SCUM – Tips for new Players Guide

SCUM – Tips for new Players Guide 1 -
SCUM – Tips for new Players Guide 1 -

If you have less than 1 hour and haven’t refund this game yet, read until the end and hopefully you can find some fun in this game.

How to start

Step 1: Avoid official, mech, and hardcore servers instead go for max loot slow metabolism servers. Servers with safe zones are nice as well to start.
Step 2: Select 3 3 3 3 for str con dex and int
Step 3: This is the complicated part
Some guides on how to build your character:
-STR: Avoid leveling any boxing, handguns, or archery unless you are into PvE (Recoil is so easy to control if you have advanced rifles)
-CON: Higher endurance than running
-DEX: Don’t bother with thievery (you’re not gonna be able to lockpick anything other than locked lockers anyway if you’re very new to the game and prioritize stealth)
-INT: Camo and sniping can be increased to basic easily + you’re not gonna land an 800 m+ shot anyway unless someone you play with is gonna teach you how to adjust for wind.
Step 4: See the settings for the hotkeys and try to memorize the ones that you think is important
Step 5: If you spawn in the middle of nowhere just suicide. No point in running around forests for 30 minutes.
Step 6: open – []  go to map filters and pick vehicle spawns. Finding a car is the most important thing in this game or else you will probably refund it as i do after spending hours just running around. Don’t loot military places unless you got a car, you will not be able to run far with the loot you get since you will get tired, hungry, and thirsty all the time
Step 7: Find a decent melee weapon (axe, baseball bat, metal pipe, etc) not a knife and go to the nearest bunker.
Step 8: Lock the hoard of zombies in a room if you can or kill them 1 by 1 and always try to dodge their attacks by moving away when they are gonna hit you. Always make sure you have enough stamina to run away if you ♥♥♥♥ up and a world war z type of swarm is coming to you.
Step 9: Get a gun and kill people with it.
Step 10: Profit
Some helpful tips:
-Don’t shoot with an unsuppressed gun unless you know the server has no many people in it (you can check battle metrics and type the server name). Gunshots will make a car or even 2 filled with fully geared bloodthirsty guys go and track you down.
-Shoot the first talk later if you only see only 1 guy, just surrender or hide if you see more than 3 guys with guns and hope they’re nice enough not to kill you (don’t let them tie you if they sound toxic)
-Wear at least a military helmet and vest if you want to fight
-Park far away from the place you want to loot, remember your location on the map, and put a flag blueprint near your car so you can find it later)
-Find a friend to play with or kill a lot and hope a squad will want to invite you in. At least be nice and polite in chat and some squad will eventually invite you.

Written by Urip

This is all about SCUM – Tips for new Players Guide; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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