SIMULACRA – Secret Achievement Guide

SIMULACRA – Secret Achievement Guide 1 -
SIMULACRA – Secret Achievement Guide 1 -
A guide to getting the secret achievement in SIMULACRA.



There’s a secret achievement in SIMULACRA and I will explain how to get it. 
It’s called “Windy Convergence” and the description you get is “Find the hidden truth.” 

  • When you play the game, you have the possibility of using Surfer, the internet app. When you get access to Anna’s apps and have unlocked the accounts, click on Surfer. 
  • There, you have should see the IRIS website. Click on it and scroll all the way down until you find a box with morse code. 
  • Click on it a few times. It will take you to your home screen and you will hear a voice calling out numbers to you. They are 6339106
  • Open the Phone app and dial the numbers. 
  • You will hear a voice reading out another number, which is 3141592. It’s the Pi number, so what you have to do is open the keypad during the call and type the following numbers, which are the continuation of Pi – 6535
  • After you do this, a new message should open up to you with Gateway 31. Click on it and say anything (I typed in Hello). 
  • You will get a few replies and a question What do you see?. The answer you should type in is A polar, feathered bear waddles above the hammer –> that’s what the morse code on the bottom of the IRIS site is saying. 
  • Then, the Gateway will text you again and you can reply with anything (I said Thank you). 
  • Gateway comes back after your talk with Taylor, when you have to create a fake Spark profile. You will get a message saying What do you doubt?. Type in Iris. After you do this, Gateway will reply and you should get the achievement. 
    If you make any mistake try reloading from your last checkpoint! I don’t think it matters when exactly you talk with Gateway for the first time but make sure it happens before your plan with Taylor.


Written by cosmicry

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about SIMULACRA – Secret Achievement Guide; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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