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Software Inc. – Research Detailed Guide 3 -

Welcome. This Software Inc. – Research Detailed Guide Guide was created to a*sist you, and we sincerely hope that you find it so.

Build structures with the best working conditions in mind. Hire staff to create and distribute software so you can outperform the fictitious rivals and snatch their clients. Manage and train your staff to ensure their competence and job satisfaction.


This guide is for Researching patents and technology, with my hiring strategy and method explained in each section.

Version: 1.4.12


1. Research

2. Patenting

1. Research

Every January, a new technology of a higher level is made available for research by each company.

Research is conducted only by designers with 3* of the same skill:

System – 3* in System design skill (blue)

2D – 3* in 2D design etc.

Software Inc. - Research Detailed Guide - 1. Research - E4E36AD

Each technology is different and requires different amounts of research. Here are the specifics:

1. System

2. 2D

3. 3D

4. Audio

5. Network

6. Hardware


First, it is costly to conduct research. You need to employ enough designers and pay them a salary.

Second – To be able hire 3* designers who are skilled in their field, you must possess a 4* Business reputation

Since I’ll begin research in 1985, I will move to my own home in 1984 and start at 1980 in an apartment building. In addition, the year 3D and Network aren’t locked, which means it will be my first year to research everything.

The list of complexity was created through my experiments with various team sizes and in the end I would create teams similar to this:

2 teams, 11 designers + 1 Leader each, System 3* designers

2 teams, 11 + 1, 2D

2 teams, 7 + 1, 3D

1 team, 10+1 Audio

1 team, 10+1 Network

Leaders should be hired with 3* in Socialization+Multitasking , so team get’s compatibility boost faster, have meetings, and get bonus for last level of Multitasking (since it boosts every type of task). They will require four offices and be working in two 10 hour shifts. You can equip them all with graphic tablets.


The first year, research will be slowest even with full teams, and will be completed in the middle of the year. Each subsequent level will be faster until you have everything researched by May each year. This is due to the team compatibility mechanics. It is crucial to build relationships before you get an overall team-wide boost in compatibility.


(Required Parameters) For Researcher in Ads:

Designer is the primary role.

Secondary – none

Average salary

One design skill

Software Inc. - Research Detailed Guide - 1. Research - 80B030B

It will produce designers between 35-50 years of age, with 3* qualifications starting at 38-40 years old .

Note: This is one rare occasion that I use reloading the game to get designers I require. The method is to save the game at 23h, make an ad for a designer and then run the advertis*ment. Look over the candidates. If there are less than three candidates who are qualified (3* skills or team compatibility) I will reload and then run the advertis*ment. Save the file before running an advertis*ment. Once you have received the results, you’ll have to save the file. After saving, you can load the game to receive the same list of candidates.

By hand-picking designers and hiring teams of (at at least) 3 employees per month, you will have fully-staffed teams within four months. (you will likely to find three good candidates for each skill each month)

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that I don’t have an entire team dedicated to researching Hardware. It is the fastest research, but it isn’t as important to do quickly, since it only updates Controller, Phone and Console. You can also search for expertise and Hardware design, and then hire the employees you find. When each team has completed their research, they can be a*signed to Hardware tech research. This will make it possible for them to do this in the coming month or so.

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