Serial Cleaner – How to Get Broken Achievements Guide

Serial Cleaner – How to Get Broken Achievements Guide 1 -
Serial Cleaner – How to Get Broken Achievements Guide 1 -

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Have you finished the game and the achievements counters have stopped working after you’ve completed it? Perhaps this solution can help.

Before you begin

This is not a solution that works, but it can be used if you’re trying to unlock all achievements in the game.

You must delete your Steam cloud and save file from your computer. The downside to doing this is that you will have to start all over again and the counter for every achievement resets. This means that if you only have 5 newspapers read, you will need 15 newspapers to unlock the achievement. After you delete your save file, the counter will stay at 5 until the 6th newspaper is read. This is how you will know if the procedure is working.

I recommend that you finish the game first before trying this solution. If the counters are not working, it’s likely for the easier achievements. But if it is for Moviegoer (“Complete all movie-themed bonus contract contracts”), you will have to start the game over again.

How do I delete my save file?

First, you need to disable cloud saves. Right-click the game in your library and click on “Properties …”.”. A new window will appear. In this tab, click “General” to make sure you are there. Also, uncheck the box that says “Keep games saved in the Steam Cloud for serial cleaner”.

Now, you need to delete your save file. Paste this address in the File Explorer and then press Enter: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\iFun4all\Serial Cleaner\

There will be a file called data.sav. You can either create a backup or delete it.

What next?

Now you can restart the game. Yay!? Did you miss Well Informed? Check out TV and Chill or Tuned In. You could also start the second contract. After you interact with the four options, go back to main menu and repeat the process 15 times.

If you are not missing I Can See Clearly Now and Nocturnal, you may start an “endless cleaning challenge” for the first chapter, 20-day-time contracts, and 20-night-time contracts. Simply start the challenge, pause your game, and then return to the main menu 20 times.

If you are missing Body Removal Service, you can start an “endless cleansing” challenge for the second agreement (found it easier than the first contract and less boring) and dispose off 150 bodies.

This should hopefully work for you. Good luck!


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