SIIMI – Achievement Guide / Walkthrough

SIIMI – Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 1 -
SIIMI – Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 1 -
A simple guide to this short and sweet game.

All of the achievements are pretty much unmissable! I’ve placed them all in chronological order, as when you should expect to receive them during your playthrough. Depending on if your reading the dialogue or skipping it, it should take only 30min to 1hr to complete. Not including the last achievement “See Me”, which is awarded after completing a second playthrough.
This is my first ever guide. I tried making it as simple and straightforward as possible. I apologize that some parts may become repetitive (i.e. “climb up the ladder”,”climb down the ladder”, etc). Otherwise, I hope my walkthrough helps!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Enjoy! β™‘


Chapter 1

Welcome to SIIMI! 
Let’s begin with your first achievement, simply follow and complete the tutorial! 
Siimi got a car! Pick me up 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Go up the ladder. Pick up the plug and use the broom to remove your first bundle of leaves. 
Climb down. Go up the second ladder. Talk to the pink girl, she will give you a hair straightener. 
Use it on yourself. 
Other way to use the straightener 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Go up to the house labeled “Exchange”. Give your plug to the clerk in exchange for a different plug. Go back down to the platform with the fan. Pick up the coffee cup if you haven’t already. 
Use your new plug on the fan. 
Climb all the way up to the second highest level and click on the flier labeled “Save the Flowers”. Talk to the parrot just below. 
Help the flowers 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Now go up to the highest platform and use your coffee cup on the lever labeled “Coffee”. Talk to the guy that rides up and he will give you a piece of paper. You will find 4 doors with the similar symbols on the same level as the “Exchange” shop. 
Enter the instructions. star, triangle, square, spiral, square 
Use the blowdryer on yourself. 
“Knock knock. Is anyone there?” 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
To Village Exterior 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 

Chapter 2

Talk to the cactus and the Giant Big-mi-up. Click on the book (take note of the 4 digit code), and pick up the cookie. Collect the cord on top of the tent, and use it on the speaker. Continue right and pick up the tub. Go inside the tent. Enter the code. 0308* 
Observe all 3 paintings. 
Art Critic 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Take note of the amount of characters in each painting (this is crucial to the safe’s combination). The one in the entrance has 3 people. The Starry Night painting has 6 faces. Lastly, the gloomy painting has 1 person. Click on the safe. Notice that one of the Starry Night’s faces is drawn and an arrow points to the outer most ring. This means you should start the combination on the outermost ring, entering the amount of characters in the Starry Night painting. Work clockwise around the room and enter the following digits with the amount of characters in the other paintings. 
Enter the combination. 631 
Counting Numbers 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Collect the items inside the safe. Drag the red button on top of the water pump box. Pick up the shower-head off the wall and the cup on the dresser. Click on the books on the table. Leave. 
Add the shower-head to the water pump. Click on the pump to take a shower. 
Drag over the tub to have a bath and make some tea. 
The Best Leaf Tea 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Give the cookie to the bird. Pick up the feather. 
Put the ca*sette in the radio. 
Use the feather on the Giant. 
Talk to the cactus. Give him the tea. 
Use the thorn on the Giant. 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Giant’s Sad Secret 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Go inside the tent. Click the elevator’s down button. 

Chapter 3

Collect the piece of ladder. Climb down. 
Collect the 2nd piece of ladder. Go right and pick up the rag. Open the cabinet and pick up the eraser. Go back to the mirror on the left. Use the rag on the mirror. Head back to the ladder and climb down. 
Pick up the fish, pencil, flashlight, and the orange ramen packet inside the locker. 
Climb up the ladder and use the pencil on the canvas, then the eraser. Pick up the 3rd piece of ladder. Climb down and drag the ladder to the trapdoors beneath the lockers. Climb down. 
Talk to Dr. Ant. Click on the computer. Open the cabinet to the left of Dr. Ant and collect a pack of matches. 
Dr. Ant wants you to cook him a meal, so go into the bas*ment and use your flashlight on yourself. Click on the white light switch. Get the water from the top shelf, then open the cabinet and collect the blue shard. 
Add the matches, water bottle, and ramen packet to the cooker. Pick up the meal and give it to Dr. Ant. He will tell you the pa*sword to his computer is 11010. 
The “Cloud Generator Instructions” will show you how to adjust the machine to the right. 
Adjust accordingly. 
*Pictured below, the red lever should be one notch up
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Go back to the computer and click on “Adjust Capacity”, drag it down to 0. 
Climb down to the bas*ment and add the blue shard into the large circular flask. 
It Will Rain Tomorrow 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Ant Company Co. 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 

Chapter 4

Walk right and release the fish into the water. He will bring back a paper boat, hop in. 
Halfway through you will fall into the water, click on the boat to hop back on. 
The Singing Fisher 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Talk to Narmi, the girl dressed in the tree costume. Pick up the yellow paint and bottle opener. Use the yellow paint on the mirror. 
Go right and click on the lever. Pa*s the bridge and observe on the picture frame. Go back to the elevator and click on the flashing green light. Enter the small door. 
Pick up the paint roller. Open the bottom drawer and pick up the folded piece of paper. Click on it in your inventory and you’ll see an equation of symbols. This will make sense when you open the cabinet and see the “Family Tree” *Pictured below*. Each drawing is a*sociated with a number. 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Leave the room. 
Go up the elevator and click on the locked suitcase. 
The answer to the symbol equation is the combination. 
Enter the combination. 328 
Click on the clock inside. 
Use the paint roller on yourself. 
Release the catterpiller from the bottle with the bottle opener. 
Siimi the Hero 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Go left and click on the magazine. 
Pick up the key and leaf trimmer. 
Narmi the Superstar 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Talk to Narmi. He will put a tree costume on you. Use the leaf trimmer on yourself. 

Chapter 5

Ride the carousel. 
Life is Like a Roulette Wheel 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Walk right. Use the magnifying gla*s on yourself. 
Continue walking right. Observe the book for the “Compost Recipe”, this will be helpful later. 
Pick up the watering can. 
Climb up the ladder. Talk to the bird and pick up his poop. 
Talk to the flowers. You will realize the 1st flower needs food, the 2nd needs water, and the 3rd flower needs support. Climb down the ladder. 
Add the bird poop to the bucket and click on the clock. Pick up the bucket. 
Drag the watering can to the water pump. Click on the pump then pick back up the watering can. 
Walk right and enter the hole labeled “Good Bird”. Talk to the blue bird. He will allow you to borrow the chainsaw. Leave. 
Walk right and use the chainsaw on the carousel. You will already have a metal rod in your inventory. 
Make your way back to the 3 flowers. Now you have everything you need to satisfy each of them! 
Use the bird poop on the 1st flower. 
Use the watering can on the 2nd flower. 
Use the metal rod on the 3rd flower. 
Climb down the ladder and enter the “Good Bird” hole again. Talk to the red Salesbird. Leave. 
Climb up the ladder and give your leaves to the flowers. 
Wake up! Flower! 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Use the key on the suitcase. Look inside. 
Click on the papers. 
Perfect Narmi 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Let’s Be a Tree! 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 
Replay SIIMI for a second time. 
See Me 
SIIMI - Achievement Guide / Walkthrough 

This is all about SIIMI – Achievement Guide / Walkthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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