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Some Some Convenience Store – Some Gifts 1 -
Some Some Convenience Store – Some Gifts 1 -

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Here’s a list of the gifts in the game, and what they do.




Here are all the gifts in the game, including their prices and effects.

Gifts are usually unlocked with the quest that you receive from the highest upgraded display (the one on the bottom right).

Note: for Yena’s ending, you need to watch a couple of Soohee’s scenes, the last of which requires raising Soohee’s relationship probability to 50%. Adela’s scenes are not necessary.



$10 Mocchi roll1%$10 Cheese cake1%
$20 Chocolates2%$10 Caffe Latte2%
$50 Shaved ice dessert3%$70 Ggoggle gift card4%
$100 XTEAM gift card5%$20 Macaroons1%




$20 On-the-go Chicken1%$40 Garden Salad2%
$30 Sparkling Water2%$60 Turkish Kebab3%
$60 Handmade Pecan Pie3%$80 Diet Balance Bars4%
$120 MP3 Gift Card5%$20 Americano1%




$50 Vitamin Pack1%$30 Tteokbokki2%
$150 Korean beef gift set4%$80 Ginseng3%
$100 Hangover Remedy3%$200 Soju4%
$500 Whiskey gift set5%$300 Jeju Island Tangerines4%


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