This Sibirskaya-7 Junction walkthrough is a detailed guide to complete the three following challenges: ‘Complete All Contracts in Under 25 Minutes’; ‘Eliminate Kurchatov From More Than 100m’; ‘Sabotage the Train Without Raising the Alarm’. I’ll provide hints and tips that can help you with some of the tricky parts of these challenges.



Your loadout is important to the successful completion of these challenges. Be sure to equip yourself with the following; 
PRIMARY WEAPON: Sturm Precision – I recommend using the Sturm-Precision. With its damage, fire rate, noise suppression and other accessories, it’s most suitable for this mission. 

  • Choose a scope with a lower magnification of 6X. There are several situations where you will be fairly close to your target and any larger magnification can fill your scope too much. 
  • If you don’t already have it, equip with the Sturm Precision Noise Suppressor. 
  • The magazine is strictly your choice but, I use the Extended Magazine that holds 15 rounds before having to change mags. This is helpful to me cuz sometimes I won’t be paying attention to how many rounds I have left in my magazine. It’s a dumb feeling when I squeeze the trigger only to hear … click, click.

You won’t need any other types of ammo so, don’t worry about opening an extra ammo slot. 
GADGETS: The only gadget you’ll need is the MUAV “Dragonfly” drone. Equip the drone as shown in the “Development” section. 
DEVELOPMENT: Be sure you’re equipped with the following upgrades. 

  • AWARENESS: Tracker 
  • UTILITY: Environment Chip, Tag Sensor 
  • SCOUTING: Focused Lens


  • MARKSMAN: Lighter Equipment 
  • INFILTRATOR: Advanced Woodland Camoflage 
  • SOLDIER: Cat’s Grace, Sprinter, Wraith


  • DRONE: Lure Module, Battery Module

Lastly, this challenge is hard enough to complete without pushing the issue by playing on ‘Deadeye’ difficulty. I recommend doing it on ‘Marksman’ level. 


As soon as you’re dropped into the map, you’ll Fast Travel to the point just to the west. In this area, you’ll have to take out two snipers, then advance to the sniper tower. Once up in the tower, you’ll disable the Jammer. Then using the MUAV, tag and kill Alikhanov. 
Drop down from the tower and sprint to the Exfil point where you’ll take out the five guards. Upload your data then Fast Travel to the southwest where Kurchatov is hold up in his building with bullet-proof gla*s. This area can get a little tricky so pay close attention to the sequence of actions required to get through here undetected. Setting off an alarm in this area will make it extremely difficult to escape. It will also alert guards in the underground train station which will negate the ‘Sabotage Train Without Raising the Alarm’ challenge. 
As soon as you exit the boxcar, there’s a sniper to take out. Then, you’ll navigate through a mine field and disable the Jammer. There’ll be another sniper too. Using the MUAV, tag and lure Kurchatov outside the building, then kill him. Escape unnoticed down to the Train Station. 
In the underground Train Station, you will systematically take out several guards and turrets in a specific sequence of actions that must be done without any mistakes, if you want to complete the “Sabatage Train Without Raising the Alarm” challenge. I’ll cover this in more detail later. 
Once you’ve sabotaged the train, you’ll run up the staircase to the final area, the dam. This part is fairly easy if you don’t rush it, so be patient. At the far end of the dam, you’ll grab the intelligence on the weapons system, then use the zip line to escape to the Exfil point at the other side of the canyon. 
If all goes well, you should be able to complete the challenge in around 18 minutes. That gives you about 6 minutes or so to spare, so there’s no need to rush things. Be patient and don’t take chances. Be sure of every move you make. If you do make a mistake, you’ll usually have time to reload to a previous check point, if you choose. If an alarm is raised and you’re hidden, you can wait out the alarm (about 2 minutes), and still have time to spare. Note: If something goes wrong and you want to ‘Retry Mission’, the time you spent in your first attempt will still count against the time limit of 25 minutes. Unless you’re only a couple minutes in to begin with, I suggest you exit to the Contracts menu and restart from there. Also, if you choose to ‘Retry Mission’, some enemy positions will be different, like the two snipers in the first area. 


Here is the mission video beginning at time 0:00 when we are dropped into the starting location. You can see the time lapsed as I progress through each of the contracts. (Note: The square artifact you see in this video is from my recording software detecting my mouse pointer position and projecting it on the video. Sorry about that.) 


DETAILED WALKTHROUGH: First Contract – Eliminate Alikhanov

When you arrive, open your area map and click on the Fast Travel point directly to the west of your position. Sprint to the west and run behind the buildings (00:26). A guard is standing between the buildings and will catch a glimpse of you (00:29) but, if you keep running, he’ll loose sight of you. Follow the path along the cliff until you get to a small group of trees (00:36). Look to the roof of the building in the distance for a sniper. You won’t be able to get a lasting tag on him because of the nearby Jammer, but all you need to know is his distance from you, then take him out. 
Now, slowly move around the corner of the cliff side and look towards the tower ahead of you at the end of the path. Another sniper in the tower will be partially obscured by some tree leaves so, engage your mask to get a temporary tag on him. In my case (01:10), he just stood up and I had a good view of his silhouette. But, if you’re not sure about the shot, look for the trace of his rifle’s line of sight. He’s usually aiming towards the Rail Yard, to your right. If so, you can sprint to the tower, climb the ladder to the top and take him out from behind. 
Note: If you shoot at this sniper and miss, there’s a risk of alerting others to suspicion, even if your second shot hits him. If so, I’d suggest you restart the mission. 
From the top of the tower, look into the railroad yard and locate the Jammer (01:40) about 200m from you and disable it. Next, fly your MUAV above the yard and along the right side of the building in front of you and tag Alikhanov (02:04). He will be mostly hidden behind a boxcar so wait until he moves to where you can get a better shot at his head. While you’re waiting, refill from the ammo stash. Once he’s dead, drop down off the tower. This is where Cat’s Grace comes in handy. 
Run to the nearby Exfil point just south of you, where (02:52) you will see two guards on the building platform and two more to the left of the building. Take out the guard nearest you on the platform first, then the other one behind him. Now, line up on the two remaining guards and take a double kill. There’s one more guard on the metal stairs on the other side of the building. You can walk up to the platform and shoot him from above (03:18). Now, upload your data. 

DETAILED WALKTHROUGH – Second Contract: Eliminate Kurchatov

After uploading data, open the area map and Fast Travel to the point southwest of your current location. This area is where Kurchatov is hold up in. When you exit the boxcar, look to the building ahead (03:53) where you’ll find a sniper at about 180m away and take him out. Now, go to the far left of the train cars and move to the mine field, just before the compound (04:17). Using your mask, navigate through the mine field and take a position overlooking the west courtyard of the compound. In the compound is a Jammer to disable (04:36). Now, look down into the courtyard to see where a heavy guard is patrolling. Keep an eye on his position. You’ll want to take him out at a spot where his body won’t be seen, later. For now, look just beyond the courtyard to an elevated gra*sy platform where another sniper is located. Take him out. 
Next (05:03), fly your MUAV to the left side of the building and look through the gla*s of the back room where Kurchatov is. Let the MUAV tag him, then move the MUAV to the right of the fuse panel on the outside wall and drop it low to the floor to avoid luring other nearby guards, and press [Q] to lure Kurchatov outside. Retrive the MUAV. While waiting for Kurchatov to investigate the noise, check the heavy guard in the courtyard below. He should now be walking away from you. Wait for him to get next to the statue (05:49), then take him out. Turn your attention back to Kurchatov as he approaches the doorway of his office. Wait for him to come outside the doorway completely before killing him (06:10). If you kill him while he’s still inside the building, a heavy guard inside will see it and set off an alarm. 
Escaping this area can be tricky but the way I’m doing it here seems to be the most reliable method I’ve tried. From your position overlooking the compound, drop down to the outside of the compound wall. Stay close to the wall and follow it ’til you get to where there’s a part of the wall that is broken. Stay crouched, engage your mask to tag nearby guards then (06:24), use the MUAV to fly over the barbed wire part of the wall and then down to some nearby shrubs. When the MUAV is hidden in the bushes (06:39), press [Q] to lure the nearest guard away from his position. Immediately retrieve the drone. Now, being careful not to be seen by the suspicious guard, give him several seconds to approach the bushes. Then (06:52), climb over the wall (just to the right of the ‘v’ shaped break) and sprint to the nearest building doorway, where you’ll find the stairwell leading down to the underground train station, and your next contract. Take a moment to reload and refill ammo here (07:00). 

DETAILED WALKTHROUGH – Third Contract: Underground Train Station

As you descend the stairs, stop just short of the fuse panel on your left (07:14) and line up your rifle for a double kill on the two guards on the platform ahead of you. This is one of three places in this area where you need to shoot in fairly rapid succession. It’s helpful to engage your mask here, not only to highlite enemy but also to slow time slightly. Quickly look around the corner to your left, and note the guard on the walkway nearest you (07:20). If he’s walking towards you, wait until he turns to walk the other way, then as quickly as you can, look down, through the flooring, to the platform below you and shoot the guard there. Now, shoot the guard on the walkway to your left, followed by the guard across the way (07:35), near the rotating machinery. 
Move to the other end of the platform and down one flight of stairs and turn towards the rotating machinery. Jump from the stairs to the walkway around the machine, being careful to avoid being spotted by the turret behind you. Turn around and disable the turret (07:51). 
While you continue around the walkway to the next rotating machine, engage your mask to tag more enemy. This is another tricky area that can easily go wrong. Go around the back of the machine and line up the guard near you and the one across the way, for a double kill (08:07). If it doesn’t work, you’ll have enough time to shoot the other guard before alarming anyone. As quickly as you can, shoot the guard on the walkway to your left (08:11), then the one behind him on the other side of the area. So far, so good. 
Next, note the two guards standing on the platform below you (08:25). Wait for them to walk near the boxes before taking them out individually (08:50). After you do, you may hear an announcement about someone hearing shots fired but, unless you were just too slow in shooting the second guard, that’s just a glitch in the game program where the second guard is killed before he has a chance to alert anyone but the message goes out anyway. It has no affect on the status of other guards nor on the ‘Sabotage without an alarm’ challenge. You can tell by noting the color of the other guards’ tags. If they’re still white, you’re okay and can disregard the announcement. 
BTW, if something goes wrong between the time you destroyed the first turret and taking out these last two guards, remember that you have some spare time to work with so, you could reload last checkpoint, and still make the ‘Under 25 Minutes’ challenge. This would reset the ‘Sabatage the train without raising alarm’ challenge. Note, if you reload the last checkpoint, you will spawn beside the first rotating machine, after having killed the first five guards. You will still have to destroy the turret, though. Then, go from there. 
Now (08:59), turn to your left and look for the walkway that takes you across to the other side of the station. When you get across, turn right and move to the back of the next rotating machine (08:16). Look down to a metal stairway and throw a stone to the bottom landing. Make sure you see the tag of the nearby guard begin to blink. While you’re waiting for him to investigate the noise, back-track to the walkway that spans the area and take a position at the railing (09:39) overlooking an area where there’s a turret and a guard stuck walking into some spools of wire. Look for a patrolling guard below you who should be walking towards the turret. You may have to wait a few seconds for him to get near the end of the engine car, then take him out (09:42), followed by the stuck guard, and finally, the turret. Now, quickly return across the way to where you threw the stone at the stairs and shoot the guard below (10:12). 
Now, turn around and move to the connecting path between the rotating machines. Watch for an opening in the grate (10:20). Drop or climb down to the platform below. Note: As you drop down, notice the pipe that you brush against on the way down. This will often nudge you away from the platform where you want to land and cause you to fall to your death. To avoid this fate, I press [D] while I’m dropping (10:21). Once safely on the platform, look for another opening right next to you and drop down again. At this lower deck, look for two guards patrolling the floor of the rail station. Wait for them to walk to a spot below you and a little to the right, where they stop (10:30). Here, you can try for a tricky double kill (10:41) or you can just go for individual kills. 
Quickly look to your left for the last heavy guard in this area and take him out (10:48). Then move to your right and find a position where you can look down to the other side of the rail cars where the last guard is and shoot him (11:08). Finally, move to a point looking down at the cars below, destroy the last remaining turret (11:16). It’s now safe to walk out on the nearby pipe and drop down onto the cars below. Between those two cars is a C4 explosive pack to set. Contract complete. You should now have the ‘Sabatage the Train Without Raising an Alarm’ challenge complete 

DETAILED WALKTHROUGH – Fourth Contract: Find Data About the Weapons System

As you move to the dam area, there will be an exfil point. You can stop and upload data or just move through it and take a position just before the doorway to the dam complex (12:25). Engage your mask to tag nearby guards. Two guards will come into view and stop to talk. If you wait for a moment, one of them will move directly behind the other, giving you an opportunity for a double kill (12:45). If you miss the double kill, you’ll have time enough to take a second shot at the remaining guard. Then, looking through the doorway, you’ll see a sniper who is looking down at the area below (12:52). Take him out next. Move to a point just outside the doorway but not much further and look to the upper walkway along the right side of the dam area (12:56). You’ll see heavy guard walking toward you. Shoot him, then move ahead to the railing and look down to see another heavy guard (13:08). Shoot him then look to the right side of the area where a guard will be walking along the outside ramp (13:12). Wait for a clear shot, then take him out. 
Before proceeding, go back to the right of the doorway and hack the CCTV controller (13:35), so you won’t be detected by any cameras. Note: You don’t have to cycle through all the cameras to disable them all. I just wait for the first camera image to stabilize and tag the heavy guard (13:42) in it’s range. That’s all that’s needed. Now, turn around and go to the right side of the platform you are on and jump over the railing (13:50) to the small deck below, and again down to the lower level. Jump up onto the metal walkway (14:01) and run to the very end. There (14:17), climb the ladder and crouch immediately. Move to your right, past the two guards on the loading ramp, and around the wall that separates the two side areas. Once around the wall, drop down to the second watery area and look out for another heavy guard (14:39). He’s the one tagged by the CCTV camera. Once he’s dead, jump up to the metal walkway and go up the nearby stairs (14:48), engaging your mask to tag more enemy. At the top of the stairs is a ladder to climb where you can see a guard on the upper walkway above you. You can shoot him now (15:00). Climb the second ladder and when you reach the walkway, crouch. Take aim at the guard at the far end of the walkway and shoot him (15:11). Now, you can sprint along the walkway until you hear the audio cue that someone is about to see you, then just crouch-walk the rest of the way to the end of the walkway, up the steps and run into the control room where you can melee kill the guard inside before he knows what’s happening (15:52). 
Now, pick up the intelligence about the weapons system (15:57) and go out the other door of the control room, run along the walkway, around the corner and to the railing where you look up and grab the zipline (16:11) to the other side of the canyon and the final exfil point. 
Congratulations on completing all contracts in under 25 minutes as well as killing Kurchatov from more than 100m, and sabotaging the train without raising an alarm. 


What I’ve offered in this guide is a result of a lot of experimentation but, it’s not an exhaustive effort. While I hope it will be helpful to those who have been struggling with these challenges, I’d be interested in hearing of any problems players have encountered using these tactics and strategies. I’m always open to suggestions. 
Also, I have to give credit for much of this strategy to a YouTuber named ODEEN, who made a video of these challenges shortly after SGWC was first released. However, several changes were made in subsequent patches/updates, so I had to adjust my playthrough accordingly. I also found a couple tactics that, for me, seemed to work better. If you’d like to see how our playthroughs differ, search YouTube for “odeen under 25 minutes”. His video should be the top result. 


I decided to take a look at a different approach to this challenge in order to trim the time down a bit as well as reduce the Fast Travel points used in the original strategy. Also, I wanted to complete the contracts in the proper order. In other words, find the “Intelligence” in the dam area that gives us the clue that “Kurchatov will only appear in public behind bullet-proof gla*s”, before getting to his HQ compound. 
So, I worked out a playthrough that turns out to be quite different than the original, however, I ran across a game bug with the Signal Jammers that I had to work out before posting this video. The bug is when entering an area with a Jammer, disabling it, leaving that area, then later returning, the Jammer is operational again (as if they fixed it) but I couldn’t disable it a second time. The only fix I found was to reload a saved checkpoint. So, I incorporated the fix into this playthrough at the point where I ascend the stairs from the underground train station, up to Kurchatov’s HQ compound. The fix only takes up about 10 seconds so it’s not a problem since, at that point, I still had over 10 minutes in which to complete the last contract. 
***** ERRATA ***** 
I found a problem with this strategy when clearing the underground train station. I’m remaking the video accordingly. I’ll have it posted here as soon as I’m finished. I expect to have it completed by tomorrow, April 15, ’21. Until then, the correction involves the sequence of kills shown in this video. After taking out the guard @ 8:18, the video shows me shooting the guard in the distance behind him, @ 8:24 . Do not shoot this one yet. It will sometimes be noticed by another guard. You’ll have a better opportunity a bit later. 
The alternate playthrough starts out the same as the original by using one Fast Travel point to get to the train yard where Alikhanov is. In this run, I decided to rush the sniper tower, rather than stop and shoot the two snipers. There’s a good chance that neither will be looking in my direction so, I just went for it. But, this only saves about 20 seconds when taking the time to shoot them so, it might not really be worth the risk. 
Also, I realized that I didn’t have to disable the Jammer, here. If you’ve noticed, even with a Jammer, a target’s tag doesn’t disappear. If you get to the top of the sniper tower in a short amount of time, Alikhanov will be clearly visible and I could tag him with the binocular view. At about 180 m, it’s an easy shot. 
Leaving the train yard and getting to the exfil point is the same as the original run but, I don’t upload data. I continue to the zip line that goes to the dam. Before climbing up the ladder to the man-hole entrance, I activate my drone and carefully hack the CCTV system without the guard seeing. Once I retrieve the drone, I climb up. 
When I exit the man-hole, directly ahead is a guard with his back to me. I take him out first, then look up to the catwalk and take out two guards patrolling there, individually. 
I run to the first guard I shot and pick up his body and carry it with me, over the edge of the platform and drop down. As I approach the lower walkway, there’s a heavy armored guard approaching from the far end. I take him out and go up the nearest stairs and ladders to the top of the catwalk. Moving towards the control room, I take out the guard inside then, I grab the Intelligence documents. 
When I leave the control room, I scan the far end of the dam and tag the heavy guard on the left side and shoot him. The sniper on the right side is not easy to tag so I just guessed at his distance, missed the shot, then recalculated (guessed again), and shot him too. 
Now, I’m able to go back along the catwalk and make my way to the wall that separates the two water areas. When dropping down into the second area, I have to watch for a patrolling guard. I this case, he wasn’t a threat so I just continued to the furthest stairs and ladders to get to the top catwalk. 
Here, there is a heavy guard below that can spot me so I just crouch-walk to the platform where the two guards are chatting. You can take them out if you need to refill ammo but I just slipped past them to the next exfil point. 
The underground train station is tricky, just as it is in the original run. It took me a while to figure out the plan of attack here. What you see in this video is what I’ve found to be reliable and repeatable, as long as I don’t miss any shots. Doing so usually ends up in an alarm. 
The first thing is to tag as many enemy as possible. It’s important to try and follow my strategy and timing, here. It’s so easy for something to go wrong so, move carefully and don’t rush your shots. 
After clearing out several enemy while making my way to the far end of the area, I take out the two guards on the upper deck of the platform. Then, the remaining guards and turrets are dispatched much the same as in the original run. 
As I climb the stairs out of this area, there’s a checkpoint save at the top landing. This is where the Jammer bug fix comes in. As soon as it’s saved, go to the menu and load the checkpoint. The Jammer will now respond normally. 
Shoot the sniper and drop out of the opening and navigate through the mine field to the sniper nest overlooking the HQ courtyard. Disable the Jammer and fly the drone to the side porch of Kurchatov’s office and lure him out. Wait for him to get outside the office completely before eliminating him. 
Now, just turn around and get through the mine field as you move towards the exfil point. 
If all went well, you should have all three challenges completed. 

Written by cyberwiz97

This is all about Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts – SIBIRSKAYA-7 JUNCTION: ALL CONTRACTS IN UNDER 25 MINUTES; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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