws
triangle triangle “x” ->10
square triangle triangle “x” “x” -> 38
we must do multiplication between triangle, and we will see we could add 1 in first raw and 2 in 2 raw. So “x” is 1 and we must just add it.
So KeyCode is 148

Puzzle in the morgue

KeyCode in the bottom

When we entered the morgue we see numbers on the cells. And if we got a bit more, we will see a wall with a border and pictures on it.
And the last key is above the keypad close to the door. (Triangle, “x” and “O”, same signs on the border)
We must know how all signs are moving in pictures.
For example, the triangle is moving 1 square by 1 picture. So, in the end, it will be in the same place as in the beginning
After we know all places of sings, we go to cells and substitute numbers to signs. And then,close to keypad, we change order to sings above keypad.
KeyCode is 685

Written by Aydy?!

This is all about Somewhere in the Shadow – Every code in-game; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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