SCUM – How to Boost FPS Guide

SCUM – How to Boost FPS Guide 1 -
SCUM – How to Boost FPS Guide 1 -

This game (can finally give you decent frames on my) pc. I have just come up with a universal method to give a significant boost in games that support it. They are shown below.


We will use software to apply an ultra-low "Designed Resolution", which then displays a high screen resolution similar to that of our monitor, increasing the fps.

You will need the following:

-LOW SPEC EXPERIENSE FREE: Software with a free licence, optimization of the games from its catalog. It doesn't make any changes to your gpu or computer configuration. You can edit the hidden options in the game file. official download page: – []


Once you are in the optimization software, click on "Optimization Catalog", select the "SCUM" option, then select "STEAM" to click "Load Optimization Package". After that, accept the success dialog. If the optimization software does not automatically locate the game, please indicate the path to install it.


The software will first select "STOCKLOW", then "LOWEST DESIGNED ROOF" and then click on "Execute Optimization" to open the game.


Now the game is opened in the above resolution. We go to the video settings to select the resolution in our game. The optimization likely changed our graphics settings to medium (. This is because we don’t use the premium performance). We changed them to minimum.


Written by ElCabraDemon

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