Silica – Controls and alien command

Silica – Controls and alien command 1 -
Silica – Controls and alien command 1 -

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Basic controls and general strategies for playing as a commando while playing as an alien.

The basics

Shrimp are your resource-gathering unit. You could accidentally pick them alongside the rest of your army so be careful.

Build Bio Cache near the green circles, with dripping rocks in the middle. These are your points of collection for resources. They eventually run out. When the Bio Cache is depleted, shrimp will move to the nearest dripping stone and search for a replacement.

If left to their own devices, shrimps will immediately form a group and defend themselves if needed (they won’t snub enemies in aggro range).

Build Nodes in a chain to other resource points to access more resources quicker.

As your economy expands, build more spawning pools to pump out units faster. You can queue up multiple units.

Create a Quantum Cortex and upgrade it when you have the funds. This will allow you to build new buildings and units.

The AI is very inept, and I haven’t been able to find any attack commands. If enemies are around, ensure your units are close enough to aggro.

You can construct new hives while you are setting up. It doesn’t seem to offer you any other benefits than a more extensive building area than a node as well as another HQ in case your first blows up.

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