She Will Punish Them – Cheat Guide for Single player

She Will Punish Them – Cheat Guide for Single player 1 -
She Will Punish Them – Cheat Guide for Single player 1 -
This guide will explain how to open the built-in cheat menu, which cheats are available per default and some stuff related to modifying the cheat menu itself .



This is just for reference. I do not take any responsibility for whatsoever. 
If you get punished, get headache, break your game installation or get frustrated that is your problem. 🙂 
Most information in this guide can be found by searching the internet so i would not necessarily say that i’m the original creator. However the guide itself is written by myself from scratch. 
I do not encourage cheating, but as this is a single player game I don’t see any problem here, because no one else is getting harmed and you’re not getting any advantage over other players. 

Opening the Cheat Menu

Load up your save game from main menu, wait for the game to render completely and press


at the same time. To close it press the buttons again. 

Available built-in cheats


  • ADD 5000 EXP 
  • ADD 1000000 GOLD 
  • ADD 5000 GOLD 
  • ADD 5000 CRYSTALS 
  • WIN MAP 


Custom Cheats

It is possible to modify the cheat menu and to use with own commands. 
To do so you will need to download dnSpy 6.1.8 32-Bit release from Github. 
This will allow you to modify Assembly-CSharp.dll which can be found in the steam installation folder of the game in my case: 

K:\GameLibrarys\steamapps\common\She Will Punish Them\She Will Punish Them_Data\Managed

Devs have given permission to modify source filesfor personal use. 
As you are modifying files, you should probably backup the original *.dll(s) you want to modify and also keep in mind that with new updates things might just work different – for this reason i won’t post any line numbers because that can be inaccurate with the next patch. Also i will not update this with every new patch – if you really want to make code changes you should be smart enough to adapt this tutorial to the current patch. 
Its recommended that you only do this if you have at least a little bit of coding knowledge. 
Okay enough boring stuff.. let’s do some magic. 

  • Unzip dnSpy 6.8.1 32-bit 
  • Switch to unzipped folder 
  • Right click on dnSpy.exe and launch as administrator – if you have the UAC (User access control – some Windows “feature”) enabled – confirm it 
  • Click on

    and then on

    Close All
  • Click on

    and then on

  • Navigate to your installation folder and into the sub-directory “\She Will Punish Them_Data\Managed” 
    For example: 

     K:\GameLibrarys\steamapps\common\She Will Punish Them\She Will Punish Them_Data\Managed 
  • Select
  • You will now see a tree structure in the left side of dnSpy 
  • click on
    { } -
  • scroll down to

    and click on it 

  • click once in the editor on the right and press
     CTRL + F 

    to open up the search bar 

  • search for

    – you might find multiple results, just press enter until you find something where the line before uicheat says 

    if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.End) && Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.PageUp))

    So know we’ve found the keybinds for the cheat menu and could basically change them to whatever we wan’t – for example only to one key. But however i do not recommend it, as its not really helpful and you would have to patch that after every game update again – just stick with the default bind for cheat menu – it doesn’t harm you to press 2 keys at once..probably… and you got less code to maintain. 
    That was the easy part of the magic, to make custom cheats you will need to dig deeper into the code to know which variables and functions exist. For example instead of clicking on


    you could scroll down until you find


    and replace some of the existing cheats with new ones. For some cheats you would also have to modify other parts of the code to add the required functions. So depending on the cheat, there might be a lot of other dependencies and code changes to do – which you would have to reproduce after every game update. 
    It’s not recommended to add new cheats but rather replace existing – unused – ones. Otherwise you might break the UI design. 
    If you did make a change which is compiling but the game refuses to start then you’re probably missing some dependency somewhere. A small crash reporter will open for a few seconds in that case. 
    To make changes to the code right click on the class and select

    Edit Class C#

    – when done choose


    – This will also throw out some errors in case there are any. Even if it is not showing any error, it might not work afterwards because something else is somewhere missing. In case the game won’t start anymore restore your *.dll backup or verify game files via steam. It is probably also a good idea, that once you have a working code, you create a backup from that as well so that updates won’t patch away all your hard work. 


Written by LuckyStrike

This is all about She Will Punish Them – Cheat Guide for Single player; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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