Shadowbane – Just come to Steam, Is Worth to Buy?

Shadowbane – Just come to Steam, Is Worth to Buy? 1 -
Shadowbane – Just come to Steam, Is Worth to Buy? 1 -

Shadowbane is an old MMORPG Open World game, the game was first released on March 25, 2003, and was developed by Wolfpack Studios


Shadowbane is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) with a fantasy background. The characteristic of Shadowbane is unlimited free PVP. It has 12 races, 22 occupations, 48 affiliated occupations, more than 200 attribute points, and more than 500 skill points, all of which can be freely configured. The Shadowbane is an open battlefield that can be arbitrarily harvested in the game. Its freedom and cruelty are its characteristics, and it is also a fair competition for power.


On February 06, 2021, the game was released on Steam but looks like he starts to get bad reviews.


What do players say about Shadowbane?

Thumbs UP Reviews:

– Overall has the same feel this did during live (so far).
– Seems to be more stable then any of the emulators out therePros for me:
– People complaining about the Conc pot don’t realize this just adds more value to classes like Priests. Since the Conc pot basically can do a Priests job they typically aren’t used in a “buffing” role.
– Being restricted to a single account, I love the fact that 1 person can’t have 10 sessions of this game running. Unless they want to go through the hassle of buying multiple copies and multiple Steam accounts.Unknown:
– There is a store to buy things with real money, however I’m not sure if these things are restricted to only the store. If they are then that’s a pretty big issue as 1 of those items is needed for building your own city.

– Profanity filter is pretty useless and will edit out regular words as well. There is also no way to disable this.

Shadowbane is finally back and found a new home on Steam. Maybe I can uninstall those emulators! Anyways, this is a classic game that is fantastic in so many ways but has age-old issues that fans of the game can overlook. This is classic shadowbane, no more or less. If you are new to the game or returning after a decade or two, you will need to work on your UI and camera control options/hotkeys as the default ones are quite atrocious. I recommend setting WASD for moving camera directions and using the mouse for movement. The ingame shop doesn’t seem to offensive as they sell 3 items and they are cheap. This is the price we must pay to see shadowbane revived and monetized in 2021. There is no monthly fee associated with the game anymore.There are no ads in the game.

I would highly recommend this game due to Shadowbane needing this Steam release to give life to a wonderful niche game with a cult following. There aren’t many games like this and play who play Shadowbane know it. Let’s bring SB back to life.

*Playerbase and game health should be better than ever with the help of the Steam community and actual game developers caring for the game.
*Multiboxing is gone or at least much harder (haven’t seen one)
*One international server for everyone to play on
*Faithful to the original Shadowbane and 2 expansions
*No monthly fee like the old days
*Server quality seems good. No lag issues
*Combat and looting seem more responsive
*Conc pots still able to buy in game (1 per day in SDR)
*Start at level 1 (instead of 10 as some emulators chose) with a single choice of town to keep noob island populated and groups full

*There is an ingame shop for real money that sells 1. Guild seed 2. Conc pots 3. Limited gold
*One international server for everyone to play on
*There is no included easy-to-use start up UI or camera options.
*No new QoL options at all
*If you want a resolution higher than 1600×900, you have to do it in the files instead of the ingame options.
*Profanity filter needs fine-tuning. I imagine this will be fixed


Thumbs Down Reviews:

[WM] Johnny

Pros –

. Server seems stable currently (although low population)

. Its not SB EMU

Cons –

. The game is not “Unlimited free PVP” as advertised, the game has a one time fee as well as items / features which were originally “Free” (obtained via in game gold) which now have to be purchased via the in game “Mall” and are also limited to x per day.

. You can only have a single client open per steam account, on the original live game / emulators you required a single “Account” and were able to make additional character accounts from this one account. Currently you automatically log in via Steam and have 7 character slots only.

, Profanity filter is sensitive to generally western / european words & names – a Profanity filter generally stops minors from reading foul language within the game. Again originally the game had an option to remove the profanity filter and this game does not. You can’t even say a persons name without **** replacing it.

. Game settings – You cannot set a custom resolution in game, you have to find the local files and change via the config application. This is not user friendly and we only figured this out by trouble shooting ourselves as there is no way to ask the questions.

Conclusion – Overall for the most part the game is pretty nostalgic although the changes ChangYou have decided to make really are questionable and do not appeal to the existing player base. Changing what was a free to play game to a pay to play game (not pay to win) seems kind of silly. There could have been in game purchase options for things such as weapons / armour / instant Lvl 75 / resources / gold / additional character slots. You didn’t need to make one of the most basic potions in the game limited to purchasing 1 per day at a cost of $1.50 per potion.


Is worth buying Shadowbane?

The way we see till now Yes: 70% and No: 30%, The game is still new on Steam was just released on 6 Feb, 2021 and we update the post on 7 Feb, 2021, so we can’t really see much information about the game on Steam.

The Reviews, for now, is Mostly Positive but is too soon to give an overall review, Of course, it depends on you if you want to play this game or not, just don’t forget Shadowbane is an old MMORPG first time released on March 25, 2003, so the game graphics will be old-style, if you are not sure if you want to buy the game and test it out then please check this trailer


The game didn’t have almost any hype on the release date, when we first made this post (a few hours ago ) was 110 players online in the game, now when we update the post with more information we see 160+ players online, the game looks like is keep growing … so possible soon we will see more players to join it.

The Shadowbane is NOT in the Top 100 Popular Games on Steam.


If you think we forget to add some information or you want us to add more information please let us know via comment, and thank you 🙂


  1. You took the only comment on the game and post this article? What kind of hack journalism is this lol? The game has been out for a few hours.

    • Hello, true but at the same time when Shadowbane come out was on “March 25, 2003”, we see the game before and check what the players were saying about Shadowbane, anyway we only suggest to don’t buy the game from start and wait for few days. We didn’t mean in a bad way, but when your first reviews on steam are bad ( and not troll reviews ) we select the game for “Wait Time”

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