Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition – Basic Weapon Attributes

Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition – Basic Weapon Attributes 4 -
Shadowrun: Hong Kong – Extended Edition – Basic Weapon Attributes 4 -

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There will undoubtedly be inquiries regarding this peculiar species. And why, many years after the game’s debut, would someone create such a guide? I felt it would be a great idea to combine two of the most dangerous playstyles, in addition to the Physical Adept, after having great success with it. Put on appropriate gear and play the game as protection. The goal of this build is to always flank enemies, use the leyline casting to move in on them, and otherwise eliminate everyone and everything. Yay! We’ll continue to play with the same fervor that the game was intended to have. What better method is there to ensure the viability of our mischief?

The final build will be similar to the one below. Sweet mustache not included. Race doesn’t really matter however Dwarves seem adorable to me , so I decided to go with them. Orcs and Troll are great candidates for this build. But there will not be cyberware and your spell slots can be used to boost your own abilities, as well as other ones such as Mind Wipe and Petrify. Stun Ball and other area spells are best used on leylines. They aren’t always worth the slot. Below is the list of recommended loadouts.

This isn’t meant to be the fastest minmaxed, however, it’s a fun build. You can alter it however you wish, but I wanted to share this fun build and perhaps even entertain you with my dive bar humor. I understand that some aspects of this build might appear odd or inferior to others. If you wish, you can let me know in the comments section of how you’re not.

Suggested starting stats:

Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition - Basic Weapon Attributes - Introduction/Attributes - CA97E15

The areas that are highlighted are what we’ll be working on. As your primary goal, you’ll need to increase your willpower and spellcasting. When you’ve done that, you’ll have a solid base on which to build. Along the way I would suggest getting Charisma to 4 and Summoning 3 so you can select the totem. I chose Leopard for armor and movement.

The primary weapon you will have aside from magic leylines is going to be your shotgun and grenades. The basic idea is to stand on a leyline and utilize Spell Focus to s*rip armor, debuff spells like Confusion and Petrify or Glue, and then destroy armor of powerful units to help your team dispatch enemies. Spells that are well placed can make whole battles seem insignificant. This is what you do best. Find out more about weapon and spell loadouts.


Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition - Basic Weapon Attributes - Introduction/Attributes - 336C1CB

Willpower is the main stat, achieving rank 8 in it, and rank 8 Spellcasting is the top priority of this build. If you can meet the requirements for spellcasting and using items such as the Imbued Hermetic Fetish and zero cost Cyberware like the Pain Editor, your spells will be powerful throughout the main campaign.

Quickness is our secondary priority attribute, you’ll want to put most of your Karma into it and Ranged/Shotgun ability. Rank 7 in all is comfortable with Wild Aim and our role in the clutch. You’ll often find yourself close enough to enemies that you are able to reach out and gently stroke their cheek so accuracy shouldn’t be a problem. It also grants access to the highest rank shotgun available.

Body is your security net and based on how confident you feel, it can be set to 8 or if you’re feeling cheeky, 4. You can spend 26 Karma on speed and other skills. You can also put it into ranks Dodge. All that is important is that you are comfortable with your health and know the place you’d like to end your game. I had five ranks of Body by the end of the mission. allow your armor to work and use Life Siphon when needed.

Other than the need for three intelligences to use Blindness, none of the other skills are necessary for achieving our objectives. For instance, beyond rank 2, biotech isn’t really necessary. Shaman’s salves and life siphon will help you recover if you need to see the health of your opponents. I am among those who insists on seeing the enemy’s health, so don’t be hostile toward me. You should be informed that using the Pain Editor causes your intelligence to drop by 1. You won’t be able to cast Blindness if you don’t plan to install it. Your final statistics may resemble these:

Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition - Basic Weapon Attributes - Introduction/Attributes - BB742B6

‘I can hear you questioning aloud, “What about charisma?” We’re not ambassadors, and charisma is for wimps. We can write “Diplomacy” on the cylinder with the force of a Sharpie, and it will appear! It’s on par with expenditures in Charisma. Having said that, in order to use Petrify and Confusion, you must have CHA 4. Although it might seem like a ridiculous necessity, it shouldn’t stop us from doing what we do best. If you want to increase your Karma, you could decide to act morally. However, bear in mind that the option to “it kill everything that moves” is always available. It is the mission’s initial selection. Scream out loud! A shotgun expert, you are.

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