Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Useful Tips and Tricks Guide

Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Useful Tips and Tricks Guide 1 -
Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Useful Tips and Tricks Guide 1 -

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Hello and welcome, We hope you find this Shadow Gambit: The Cursed Crew – Useful Tips and Tricks Guide useful.

Useful tips and tricks to make the game easier for new players


Here I’ll outline some general tips to keep in mind while playing. The difference between tips and tricks lies in their purpose; tips are general knowledge that may change your perspective on things while tricks are performed during the game to address specific tricky situations (or simply because it feels good to pull off). So here goes…

# 1 : Capture memories often.

Of course, the game informs you this is true, but newcomers to the genre may only save when the game reminds them. When setting up what you plan to do in Shadow Mode and after it succeeds immediately afterward save. Do it before crossing any guard’s view cone; right before taking down a guard; right after they fall to save again after it’s successful. Some challenges may prevent you from unleashing all memories, but that doesn’t stop you from collecting as many memories as you desire; doing it frequently prevents lost progress and is an intentional game mechanic designed into its core; Don’t be shy – don’t be intimidated – do save often for success!

Tip 2 : Alarms
As tempting as it may be to fire back when a guard spots you and raises the alarm, alarms work differently here than they did in previous games from these developers – they only summon reinforcements if someone wearing a bell alerts the alarm system. Sometimes raising an alarm may actually prove beneficial as it brings guards out from hiding and provides ample opportunities to kill them during alarm events; just make sure someone can revive your characters as this strategy could potentially result in them taking damage during alarms!

Tip #3: It’s always possible
No matter which crew you pick for a mission, it is always possible to complete it successfully. Don’t become disheartened if something proves difficult later in the mission; there will likely be ways around any issues or roadblocks you come across; with one exception being when engaging in any game challenges within that mission – but at that point in time you know exactly which challenges await so can plan accordingly. Its

Tip #4: Switch it Up
As it can be tempting to keep using the same crewmembers on every mission, switching it up is also part of the game – and will even reward you once enough has been collected! Doing this may reveal synergies you hadn’t considered or new ways of taking down guards that weren’t apparent before; additionally, it helps familiarize yourself with all members rather than only some for later missions.


As previously discussed, this section focuses on tricks you can perform to dismantle guard setups in-game. These may take practice to master and may require a shifting mindset or adjustment, but can often come in handy. We will address character-specific strategies later.

Trick #1: Distract Stack


This trick works best by setting it up in Shadow Mode and gradually using Afia’s Time Stop followed by Teresa Ashen Judgement as they each come out, each at an optimal moment for the disorientation of guards who should remain unaware. Hotkeys from Shadow Mode should make this easier. These non-ability distractions should further keep opponents at bay. This should complete

Trick #2 of Non-Ability Distractions.

These tactics are especially helpful during the day but can also work at night. Footsteps on sandy/muddy areas, unlit torches at night, tied-up allies, and accidental deaths all are ways of dislodging guards out of position that aren’t dependent on which characters were brought along with you. Although they might come in handy at times when conducting challenges later on,

Trick #3: Pregnosticareful Planning can come in very handy overall as well.

Prognosticators are one of the toughest enemies to take down in this game, requiring at least two crewmates or environment kills (similar to Samurais from Shadow Tactics or Longcoats from Desperados 3). When your first crewmate distracts or attacks one, it will put them into stasis without alerting nearby guards; therefore if there is an opportunity for you to kill one from range without first attacking close range (which might trigger nearby guards), don’t be intimidated to first do something that might temporarily put one into stasis before moving closer range – then immediately follow up with ranged kill (or vice versa)

Normally, only one guard’s view cone can be seen at once; however, by observing it for some time you can get a glimpse of its scope and where the guard’s attention may lie; when combined with watching their model, this allows you to determine where their head is pointing so you can sneak past or kill something without them even realizing their cone is active! Taking this approach enables you to sneak past or kill things without their view cone being active!

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