ShellShock Live – How to Cheap

ShellShock Live – How to Cheap 1 -
ShellShock Live – How to Cheap 1 -

Sometimes you Join a ”4,08 Trickshot Only” Lobby and you don’t know what to do there? No problem, I’m a 4 star Level 100 and wanna Help you

What is cheap?

It’s cheap when you make the shot as easy as possible in rebound or vortex. For example, if you take the underside of a straight bumper to simply hit the opponent
ShellShock Live - How to Cheap - What is cheap? - AE56B12

What is a Trickshot?

a trick shot is a shot that flies a little more complicated and then hits an opponent.

How to do a Trickshot!

sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a hit is a trick shot or not. The simplest trick shots are the shots that ricochet off the top of the bumper and then hit an enemy (picture nr 1). the good and most complicated trickshots are shots that are carried out over the two backwalls on the left and right (picture nr 2). Please note that the backwall does NOT count as an official bumper. After touching the backwall, at least 1 bumper must be touched. If there is also a blackhole, portal, x2 or x3 in the game, you should always try to take these with you. If the shot hits and the opponent enters: n, ns, vn, vns, n1, …, you have made a good shot and can be proud of yourself. With one: nt, you have achieved a nice try, which is the preliminary stage to a trick shot 🙂
ShellShock Live - How to Cheap - How to do a Trickshot! - 10809AE
ShellShock Live - How to Cheap - How to do a Trickshot! - BE1C84F

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about ShellShock Live – How to Cheap; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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