SnowRunner – Top 5 Trucks for DEEP Mud

SnowRunner – Top 5 Trucks for DEEP Mud 2 -
SnowRunner – Top 5 Trucks for DEEP Mud 2 -
Are you looking for the best truck to plough through the mud? Look no further.
In this guide, I will list my top 5 best trucks based on a combination of how fast they go through the mud and how versatile, component-wise, they are.



I will go through the setup, rules and evaluation of the experiment. Further, I will present you with my top 5 trucks for deep mud. Be aware; this guide is aimed at trucks that can get jobs done, which means I neglected scouts. 




Setup of Experiment

I used the “summer proving grounds” as a place for the experiment. I measured the time it takes for the truck to reach point B, starting at point A. This procedure was repeated two times, taking the average. The trucks were always equipped with the strongest engine, the highest suspension and the biggest tires possible. Wherever possible, I used AWD and diff locks. But, the test was done in automatic, which means some trucks couldn’t unleash their full potential because of switchable differential locks only working in low gears. I decided to do it this way because the goal was to traverse the mud as fast and as easy as possible. 
SnowRunner - Top 5 Trucks for DEEP Mud 

Time-based Ranking

Following, you will find the raw ranking of the fastest 10 trucks, based on the time it took them to complete the experiment. 

Rank Truck Name Time (s)
1 Azov 42-20 Antarctic 35.57
2 Caterpillar 745C 42.76
3 ZiKZ 605R (DLC) 46.10
4 KOLOB 74760 50.85
5 KOLOB 74941 58.61
6 Western Star 6900 TwinSteer 59.90
7 BOAR 45318 (DLC) 62.15
8 KRS 58 “Bandit” (DLC) 73.95
9 ANK MK38 78.23
10 Navistar 5000-MV (DLC) 80.56



This ranking will differ from the time-based ranking from before. It reflects my opinion, as I try to take into account the vehicle’s downsides as well. 

1. Azov 42-20 Antarctic

The Azov 42-20 has to be at the number one spot. It was by far the fastest vehicle; it ploughed through the mud with complete ease at relatively low fuel consumption. What makes this truck a gem, compared to the Caterpillar 745C, is that it is able to haul cargo on a flatbed or sideboard bed and on standard trailers. 

2. ZiKZ 605R (DLC)

This massive behemoth was at third place in the time-based ranking, but only seconds after the Caterpillar 745C. I chose to put it in second place because the ZiKZ 605R is so versatile when it comes down to configuration: Except the Log Carrier Front, it basically can equip every attachment you need, plus, it has a roof rack with 600 repair points and combined with the ZiKZ 605R’s 380L Fuel tank, a staggering capacity of 580L in total while consuming relatively little. The only downside is that it’s bound to the Amur DLC. 

3. Caterpillar 745C

Based on the time it took the CAT to traverse the mud, it must be on the podium. But, it fails to match the Azov 42-20 Antarctic or the ZiKZ 605R because it can’t attach standard trailers, nor can it carry any cargo on the frame. I would only use it to tow around other vehicles or use the one shiny point: It is the only vehicle to carry medium logs without the need for a trailer. 

4. KOLOB 74760

The 74760 did perform exceptionally well, time-wise; however, it also comes with its downsides: The only option for its frame is the high saddle, which allows it only to tow the bulky and heavy semi-trailers. It has a relatively low top speed and mediocre fuel consumption. In contrast to the Caterpillar 745C, it is able to tow standard trailers. 

5. Western Star 6900 TwinSteer

This time, I had some difficulties finding a suitable contestant. The KRS 58 “Bandit” would be the most versatile of the remaining trucks, but it comes at a whopping 13 seconds behind the Western Star 6900 TwinSteer, making it impractical for long hauls through the mud. The ability of the TwinSteer to fight through the mud surprised me. In this case, its long frame makes a difference because it shortens the time the truck is fully exposed to the mud: While going in, the rear axles push, while going out, the front axles pull. It is also the only truck to fit four pieces of cargo onto the frame. Other than that, there are only downsides to it: It consumes a lot of fuel, the extended frame is elsewhere a pain and the inability to carry any form of trailer put this truck onto the 5th place. 


These were my Top 5 Trucks for DEEP Mud, I hope you enjoyed reading it, and hopefully, you could make up your mind about what to invest in next. 
Have a nice day, 

Written by BE3dARt

Hope you enjoy the Guide about SnowRunner – Top 5 Trucks for DEEP Mud, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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  1. Tayga 6436 with mud tyres is extremely good. I know there are a lot of trucks in the game but given the Tayga is pretty much considered the best all rounder in the game I’m a bit surprised you didn’t have in the list. I also found the BM17 with single mud tyres to be pretty fast in mud, strangely when I put double muds on it it bogged down much more – go figure!

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