She Will Punish Them – How to Transfer Files + Bug Fixes Guide

She Will Punish Them – How to Transfer Files + Bug Fixes Guide 1 -
She Will Punish Them – How to Transfer Files + Bug Fixes Guide 1 -
So I believe, that I had found a workaround for anyone wanting to save their progress (and for a suitcase computer folks probably this will work too). Here is what I’ve done:


1. Messing with files

1. Save old game 
2. Start a new game – tip: doesn’t matter what name, custo, stats etc you’ll choose, so just speedy-click through it all to get to the game. Don’t set the name of the character to what you actually want – just leave it default (“Succubus”) 
3. Save 
4. Quit to main menu. You don’t have to quit to desktop, just don’t load any save 
5. Go to C:\Users\{your user}\AppData\LocalLow\L2 Games\She Will Punish Them\ folder on your pc 
6. Locate two folders named with “random” numbers 
7. Open one of them, open file “global” with a notepad and look up for “playerName ˙îńéý Sharielle{~days” line. There should be your save file name visible in-game (mine is “Sharielle” in that case). This is done, so that you know, which folder contains old and new save. DO NOT never EVER change or save that file – just open it, then close – otherwise you’ll ruin a savefile (I did that, so you don’t have to) 
8. So now the trick is to copy (and override) following list of files: 
(specifically and purposely omitting files: “Locations”, “NPCFieldArmies” and “Region”) 
from the folder with old save to the folder with a new one. 
9. Open the game and you have now two identical save files to choose from – select the one, that has no progress on the map… 

2. Profit

10. …and enjoy new companions on the map, whilst keeping your old stuff, stats and what not 
Now, I must do the following disclaimer – this is a only a workaround, that seem to work for now – but it can not be the case later down the line – I just did this, I haven’t test it throughroughly, to check, if something ain’t bugging or everything new is working now. It may very well be, that this “trick” has horribly mangled the save elsewhere in the ways unbeknownst to mankind – so do this at your own discretion and also dont forget to back up original files, or you risk them to be dead forever. 
Also – just rename you character and re-save the now new “old” save to have it distinguishable from the trully-old one – or you can just delete the old file (I would rather recommend to just cut it elsewhere, for safe-keeping). 
And you’ll have to reconquer all of the map too, as this was (on purpose) not transfered from the old file. But this is a non-issue I think… 

Written by Michal0z

This is all about She Will Punish Them – How to Transfer Files + Bug Fixes Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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