She Will Punish Them – Alternative Levelling Method Guide

She Will Punish Them – Alternative Levelling Method Guide 1 -
She Will Punish Them – Alternative Levelling Method Guide 1 -
A tentative suggestion for an alternative levelling path.

Update V0.780 at time of writing.


Skills (in order of acquisition)

Fast Learning 
Hardened Skin 


Max out each skill in turn, according to the order above. 
This creates a very smooth ascent for your character. 
Picking ‘Regeneration’ first means you are unlikely to die early on. 
Follow up with ‘Fast Learning’ to give yourself a boost to your levelling speed. 
By this point you will have noticed how quickly you run out of stamina. 
It is annoying. 
Solve this problem by maxing out ‘Athletic’. 
Things will be starting to get a little tough again now, 
so flatten out the difficulty curve with ‘Hardened Skin’. 
Finally, finish off by maxing out ‘Trading’ so you can buy all that sweet gear you keep noticing in the shops.


Just dump everything into Agility. 


As well as improving your dps by boosting attack speed, 
and increasing your max stamina, 
Agility increases your defence. 
This will stack with ‘Hardened Skin’. 
That’s an awful lot packed into just one stat. 
Power only makes sense if you are making a mage build which isn’t very effective at the moment. 
Strength has an extremely negligible effect on attack damage. Doesn’t seem worth it. 
Vitality isn’t bad, but with ‘Regeneration’ maxed out, and the bonus to defence from Agility and ‘Hardened Skin’, It’s just overkill.

New Game

Sell the quiver, the summoning scroll, and the dagger. 
Buy an exp book if you can. 
Consume said exp book with your main character. 
Spend your first 2 skill points on Regeneration, 
and your first stat point on Agility. 
Press M to go to the map and do Forsaken Ruins. 
Head back home, 
sell booty, 
buy more exp books, 
try to keep your companion at or near your lvl by feeding them exp books. 


Exp doesn’t carry over to the next lvl, so save gold by only using an exp book when it won’t quite level you up, 
otherwise the leftover exp is wasted.

General Advice




In my opinion it is generally worth saving the gold keys for the boss loot chests. 
I quite often get 1 or 2 exp books from these, so it seems worth it, given that gold keys only sell for 300g, or 600g if you have the ‘Trading’ skill maxed out. 
Silver keys only sell for 7g, 
so you may as well save them up for chests as well, 
even though RNG is so bad on silver key chests that their existence seems pointless. 
I would not recommend ever buying keys at the shop, since the RNG is extremely unlikely to be worth the extortionate price she sells them for. 


I find it sufficient simply to use whatever does the most damage per hit. 


Templar shields are great value for money, 
and they don’t drop that often. 
Keep an eye out for them at the blacksmith. 
Buy one for yourself and each of your waifus as soon as you have enough gold. 
They do seem to increase your armour even if you are using a 2-hander. 


Pick up everything. 
There is no need to leave anything on the ground. 
There are 4 merchants back home to sell it all to, and there are 8 tabs in your Home Storage. 
If your inventory gets full while looting, just open the menu by pressing ESC, click ‘Home Storage’ and transfer all your loot to your Home Storage. 
Then get straight back to looting. 


As you unlock the waifus, 
You should find it effective to level them the exact same way as your main character, 
with the exception that they should not be given ‘Trading’. 
Honestly, it shouldn’t really even be there as an option. 

Written by ☕TeaDrinker

This is all about She Will Punish Them – Alternative Levelling Method Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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