Shadows of Doubt – Guide to Syncdisks abilities, upgrades, and side effects

Shadows of Doubt - Guide to Syncdisks abilities, upgrades, and side effects 2 -
Shadows of Doubt - Guide to Syncdisks abilities, upgrades, and side effects 2 -

Shadows of Doubt – Guide to Syncdisks abilities, upgrades, and side effects

Welcome, detectives! If you’re diving into the neon-drenched streets of Shadows of Doubt, you’re going to want to know all about SyncDisks. These little technological wonders can give you a serious edge in your investigations, but they come with their own quirks and potential drawbacks. Let’s jack in and explore everything you need to know about SyncDisks!

Quick Answer: What are SyncDisks?

SyncDisks are upgradeable cybernetic enhancements in Shadows of Doubt that provide various abilities and bonuses. They can be found, purchased, and upgraded at Sync Clinics, offering players unique advantages and sometimes interesting side effects.

My SyncDisk Adventure

I’ll never forget my first SyncDisk experience. There I was, a rookie detective barely keeping my head above water in a sea of cases. I stumbled into a Sync Clinic, more out of curiosity than anything else. The doc convinced me to try a Constitution disk, promising it’d help me work longer hours. Boy, was he right! Suddenly, I wasn’t shivering in those cold alleys or falling asleep at my desk. It was like I’d been reborn – a new detective with a cybernetic edge. From that moment on, I was hooked on exploring what these little wonders could do.

How to Get Your Hands on SyncDisks

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty of each SyncDisk, let’s talk about how you can start building your collection:

  • High-income safes: These are prime spots for finding SyncDisks. If you’ve got the skills to crack ’em, you might just strike gold.
  • Side work rewards: Keep an eye out for jobs that offer SyncDisks as payment. They’re not common, but they’re out there.
  • Sync Clinic staff: Sometimes, the folks working at the clinics might have a disk or two for sale.
  • Kola machines: Got a sweet tooth and ¢r5 to spare? You can snag a Sugar Daddy SyncDisk from any Kola machine.

Installing and Upgrading Your SyncDisks

Once you’ve got a SyncDisk in your pocket, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Find a Sync Clinic: Look for the DNA icon on your map or in your detective log. These are your go-to spots for all things SyncDisk.
  2. Installation: Head to the clinic and get that disk installed. It’s quick, painless, and will have you feeling like a new person in no time.
  3. Upgrades: Want to boost your SyncDisk’s power? You’ll need Sync Disk upgrade Vials. These little beauties are pretty common in homes and businesses. If you’re in a pinch, you can also grab them from medical vending machines for ¢r1000 a pop.

The SyncDisk Lineup: Abilities and Upgrades

Alright, let’s break down each SyncDisk and what they can do for you. Remember, some of these bad boys can be upgraded multiple times, giving you even more bang for your buck!

1. Constitution

Variant Chemistry Cardiovascular
Base Effect No more feeling cold +1 inventory space
Upgrade 1 Say goodbye to stinkiness Another +1 inventory space
Upgrade 2 Tiredness? What’s that? Yet another +1 inventory space

This disk is perfect for those long nights on stakeout. No more shivering or yawning when you’re trying to crack a case!

2. Frame

Variant Statuesque Compact
Base Effect 15% Taller 15% Shorter
Upgrade 1 Another 15% Taller Another 15% Shorter
Upgrade 2 Yet another 15% Taller Yet another 15% Shorter

Whether you want to tower over suspects or slip into tight spaces, Frame’s got you covered. Just be prepared for some serious wardrobe changes!

3. Physique

Variant Fortitude Vitality
Base Effect 20% more max health
10% faster health regen
+1 inventory space
Upgrade 1 Another +1 inventory space

For those detectives who like to live dangerously, Physique gives you the edge to take a few more hits and bounce back faster.

4. Tenacity

Variant Clout Brawn Reflexes
Base Effect 20% stronger punches 20% better throwing First attack negated
Upgrade 1 +10% punch power +10% throw power ‘Focused’ when hit
Upgrade 2 Another +10% punch power Another +10% throw power No broken bones or bruises
Upgrade 3 +100% fist-raising threat 90% bullet block with objects Take 100% less damage

Tenacity turns you into a one-person army. Perfect for when negotiations break down and things get… physical.

5. Vigor

Variant Power Stability
Base Effect One-attempt door barging No fall damage

Need to make a quick entrance or exit? Vigor’s got your back. Just don’t let the property damage bills pile up!

6. Ambassador Scheme

Variant Cash Flow Competitor Data Mining
Base Effect ¢r10 per 2 hours ¢r50 from data mining
Upgrade 1 +¢r5 income 2x business owner mining
Upgrade 2 Another +¢r5 income +¢r10 from mining
Upgrade 3 Yet another +¢r5 income Another +¢r10 from mining

For the detective who likes to keep the credits flowing, even when they’re off the clock.

7. Spartan Insurance

Variant Gold Medical Cover Gold Legal Cover Gold Accident Cover
Base Effect 50% off hospital visits Keep stolen items up to ¢r500 Free hospital visit + ¢r100 daily
Upgrade 1 Free hospital care +¢r500 stolen item cover Higher accident payout
Upgrade 2 Wake up in your bed +¢r9000 stolen item cover Even higher accident payout

Because even the best detectives need a safety net sometimes. Just don’t let it make you too reckless!

8. Starch Brand Ambassador

Variant Spread the Word Put Some Life Into It
Base Effect ¢r2 for Kola talk ¢r6 for giving Starch products
Upgrade 1 +¢r1 income +¢r2 income
Upgrade 2 Another +¢r1 income Another +¢r2 income

Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? Spread the Starch love and watch your wallet grow!

9. Sugar Daddy

Side Effect: Not consuming Starch Kola products blurs vision and harms health

Variant Down Payment
Base Effect Gain ¢r5000, costs ¢r6000 to remove. -¢r5 per Kola, +¢r1 per competitor drink
Upgrade 1 -¢r1000 uninstall cost
Upgrade 2 Another -¢r1000 uninstall cost
Upgrade 3 Yet another -¢r1000 uninstall cost

A sweet deal with a bitter aftertaste. Make sure you really love Kola before signing up for this one!

10. Dove+

Side Effect: Citizens 25% less likely to share free info

Variant Physiological Perception Socioeconomic Perception
Base Effect Height from photos Salary from photos
Upgrade 1 Age from photos Relationship status on sight
Upgrade 2 Shoe size from photos Carried money on sight
Upgrade 3 Remove side effect Remove side effect

Turn your detective’s eye into a high-tech scanner. Just be prepared for some awkward conversations!

11. Cartographer

Variant Urbex Cartographer Crawlspace Engineer
Base Effect ¢r5 for new locations ¢r10 for vent exploration

For the detective who loves to leave no stone unturned. Or vent unexplored, for that matter.

12. Community

Variant Care in the Community Heavy Lifter
Base Effect 10% more from side jobs +1 inventory space
Upgrade 1 Another 10% from side jobs Another +1 inventory space

Because sometimes being a good neighbor pays off. Literally.

13. Model Citizen

Variant Street Cleaner Bookworm
Base Effect ¢r2 per trash disposed ¢r6 per unique book read
Upgrade 1 +¢r1 per trash +¢r10 per book
Upgrade 2 Another +¢r1 per trash ¢r150 bonus for full series
Upgrade 3 ¢r6 per trash total ¢r200 bonus for full series

Clean up the streets and expand your mind, all while padding your wallet. Now that’s efficiency!

14. Sugar-Free Advocate

Side Effect: Sugar products cause immediate nausea and health loss

Variant Health Nut Fitness Guru
Base Effect ¢r5 per sugar-free product ¢r10 per workout
Upgrade 1 Increase to ¢r10 Increase to ¢r20
Upgrade 2 Increase to ¢r15 Increase to ¢r30
Upgrade 3 Remove side effect Remove side effect

Get fit, get paid, and say goodbye to those sugary temptations. Your body (and wallet) will thank you!

Wrapping Up: The SyncDisk Decision

There you have it, detectives – the complete rundown on SyncDisks in Shadows of Doubt. From boosting your physical abilities to padding your wallet, these cybernetic wonders offer a whole new dimension to your investigative arsenal. Just remember, with great power comes… well, you know the rest.

Choose your SyncDisks wisely, upgrade them strategically, and always keep an eye out for those pesky side effects. Whether you’re punching through doors with Vigor or sweet-talking citizens as a Starch Brand Ambassador, there’s a SyncDisk out there for every style of detective.

Now get out there and solve some cases! The neon-lit streets are calling, and with your new cybernetic edge, you’re more than ready to answer. Happy sleuthing, detectives!

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