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This guide aims to provide explanations, pictures, and various tips for each of’s 45 achievements that were added on March 12th, 2021.


Normal Achievements - 100% Achievement Guide - Normal Achievements
Cut a shape

The cutter is unlocked after finishing Level 1. Run a shape through it to unlock this achievement. - 100% Achievement Guide
Rotate a shape

The rotator is unlocked after finishing Level 4. Run a shape through it to unlock this achievement. - 100% Achievement Guide
Paint a shape

The painter is unlocked after finishing Level 6. Run a shape and a color through it to unlock this achievement. - 100% Achievement Guide
Wait, they stack?
Stack a shape

The stacker is unlocked after finishing Level 10. Run any 2 shapes through it to unlock this achievement. - 100% Achievement Guide
Stack overflow
Produce a shape with 4 layers

Extract 4 shapes and use 3 stackers to stack them all into one and unlock this achievement. - 100% Achievement Guide
Now it’s easy
Place a blueprint

Blueprints are unlocked after completing level 12. To use blueprints, hold CTRL and drag your mouse over the shapes you wish to create a blueprint of. Once you’ve selected an area, press c to copy or x to cut. Press v to paste and to obtain this achievement. - 100% Achievement Guide
Store a shape in the storage

Storages are unlocked after finishing Level 15. Place one and input any shape into it to unlock this. - 100% Achievement Guide
Complete level 20, unlocking the wires layer - 100% Achievement Guide
The next dimension
Open the wires layer

After completing level 20, simply press e to unlock the achievement above. - 100% Achievement Guide
Computer Guy
Have more than 5,000 wires

You will likely obtain this naturally if you try to build an Everything Machine, as described later in this guide. You can obtain this faster by just placing down a bunch of wires somewhere, obviously. - 100% Achievement Guide
The logo!
Produce the logo

Shape Code: RuCw–Cw:—-Ru– - 100% Achievement Guide
To the moon
Produce the rocket shape

The “rocket” shape is this one: - 100% Achievement Guide

Shape Code: CbCuCbCu:Sr——:–CrSrCr:CwCwCwCw - 100% Achievement Guide
Complete level 26, unlocking the free play mode - 100% Achievement Guide
Have all upgades on tier 5 or higher - 100% Achievement Guide
Even faster
Have all upgrades on tier 8 or higher

No specific tips for the 3 achievements above. Simply follow the objectives. - 100% Achievement Guide
Get rid of them
Have 1000 shapes trashed

Have a couple of extractors outputing directly into a trash can, and this will be unlocked in no time. - 100% Achievement Guide
Destroy more than 1000 objects at once

Select a large amount of buildings you don’t need and press the Del key. A pop-up will appear to ask you to confirm while indicating how many buildings you’re trying to delete. If you’re below 1000, exit and select more. Once you’ve unlocked blueprints at Level 12, you can also copy and paste a large amount of buildings for yourself to delete. - 100% Achievement Guide
It’s piling up
Have 100k blueprint shapes stored in your hub - 100% Achievement Guide
I’ll use it later
Have 1 million blueprint shapes stored in your hub

The 2 achievements above are mostly done through idling. I would recommend that you have 2 full belts of blueprint shapes feeding into your Hub at all times, and you should obtain 1 million shapes in a timely manner. If this is the last achievement left to obtain on your main save file, you can set your Everything Machine to make blueprint shapes using a constant signal from the wire menu, and build additional blueprint factories until all your Hub inputs are being fed blueprints. - 100% Achievement Guide
It’s a mess
Have 100 different shapes stored in your hub

This achievement is a chore if you try to go for it early. You can take an asymmetrical shape and use a combination of just a few cutters and rotators to obtain a lot of different shapes from it. The less boring way to go about this is to just get beyond Level 26 and make an Everything Machine as detailed later in this guide. By the time you reach Level 100 and get the corresponding achievement, you’ll have delivered more than 100 different shapes.

Shapes Per Second - 100% Achievement Guide - Shapes Per Second
Efficiency 1
Deliver 25 blueprints shapes / second to your hub - 100% Achievement Guide
Efficiency 2
Deliver 50 blueprints shapes / second to your hub - 100% Achievement Guide
Branding specialist 1
Deliver 25 logo shapes / second to your hub - 100% Achievement Guide
Branding specialist 2
Deliver 50 logo shapes / second to your hub - 100% Achievement Guide
Preparing to launch
Deliver 10 rocket shapes / second to your hub - 100% Achievement Guide
Deliver 20 rocket shapes / second to your hub

For the above achievements, while it is possible to simply build several factories producing the same shape, it is faster to fill up several storages, then to empty them all simultaneously into the hub to get to the required rate. This can be done manually or, if you’re looking for a more hands-off solution, it’s possible to build an automated delivery buffering system like the one below to build up a large amount of shapes and then deliver them all at once.

Playtime Achievements

These are unlocked after spending a certain amount of time on a single savefile. You can view your current playtime by clicking the gear icon in the top right. It will be displayed in minutes in the bottom right of the screen. You will likely unlock all 3 of those achievement naturally by playing to get the other achievements, but idling is also an option. - 100% Achievement Guide
Getting into it
Play one savegame for more than 1 hour

Unlocked after 60 minutes on a savefile (i.e. not on the main menu). - 100% Achievement Guide
It’s been a long time
Play one savegame for more than 10 hour

Unlocked after 600 minutes on a savefile (i.e. not on the main menu). - 100% Achievement Guide
Play one savegame for more than 20 hour

Unlocked after 1200 minutes on a savefile (i.e. not on the main menu).

The Make Anything Machine

A Make Anything Machine, also called an Everything Machine, is a factory that makes use of wires to detect the shape that currently needs to be delivered, and automatically produces it. Such a machine will allow you to complete any level by simply idling. Each level after level 26 requires a randomly generated shape. As such, while it is possible to reach level 100 without an Everything Machine, that would be highly inefficient. Therefore, all 3 of the following achievements are essentially one and the same. - 100% Achievement Guide
MAM (Make Anything Machine)
Complete any level (after level 26) without modifying your factory - 100% Achievement Guide
Can’t stop
Reach level 50 - 100% Achievement Guide
Is this the end?
Reach level 100

There are many guides out there that can help you in building an Everything Machine. I would personally recommend the one below as it the one I used. It breaks down the building process into modules that can be easily copied and pasted once you’ve built one, and allows for a full belt of shapes to be produced.

At Level 27, the rate of delivery required by the hub is of 4 shapes/second. It increases progressively to 22 shapes/second at level 100. Thus, a full belt eventually isn’t enough to complete the objective. - 100% Achievement Guide

I would therefore recommend that you build an automated buffering system like the one mentioned earlier in this guide to increase your delivery rate. Manually using storages to double your output is also an option.

From Level 27 to Level 50, the game will require 2-layer shapes. From Level 51 to 75, the game will require 3-layer shapes. From 76 onward, the game will require 4-layer shapes.

Secret Achievements - 100% Achievement Guide - Secret Achievements
Place a blueprint with 1000 or more buildings

Simply hold CTRL and drag your mouse to select a large amount of buildings, then press c to copy or x to cut, and v to paste. If you try to cut your selection, a pop-up will tell you how many buildings you’ve selected, which can help you figure out if you’re above 1000 buildings selected. - 100% Achievement Guide
I need trains
Have a belt with a length of 500 tiles

Easily done using the belt planner. Hold shift and one of the WASD keys while dragging your mouse. If the achievement doesn’t pop up when you let go of the mouse, simply extend the belt further. - 100% Achievement Guide
Have 15 map markers

Press M, or zoom out and right-click to place a marker. Do this 15 times. - 100% Achievement Guide
A bit early?
Create the logo shape before level 18

You can do this as soon as you have access to the stacker, the painter and the color mixer. You can refer to the guide mentioned earlier if you’re unsure of how to create this shape. Your machine does not need to be efficient, and the shape does not need to be delivered, creating it once is enough. - 100% Achievement Guide
I’ve seen that before ..
Produce RgRyRbRr

Reproduce the Microsoft logo. Here is the shape as reference: - 100% Achievement Guide

It does not need to be delivered, creating it once is enough. - 100% Achievement Guide
My eyes no longer hurt
Activate the dark mode

In the settings, select User Interface, then under Game Theme, select Dark. - 100% Achievement Guide
Deliver a shape which is not the goal, nor relevant for any upgrade to the hub

You’ll likely get this by accident by delivering more shapes of a certain type than an objective requires. But you can always extract a random shape you found far away from your Hub and deliver it. - 100% Achievement Guide
Memories from the past
Produce the old level 17 shape

This is the shape in question: - 100% Achievement Guide

Create it and the achievement is yours.

Shape Code: WrRgWrRg:CwCrCwCr:SgSgSgSg

Challenge Runs

These 2 achievements will likely require you to start over on a new savefile. You can get both of them in one savefile, however. - 100% Achievement Guide
It’s so slow
Reach & Complete level 12 without upgrading your belts

Finish Level 12 while having your Belts, Distributor & Tunnels still at Tier I. Other buildings can be upgraded at your leisure. - 100% Achievement Guide
King of Inefficiency
Use no inverse rotator until level 14

Counter-clockwise rotators are unlocked upon finishing Level 7. You must finish Level 14 without having placed any at any point. Be aware that placing one is enough to miss this achievement, even if you don’t actually use it. As usual, you can use 3 clockwise rotators to rotate a shape counter-clockwise in order to get this.

Speedrun Achievements - 100% Achievement Guide - Speedrun Achievements
Not an idle game
Reach & complete level 12 in under 120 minutes - 100% Achievement Guide
Speedrun Novice
Reach & complete level 12 in under 60 minutes - 100% Achievement Guide
Speedrun Master
Reach & complete level 12 in under 30 minutes

These achievements require good planning and execution.
While I can’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution, here’s a couple of general tips.

  • As the first achievement states, this is not an idle game. You should build continuously for the duration of your run. If your current factory is complete, you can start working on the next.
  • Following the tip above: plan ahead. Try doing a first preliminary run to become familiar with the first 12 objectives (I will add a table here later to sum up the first 12 levels for convenience).
  • Reuse your machines. Once you’ve got any painting, mixing or stacking factory set up, simply change its inputs to fit your needs. Destroying those only to build more elsewhere later is a waste of time you cannot afford.
  • Prioritize stacked designs like the ones in the guide below. You can expand them progressively and already get some shapes in your Hub while you’re still building your factory. In the same line of thinking, belt upgrades are the most important as your belt speed is the primary bottleneck to your production if you’re using stacked designs. Prioritize adding a few modules to your stacked designs that you’ll be able to reuse over losing time and space to deliver shapes for upgrades.


Other Useful Ressources & To-Do List

Interesting Stuff:

  • The – can be used to read and write short keys for in-game shapes. I’ve mentioned those in the guide whenever a specific shape is involved if you need to know the exact structure of a shape. Incidentally, those short keys can be used in game by the constant signal in the wires menu to create a signal matching a certain shape. Useful if you have an Everything Machine in order to produce shapes other than the one required by the Hub.
  • The game’s – are good places to go to if you have specific questions about the game.

To-Do List:

  • Add a table of upgrade requirements to help with planning for the Faster and Even faster achievements.
  • Add more specific strategy tips for the speedrun achievements, as well as a table summing up the first 12 levels and unlocks.

Please ask in the comments if you think there’s any specific info that this guide could use!

Written by Silver

This is all about – 100% Achievement Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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