She Will Punish Them – Which Skills is Better to Level Up

She Will Punish Them – Tips on Which Skills is Better to Level Up 1 -
She Will Punish Them – Tips on Which Skills is Better to Level Up 1 -

A small guide on how to play and which skills to level up.


Which skill to level?

Benefits of taking Scavenger 5/5 among first skills before or after Fast Learning 5/5: you will have reliable armor, weapon and potions drop. While you start almost without them. You can store looted items inside House Storage until you have maxed Trading skill and sell them after. That will result in more gold in the end. More gold = more exp books you can buy or more items. Save, load and the vendor sells them again.

Benefits of taking Fast Learning 5/5 as a first skill: you can be lucky with loot even without Scavenger. That can result in more overall exp from first two locations.

Benefits of taking Trading skill ahead of Scavenger and after Fast Learning: you will have more inventory space for the loot you couldn’t carry and still might be lucky with the loot even before getting Scavenger. This can be the fastest leveling but the most risky too.

Whatever you take first you need them altogether: Fast Learning, Scavenger and Trading.

Why you don’t need Hardened Skin and much of Regeneration? in the end with armor and damage, and potions from Scavenger you just don’t care. 1 point in Regeneration is pretty enough. But your companions definitely need first 2 in it. It’s just convenient because you don’t need to manage their amount of potions that much. And it’s good to have your companion alive on the start without having extra potions. You will need Hardened Skin if you are going to play on very hard difficulty.

Why 2h swords are good? Because Hythix leveled useless Strength stat. if you throw everything into Agility you have double amount of Stamina which is more strikes you can make in a row and more attack speed. Hythix having extra 30 damage. While I have 2h sword with like 361+19 damage and double stamina. And with increased Speed from Agility 2h swords aren’t that slow anymore. The trick is that 2h sword have longer attack distance and you can start an attack before an enemy gets near. And while fighting with a crowd you can oneshoot someone and roll back safely without getting damage at all, tearing them apart one by one.

Before that a club is the best starting weapon which you need to loot. In the end 2h sword is the best weapon that you can buy from vendor in the current state of the game. And you can play on Insane difficulty with it.

Leveling route for the companions: 2 Regeneration – Fast Learning 5/5 – Hardened Skin 5/5. With leveled Agility they have no trouble using 2h swords too. They can’t play like a human always using distance attacks but if something happens they have perfect blocking AI.

Written by Eden

Hope you enjoy the Guide about She Will Punish Them – Honest corrections to Hythix’s leveling Guide., if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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