Sniper Elite 5 – How to unlock the Satchel Charges

Sniper Elite 5 – How to unlock the Satchel Charges 1 -
Sniper Elite 5 – How to unlock the Satchel Charges 1 -

This is to help those wishing to unlock Satchel Charges. No modification to files just a means of clearing up some confusion.

Experimentation and Unlock.

I read multiple articles trying to unlock it, some where they said it was a bug, others where it was locked a certain difficulty. So I performed an experiment.
Play-through 1: I played on the medium difficulty, and i had multiple instances of the GPU error ( Figured out it was because i was alt+tabbing out of game while having the Exclusive-Fullscreen) So i completed it to unlock the satchels gear and I didnt get credit.
Play-through 2: I changed my settings from Exclusive-Fullscreen to Borderless and prevent the GPU errors, completed it on Medium difficulty yet again, and yet again no Satchels.
Play-through 3: Those article some were saying they unlocked it on medium others said they got it on Hard difficulty. So I changed my difficulty to Hard difficulty and hosted the Coop Campaign, did all 9 missions, and once i got to the screen that shows you if you was Assault/Lethal/Stealth/Non-Lethal i got multiple medals and one of the medals actually said “new gear unlocked” followed by another that said “Completed Campaign”.
Note: When i both plays on medium i also did the dlc to see if it was only way to unlock.
Verdict: Beat all 9 missions on the default Hard difficulty. I’ll also post both the medals I mentioned.

Written by Lava2007

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Sniper Elite 5 – How to unlock the Satchel Charges; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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