Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide and Tips

Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide and Tips 1 -
Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide and Tips 1 -

Hello and welcome, Welcome to Shadows of Doubt – Combat Guide and Tips This guide contains gameplay, informations, basic builds, solutions guidelines and a lot more.

Golden Rule

This town doesn’t seem fair.

If they catch a person committing a crime, they will use whatever weapons they have to attack them.

You can pick up a gun but not use it to shoot. They can only serve as a poor-quality club.

It is always better to flee from enemies armed with guns.

Nothing is free in this City… except the hands

When vigilantes push you to the limit, you can use the force of your hands on them.

By default, press two on the keypad to get ready to swing.

Keep clicking on the mouse. You’re far outclassed compared to most armed residents, but you have a decent chance against unarmed citizens (in normal modes). You’ll need to hit them between 10-15 times before they fall.

Time for a fair scuffle

You can only defeat these Batman wannabes if you arm yourself. These unstable corporate drones or hobos are going to be surprised.

The first option that you have is to throw garbage. Grab a trash can, box, or anything else, and throw it toward your enemy. This is often a one-hit kill. Use this technique to create space between you, and a group or angry enemies.

The next step is obtaining an actual weapon. Pawnbrokers sell the best weapons.

The sword has been my best weapon to date. It can kill the majority of townies with a single strike. Finding the right equipment in this title is difficult, as there is no tutorial.

Press X allows you to access your inventory.

Left click your WEAPON OF CHOICE

Enter the number Change the hotkey to find the weapon.

Press X a second time to exit inventory and get ready to brawl.

Hit this new hotkey to draw the steel.

Live to fight a second day

After you have had a fight with the locals it’s best to leave.

No matter how many sword strikes you deliver, NPCs cannot be killed. They have unnaturally healing abilities and will rise again and again to be beaten.

They will set off an alarm in the area, so if you are involved in a fight get out as quickly as possible.

Good luck to you detectives.

Weapon List/Stats

Weapon List: ( Very incomplete – This is just a placeholder!)

Name HIts to KO
Sword 1-2
Fists 13-15
Combat Knife 1-2
Truncheon 2-3
Hammer 3-5
Syringe Useless
Faucon RIfle 2

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