Slay the Spire – USSR Character Mode (Mechanics and Strategy)

Slay the Spire – USSR Character Mode (Mechanics and Strategy) 1 -
Slay the Spire – USSR Character Mode (Mechanics and Strategy) 1 -

Welcome to this post. This Slay the Spire – USSR Character Mode (Mechanics and Strategy) Guide was written to be useful to you, and we genuinely hope it is.

This guide will teach you how to make a modified character that is relatively new. The entire USSR. It’s an obvious joke. However, it’s a thought-out character mod created by certain Chinese communists.

Introduction + Crediits

It’s exciting mechanically and has excellent writing. It’s a great piece of writing since every card you receive from the USSR references a particular part of Soviet history. There are some clever jokes in how the cards’ mechanics work together to encourage you to build a plan that exaggerates or satirizes the history of a particular piece or how you view it. A Khrushchev-focused build encourages the use of destalinization and corn-based cards and is frequently blasted by the Nato or the Cuban Missle Crisis. The mod’s quality of production is extremely high.

Unique Mechanics/Status Effects

Five essential mechanics are unique to the USSR and can be primary or secondary to a structure.

Communized + Defection

The most effective new mechanism in the USSR is the status effect. Defection, which causes enemies to attack themselves, not the player. Status effects that are linked to an attack could be applied to the opponent or canceled. Debuffs not tied to an attack can still be applied to the player. While you are able to avoid Wound cards, you’ll still be able to obtain Dazed and Slimed cards. It’s important to remember that allowing your enemies to attack themselves can do more damage and removes the need for defensive cards or tank hits. This makes it extremely effective if you apply it consistently. The amount of the enemy’s communicable must be greater than or equal to their damage. This does not include unique modifiers like Thought. Defection will consume all communized stacks currently being used. Defection is automatically applied when enough stacks are available to protect against enemy attack damage. If the enemy isn’t attacking or has already defected, the communized can stack for a long time. The only thing that hinders defection-based strategies is the need to apply the strategy continuously every time the enemy is attacking and the slow increase in the application of communized cards.

Masses + Supporters

The USSR also gets an extra resource for cross-combat called Masses. It can’t be spent, but it can be used to unlock power boosts and new abilities for specific cards. Masses increase by 1 each time you kill an enemy using the status Tinder. This status is indefinite and is available to enemies who first have defects. The Puppet status increases the amount of mass gained by one per stack. Supporters are temporary Masses that can only be acquired and destroyed in a single battle. Masses are crucial because many cards are only powerful if they possess specific quantities of Masses. For instance, the Muslim Revolution card becomes a 1/1 cost 9 damage attack if you own more than 20 masses. The Che card deals your Masses with AOE damage every turn for the remainder of the game.


The third central mechanic of the USSR is its Leader cards. These cards are all Innate (1st-turn) cards that can be used to build builds and have abilities that can be used in conjunction with other cards. Every player begins with Leader Lenin who can add 1dmg to all attack cards.

Future Cards

Future cards have an effect that will occur after the set number of turns. While the concept of a card with multiple-turn effects isn’t new, Future Cards are a brand new category that can be used for building purposes.

War Cards

War Cards are cards that are named after wars of the past. They require an attack card to be sacrificed to play. They are typically quite powerful to offset their cost of sacrifice. They could be attack or skill cards.


Leader Lenin

Everyone begins with the most adored leader of communists. Their ability to increase 1dmg per attack card with the Leader Lenin status is why they are so popular with communists. This status can be used in endless ways with Trotsky’s power. A Lenin build is a mix of Troskys and low-cost attack cards.

Stalin’s Leader Stalin

Stalin’s ability to delay the effects on future cards and prevent future cards from being used is known as “Stalin’s ability”. An upgraded Stalin can slow down adverse effects. Play a lot of Assassinates, Permeates.

Leader Kruschev

You can eliminate all curses you have at any time, and Khrushchev will draw more cards for every curse that is exhausted. The aim is to deliberately accept curses. Plant a lot of corn and then destalinize.

Leader Brezhnev

Brezhnev can play cards without sacrificing attack cards, and he can also gain energy.

Gorbachev is the leader. Gorbachev

Gorbachev is unique in that it doesn’t provide an increase in synergy; instead, it gives you an uncost card that will give you 7 gold and give you 2 HP per turn. But, every turn the timer will be ticking down. This will only hit you and cannot be delayed by deciding to delay either HP or gold. You could receive an additional 21 gold or 6 HP of healing per battle. If you can find a reliable method to duplicate the card, you could reap massive benefits in terms of gold or healing.

Leader Marx

Marx is not an Innate card leader. However, Marx can be activated via the Communism form card, putting him in your draw pile. When activated, you’ll receive the Miracle. Also, you get the effects not upgraded for all other leaders, allowing for hybrid play.


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