Shovel Knight Dig – Template locations

Shovel Knight Dig – Template locations 1 -
Shovel Knight Dig – Template locations 1 -

Here's a quick rundown of the locations for the templates

S P O I L E R S !

Below is information that will help you locate the underground templates. Do not continue reading if you are unable to solve the clues.


Some templates were difficult to find, but eventually, they appeared. Good luck!

Mushroom Mines

You will find a tiny blue mushroom along the wall. This is the shrinky-knight tunnel.
To shrink and get through, use the floating puffball enemies.
The template can be found in this area, just past a few beetle friends and a few platforms.

Secret Fountain

You may find a boarded-up tunnel after clearing one of the floors. The template is hidden in the shallow dirt.


You can use the NPC roulette mole NPC in any side room. It might take several attempts to stop the barrel. However, you can use your shovel to stop the barrel early so it does not return to the template.

Grub Pit

If you find bees circling you and attacking occasionally, you can look for an area where they start to spin a tile made of dirt.
The template is hidden by the dirt tile being circled and inspected by the bees.
It took me multiple attempts to accomplish this, so it is possible that it is not guaranteed.

Magic Landfill

The wall is covered with thin metal landmines. Simply grab your shovel and slap them off.
One of these is the template.

Drill Knight Castle

You will need to find a way to get over the insta-kill buzzsaw that appears after you linger on a screen too long.
You must bounce on top of the brown metal cover with the spiral design.
After the cover is broken, the template will be displayed.
My strat:
I intentionally injured myself with an enemy to get enough invulnerability frames to jump through a saw and start bouncing.


Written by Mike

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Shovel Knight Dig – Template locations; if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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