Software Inc. – What is Patenting?

Software Inc. – What is Patenting? 3 -
Software Inc. – What is Patenting? 3 -

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A brief explanation of the relationship between research and parenting, as I see it.

1. Research

Every January, new technology is made available for research to every company.
Only designers with 3* in the relevant ability can conduct research:

System – 3* in System design skill (blue)

2D – 3* in 2D design etc.

Software Inc. - What is Patenting? - 1. Research - E4E36AD

Each technology is different and requires different amounts of research. Here are the details:

1. System

2. 2D

3. 3D

4. Audio

5. Network

6. Hardware


First thing – researching is costly in terms of hiring skilled designers and paying them wages while doing it.

Second – To employ 3* designers proficient in their field, you must possess an A+ Business reputation.

Since I’ll be beginning research in 1985 I will move to my own home in 1984, and then begin research in 1980 in an apartment building. I’ll also be researching everything for the first time in 1985, as Network and 3D aren’t locked yet.

My testing compiled the list of complexity with various team sizes. In the final, I would design teams similar to these:

2 teams, 11 designers + 1 Leader each, System 3* designers

2 teams, 11 + 1, 2D

2 teams, 7 + 1, 3D

1 team 10+1 Audio

1 team 10+1 Network

Leaders should be hired with 3* in Socialization+Multitasking, so the team gets’s compatibility boost faster, have meetings, and get a bonus for the last level of Multitasking (since it boosts every type of task). They will require 4 offices and will work in 2 10h shifts. Each office can be equipped with graphic tablets.


In the first year, research will be slowest with full teams and will be done almost by the end of the year. Each subsequent level will be faster until you’ve got everything researched in May of each year. This is due to the team compatibility mechanic and meeting new people before the entire team compatibility boost is acquired.


(Required Parameters) for Researcher in ads:

Primary role Designer

Secondary Secondary


One design skill

Software Inc. - What is Patenting? - 1. Research - 80B030B

It will produce 35-50 years old designers, with 3* skills starting at around 38-40 years old candidates.

Note: This is one of the few rare times I have to reload the game to get the designers I need. The best way to do this is to save the game at 23h, create an ad for a designer, and then run the ad. Take a look at the candidates. If there are less than three candidates that are acceptable (3* ability or team compatibility), I will reload the game and run the ad after. You must save BEFORE running ad because after you’ve got results and save after, reloading will give you the same list of candidates.

By hand-picking designers and filling your teams with (at least) 3 employees each month, you will have fully-staffed teams within 4 months. (you can easily find three good candidates for each skill each month)

If you take the time to read, you’ll see that I don’t have a dedicated team for researching Hardware. It is the fastest research but not as crucial to complete quickly as it updates the Controller, Phone, and Console. So when hiring, you can look for some skill + Hardware design and engage those who are part of each team. After each group has completed their research, they could be assigned to Hardware research in the technology field. This setup will allow them to achieve their research in the next month or so.


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