Shadows of Doubt – Citizens custom names tutorial

Shadows of Doubt – Citizens custom names tutorial 2 -
Shadows of Doubt – Citizens custom names tutorial 2 -

Hello and welcome, In this guide, we will tell you everything about Shadows of Doubt – Citizens custom names tutorial Follow this guide step by step.

This guide will teach you how to give citizens custom names.


  • Create a new city unless you wish to play on an existing one.
  • Navigate to the directory in which the game has saved your cities. It should be
    C:\users\YourUsername\AppData\LocalLow\ColePowered Games\Shadows of Doubt\Cities
  • Open your SteamLibrary and navigate to the location where you installed Proton.
    SteamLibrary/steamapps/compatdata/986130/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/AppData/LocalLow/ColePowered Games/Shadows of Doubt/Cities

    This location can vary depending on whether you are using Steam or Proton.

  • Just in case, you should make a backup of the city you wish to edit (specifically, the .cit). It is easiest to copy-paste the file into the folder. This will create a (copy) file.


Editing the city file

The Cities folder should contain files in these formats:




We will focus on the .cit. Open it in your text editor. Due to the large file size, some text editors may struggle. Windows notepad is reportedly able to handle it. I personally used a Hex editor.

Search for citizenName by pressing ctrl + F. You should be taken to your first name. You can also search by the name of a citizen whose name you know.

The meaning of different fields

You need not be intimidated by the file. I will explain the purpose of each field you wish to edit.

Each citizen has four fields for their name: citizenName; firstName; casualName; and surName. These four fields allow us to control a citizen’s name under different circumstances.


This is the name you see in most situations. This is the name they use to introduce themselves, it’s on their birth certificate and you can add the citizen as evidence.


The name’s first initial is the most obvious effect in the city directory. Otherwise appears in place of casualName, if it’s not defined.


Consider it a nickname. This is the name used in casual situations, as the name suggests. I saw this name in a note listing a citizen’s personal code.


This field is used in the same way as first names. It appears in contexts that require a surname, such as a city directory. If you leave this field blank, your citizen’s name will not appear in the directory!


You may have a citizen who has these values before editing:

"citizenName":"Diego Aguirre","firstName":"Diego","casualName":"","surName":"Aguirre"

This citizen’s name will appear as D. Aguirre in the city directory. He will introduce himself and appear in your evidence under the name Diego Aguirre. People also write “Diego” casually.

After editing, you may have something like:

"citizenName":"The Dark Knight","firstName":"Bruce","casualName":"Batman","surName":"Wayne"

This citizen’s name will appear as B. Wayne in the city directory. He will introduce himself and appear in your evidence under the name The Dark Knight. People will also write “Batman”, in casual contexts.

Finishing the job

Shadows of Doubt - Citizens custom names tutorial - Finishing up - C3D7ED3

Save the file after you have finished customizing the names of your citizens. Ensure you haven’t accidentally removed any “quotes” from the field names or the names themselves. This will prevent your city to load.

Launch Shadows of Doubt, then either load a save using the city you edited, or create another save and select a pre-generated town, selecting the edited one from the dropdown list. If the loading screen remains stuck at the first stage, something has gone wrong. You can either look through the file to find the error or restore the city from a backup you made earlier to its original state and start again.

If your loading screen progresses: Congratulations! Your custom citizens will now appear around the globe and if they have a surname, their address should be in the city directory.

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