Shadows of Doubt – Tips how to solve the majority of crimes

Shadows of Doubt – Tips how to solve the majority of crimes 1 -
Shadows of Doubt – Tips how to solve the majority of crimes 1 -

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The statistics show that most murders are committed by someone who knows the victim. Using this information, many crimes can be “brute-forced” in the game once a list of all the victim’s attachments is built. Use this guide only if you have no other options. It is a lengthy process that may not work.

Step 1.

Find evidence (fingerprints work best)

I check the door handles and their computer on my way out. This usually shows something relevant such as height or hair colour, but sometimes important fingerprints are hidden well in a crumpled note in the dark corner.

Step 2.

Find the victim’s employer and home

If a murder occurs at either of these locations, you can find their house quickly in the city directory. Then, their employer can be located from the file box.

Step 3.

Pin each coworker’s name from their employee file cabinet, and pin all the names in the address book to the house.

You’re going want to zoom out this case board. I like to organize the suspects into areas so I can better search for evidence.

Step 4.

Do not go around the suspect’s house without knocking on their door.

If you have fingerprint proof, scan the doors of those who live there. If the person has a partner on their door, there should be 2 unique fingerprints. If they live alone, only one. If you find evidence that contradicts the perp’s evidence, remove them from the list. You should also not be too quick to judge. Sometimes evidence is shared with other NPCs in the game. So, look for evidence that contradicts their innocence first. To speed up the process, save scumming is available.

Step 5.

You can cross off suspects as you search for the culprit.

If you have collected and compared the evidence correctly, then you will know who the murderer is. If you don’t feel confident about your deductive reasoning, save the case first. If all suspects were crossed off, you may have missed something. Or the killer might not have known the victim. It is essential to gather contradicting evidence in an organized way and in methodical way so that you can make the right conclusions about your findings.

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