Shakes and Fidget – Characters Tier List and Selecting Abilities

Shakes and Fidget – Characters Tier List and Selecting Abilities 5 -
Shakes and Fidget – Characters Tier List and Selecting Abilities 5 -

Welcome to Shakes and Fidget – Characters Tier List and Selecting Abilities Guide.

The current guide to character creation describes class abilities at the beginning and a class Tierlist at the end.


There are eight races to choose from. Each race has a slight effect on the starting attributes, but this is not important in the long term. So choose which race you prefer.

You can also change your race or character appearance for one gold at a time (which is not permanent).

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NOTE: Druid and Bard will be modified shortly, so their description could be altered accordingly.

There are currently nine classes. Contrary to race, classes cannot be changed.

Unfortunately, classes aren’t completely balanced at the moment. This is why the next section contains a class-tier list. However, I recommend you experiment before selecting a definitive class. The game is highly grindy and will take years to complete, even PVE content. There is no point in picking the Demon Hunter class, even though it is S-tier.

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Because abilities are not fully explained in the character creation screen.


  • Life: x5
  • Damage: x2
  • Armor: 50%
  • Ability: 25% chance of blocking an incoming attack


  • Life: x4
  • Damage: x2,5
  • Armor: 25%
  • Ability: 50% chance of evading an incoming attack


  • Life: x2
  • Damage: x4,5
  • Armor: 10%
  • Ability: Attacks ignore armor. Nullifies opponent’s ability (Scouts can’t evade, Warriors can’t block, Demon Hunters can revive, etc.). note Berserker is an exception to this rule, as it can still use its ability to fight Mages (but also take damage of x2).


  • Life: x4
  • Damage: Similar to Scout. Note: Assassin attacks twice per turn with 2 one-handed weapons. It’s scaled to be similar to Scout damage.
  • Armor: 25%
  • Ability: 50% chance of evading an incoming attack

Battle Mage

  • Life: x5
  • Damage: x2
  • Armor: 50%. Note: 10% from the equip and 40% from the class ability (so Battle Mage always has 40+% armor).
  • Ability: At the beginning, shoots a fireball that inflicts up to 33% damage on the opponent. It does not work against Battle Mages or Mages.


  • Life: x4
  • Damage: x2,5. Note: Berserker uses a single-handed weapon (like a soldier) but has a hidden multiplier that makes it equal to the Scout.
  • Armor: 25%. Note: Berserker uses Warrior equipment, but the armor value has been reduced in half
  • Ability: You have a 50% chance of attacking again after an attack (can do this indefinitely). Note: This ability works against Mages and is the same as Scout evading abilities. Berserker is very strong in clearing dungeons

Demon Hunter

  • Life: x4
  • Damage: x2,5
  • Armor: 50%
  • Ability: 44% chance of reviving with 90% HP. After each revive, chances decrease 2% and HP drops by 10% (1st revive, 44% chance at 90% HP, 2nd revive, 42% chance at 80% HP, etc.).


Druid can choose from 3 animal forms (can be manually changed). Each form will alter your abilities and attributes. Note: Tiger and bear forms deal half damage to Mages and Bards.

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  • Life: x3
  • Damage: x4,5*0.33 (1/3 Mage damage).
  • Armor: 10%
  • Ability: 50% chance to perform an attack with 500% damage in a swoop. The chance to perform a swoop attack that deals 500% damage drops by 5% after each swoop.


  • Life: x5
  • Damage: x4,5*0.4 (similar to Warrior Damage) + bonus
  • Armor: 50%
  • Ability: 20% chance of blocking an incoming attack and a bonus to damage based upon the HP % missing.


  • Life: x4
  • Damage: x4,5*0.56 (similar to Scout damage).
  • Armor: 25%
  • Ability: This ability is available in Hidden mode. It has a 35% chance of evading incoming attacks. After a successful dodge, switch to Rage mode. There is no chance of evading attacks, but you have increased crit damage. After a successful dodge, switch to Rage mode.


Bard can play three instruments (can also change between them manually). Each instrument has its own abilities, but the attributes are the same:

  • Life: x2
  • Damage: x4,5
  • Armor: 25%

The following screenshot explains the various instruments in detail:

Shakes and Fidget - Characters Tier List and Selecting Abilities - Classes - 04ADF82

The Bard will play a tune for each round of combat, regardless of which instrument you choose. The tune can last from 1 to 4 rounds, depending on its level (25 percent chance for level 1, 50% for level 2, and 25% for level 3). Con / Int ratio also affects tune length. If your Con is greater than 75% of your Int, you will get bonus rounds for the tunes.

Comparative Tierlist and Class

It’s important to establish some premises before you jump on the tierlist.

The performance of a character’s character is directly affected by the amount of mushrooms purchased and their game knowledge. A tierlist must be based on the same knowledge and mushrooms paid in order to make sense.

One factor is important when ranking classes are determined: volatility.

Simply put, how lucky a class is in beating stronger opponents can determine its volatility.

Low volatility is better against opponents with lower stats, and vice versa against opponents who have higher stats. This means that classes with high levels of volatility will perform better in dungeons and gain more stats than classes with low volatility (remember, we are looking at the same mushrooms).

Note: Considering only pvp (and the same stats) to compare classes can be misleading. A Demon Hunter will progress faster than a Warrior with the same mushrooms and will have a level and stats advantage.


S-rank: Demon Hunter

Unbalanced for fair matchups and high volatility, the current best all-rounder.

A-rank: Berserker

Excellent dungeon performance (a better scout since its ability works against mage). It takes double damage from Mage, and its high volatility makes it a little inconsistent in PVP.

B-rank: Scount – Assassin

Good dungeon performance and ok consistency with PVP.

C-rank: Mage

Both dungeons performance and PVP performance are not very good.

D-rank: Battle Mage – Warrior

Their low volatility would be a good advantage in PVP against opponents of lower stats. However, their poor dungeon performance makes this difficult (read: expensive).

TBD: Druid – Bard

These two classes are currently under revision. They will be added to the Tier list later.

Bard’s current dungeon performance is excellent, but he has a problem with Berserkers in PVP.

On the other side, Druid has a good dungeon performance early on, but suffers later against high-HP Mage dungeons.


This guide provides a current description of classes and ranking. Other guides are outdated, I believe.

Online, you will find a lot of incorrect or outdated information. I recommend joining the forum if you need help.
Tavern’s Discord – []

This is the best source of information currently for advanced game knowledge and strategies. This guide is actually a compilation of work by other Discord members. I am particularly grateful to crazi, who provided his Tierlist (which I essentially copied:D).


Written by Mathire

This is all about Shakes and Fidget – Characters Tier List and Selecting Abilities; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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