Sea of Thieves – Guide for Quickswap/Doublegun

Sea of Thieves – Guide for Quickswap/Doublegun 1 -
Sea of Thieves – Guide for Quickswap/Doublegun 1 -

Hey there, welcome to this post, Welcome to Sea of Thieves – Guide for Quickswap/Doublegun This guide contains gameplay, information, basic builds, solutions guidelines and a lot more.

1. Learn the timing of your combos

Attack -> Swap -> Sprint -> Ads -> Attack

Practice the basic moves without attacking. Simply swap between weapons, ads/block, and ad/block until it feels natural. Then, attack with both. Don’t worry if you don’t have the smoothest or cleanest combo yet. Just focus on getting it down.

2. Optimize your sprint

Attack -> Swap

It would be best if you kept a one-second gap between attacks with each weapon, regardless of how quickly you swap. To get the fastest kill time, sprint for about a minute before focusing on your second weapon.

This can be done by listening to a metronome with a 60-bpm beat and timing your shots accordingly. You can use a 120-bpm metronome to shoot on alternate beats. I used – []

I ran around shooting guns for about 5 minutes and got the song down.

3. Final Tips

When sprinting, you can use W + A and W + D to move more quickly without losing your speed (you can make 180 degrees without losing your speed if you are strafing properly). This is a great tip for moving around in general.

The tip about spamming ads to quickscope quicker twice doesn’t work here because the delay gained serves the same purpose of a second sprint, which delays your shot even further. (plus double taps look cleaner)

For any loadout, it is important to learn the damage combos for all weapons. For example, 1 sword slash and 3 blunder pellets, 2 sniper/flintlock shots, etc. You can see the damage values here – []

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