Shop Titans – All champions

Shop Titans – All champions 1 -
Shop Titans – All champions 1 -
In this guide I will show you all champions in game Shop Titans, their stats, skills and how they change with each rank up.

I hope this guide will help you :3

This guide is not completed yet. Please be respectful. I will add more information soon.


Basic Informations

Champions are very important. Basically because they are giving power ups for the whole crew you are sending into a quest. 
Each champion can be leveled up to level 40 independent on the Training hall level. 
That means for example if you heroes can be leveled up max to level 17, your champions still can be leveled up to level 40. 
Chapions can be also powered up by seeds (seed of power, seed of vitality and seed of resistance). 
Ranking up you champions will increase their stats and skills. Also you will unlock a storyline which will give 10 gems if you read it. 
Each champion have different bonuses. Some will boost crew’s resistance and HP, other can boost loot from quest. 
To rank up heroes you have to get coins. Each champion have their own coins. 
How can you get champion coins? 
– Buy them in shop (not recomended) (79k = $3) 
Shop Titans - All champions 
– From chests 
– From event as reward 
Shop Titans - All champions 
– Giving champions items they request if they come to visit your shop 
Shop Titans - All champions 


“Argon is the protagonist of the story. When visiting your shop, he will request items such as heavy armor” 
Shop Titans - All champions 


  • At level 1: Aura of Courage – +10% bonus Attack & +10% bonus Defense for the party. 
  • At level 4: Aura of Resolve – +20% bonus Attack & +20% bonus Defense for the party. 
  • At level 7: Aura of Heroism – +30% bonus Attack & +30% bonus Defense for the party. 
  • At level 11: Aura of the Paladin – +40% bonus Attack & +40% bonus Defense for the party.


Argon coin:

Shop Titans - All champions 

Stats at level 1:

Leader SkillCritical Hit ChanceCritical Hit DamageThreat RatingHit PointsAttackDefenseEvasion
Aura of Courage5%2x903050300%


Ranking up:

LevelCoins neededReward
15Leader Skill: Aura of Courage
215+7 Health, +30 Attack, +43 Defense
325+23 Health, +93 Attack, +131 Defense
450Leader Skill Upgraded: Aura of Resolve
575+30 Health, +125 Attack, +174 Defense
675+38 Health, +156 Attack, +218 Defense
7100Leader Skill Upgraded: Aura of Heroism
8100+46 Health, +187 Attack, +262 Defense
9150+69 Health, +281 Attack, +393 Defense
10200+92 Health, +375 Attack, +524 Defense
11—-Leader Skill Upgraded: Aura of the Paladin


More coming soon


Hope you enjoy the Guide about Shop Titans – All champions, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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