Settlement Survival – Basic Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough

Settlement Survival – Basic Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough 1 -
Settlement Survival – Basic Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough 1 -

Table of Contents

Guide created for ‘Settlement Survivor’ players who’ve never played Banished or a Banished type game.
See ‘Settlement Survivor’ discussions ‘Fellow player collaboration’ thread for this guide’s motivation.
My intent is to make this guide as easy to read as possible … see ‘STRUCTURE’ section for directions.


This division is meant to assist the reader in deciding how the reader wants to use guide content.
Division definition: Summarize the content then provide the content (topic sections) in detail.
(The leading (summary) section is capitalized to distinguish it from topic sections.)
Topic sections:
1. Layout: Sequential order of existing guide contents.
2. Insight: Purpose of each existing division.
3. Access: Navigation advice.
4, Source: Summary of fellow player contributions.


This section shows existing and (parenthesis) proposed guide sections.
1. Structure: Layout (, Insight, Access and Source) sections … overview of guide divisions.
2. (Feature: Discusses the use/philosophy of the different types of game objects.)
3. Stage: Game designer challenge(s) and player approach(s) to a given challenge.
4. (Perspective: One or more player’s documented game play … choose style of game play.)


The purpose of this division is to understand what the early, easy mode challenge(s) are.
Banish type games punish players who are not patient and don’t respond to challenges immediately.
The game designer adds challenges as the game advantages … often the challenge isn’t obvious.
Topic sections:
1. Replace: Food and resources are consumed … happiness and health are not stable.

Written by Ready2produce

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Settlement Survival – Basic Gameplay Tips & Walkthrough; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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