Ship of Fools – All Character Tier List

Ship of Fools – All Character Tier List 11 -
Ship of Fools – All Character Tier List 11 -

This is a guide for Each (Ship of Fools – All Character Tier List). It contains spoilers and a character’s tier list.

Lotte Tier

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - Lotte Tier - 06319E0

An insane starting trinket. Some of the most powerful ammo in the game are those that are meant for ‘limited’ usage. You can load a double shot gun non to double the passive’s value.

Loading planks, Harpoons, and, most importantly, money is where the real power lies. You can gain over 1000+ before you even complete zone 1. The gold-to-damage trinket lets you one-shot every boss and enemy in the game.

Coins, planks, and harpoons take all three shots’ bases. This means that all % chance trinkets have three times the chance of a successful hit due to each hit being treated individually.

The double shot and grapeshot cannon are best used together. However, if you don’t want to use those three items, the starter trinket works well with bombs or high-capacity ammo.

Scales regen speed based upon ammo type, and max capacity, so + capacity trinkets and artifacts are best with her.

S Tier

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - S Tier - 5F11967

I don’t know if Quill or Hink is better at gunning, so I put them both in S Tier. I haven’t figured out how her trinket scales with targets hit, so piercing shots using the birds will increase her damage by 1 for every enemy it pierces on each hit. Base damage increases are a very strong ship of fools. She seems less dependent than Hink on suitable trinkets, but they are also more common.

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - S Tier - 6E381AD

A trinket that is extremely strong once you have a few trinkets flowing, procs all of the effects and splashes them into an area on crit. If you get the Rage trinket, almost every hit will be Critting. Many trinkets also boost your crit chance by a small percentage, while others increase it by a significant %. Hink and Quill are excellent choices for gunners.

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - S Tier - 405F3D2

This trinket is very strong. You load the cannons, and you or your friend can shoot them with massive buffs. The damage and speed increases are visible, so it’s easy to see why.

A Tier

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - A Tier - 262B76B

Fast attacks and the best paddle user combine exceptionally well with artifacts, trinkets, and other items in the game.

Your partner cannons, and your partner can repel borders and melees quickly.

Some trinkets can make you laugh very quickly.

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - A Tier - F99F9FE

Egg ammunition can be laid, as well as egg-related relics. However, eggs are very powerful ammunition, especially in the early stages. It is important to RNG heavily on which eggs you get and when, so that encounters don’t end before you get one.

B Tier

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - B Tier - B6582A5

Krillstoph is a solid trinket that repels melee attackers quickly in tricky spots. Todd was chosen here instead of A because Todd is more useful if you choose a character for paddle-using based on the boss fights we have. There’s nothing wrong with this character, but it doesn’t really stand out.

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - B Tier - A496326

Uses harpoons to save them. They can be really strong with the right combination if trinkets and relics, but they can be very dependent on RNG to get those. I have never had a major harpoon issue in runs so the savings never felt significant to me. Lotte is kinda irrelevant too since the harpoon ammunition loading works with all trinkets anyway. It could easily be an A-tier solo if you’re lucky, but other than that, nothing to stand out.

C Tier

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - C Tier - 5B60958

Finleys’ starting trinket is somewhat limited in that you can only gain any benefit from it when your ship is under damage. This is something you want to avoid. It gives money and harpoons but can also give shields. It is the only starting trinket that doesn’t have a constant value throughout the game. If you avoid damage, you don’t get any benefit.

Ship of Fools - All Character Tier List - C Tier - 2E5AC14

Similar to Finley, grants can rage for a few seconds if you are stunned or knocked to the ground. This is useful if you partner is hitting you. To trigger it, you need to have your partner spend some time which can be better spent shooting. It is useful when you have to paddle and you step on one another’s toes. Rage can be a powerful effect, but it is worth it, especially if you initially had bad luck. However, you won’t have a lot of uptime.


Written by Zyean

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Ship of Fools – All Character Tier List; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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