SCP: Secret Laboratory – Keycards Basic Information & Playthrough

SCP: Secret Laboratory – Keycards Basic Information & Playthrough 1 -
SCP: Secret Laboratory – Keycards Basic Information & Playthrough 1 -

In this guide I am going to tell you simple and basic things about SCP:SL, how to play the different classes, how to survive SCP attacks and more!

What are keycards and what do the different keycards do?

Keycards are essential for SCP:SL, without one you can do almost nothing. Here is what the symbols mean, and the different kinds of cards:
SCP: Secret Laboratory - Keycards Basic Information & Playthrough - What are keycards and what do the different keycards do? - DE492DA
SCP: Secret Laboratory - Keycards Basic Information & Playthrough - What are keycards and what do the different keycards do? - 0FF7DC2
SCP: Secret Laboratory - Keycards Basic Information & Playthrough - What are keycards and what do the different keycards do? - 0FF7DC2

Human Classes

D-Class personnel
First ofc. is when getting out of the spawn room yell “D-Boyssssssssssssssss”, then try to find a key card. You can find them in rooms labeled as WC00 VT00 PC15 etc. trust no one here (especially scientists), most of the time other d-class players are willing to co-operate with you. If you can’t find a card, your best bet is to follow a scientist or a D-Class with a keycard. If you have acquired a card, try to find the room labeled 914, there you should upgrade your card, I’d recommend to use fine most of the time because it is the most reliable, 1:1 is used once and then Fine to get a good card faster but it is really hard to do so with 1000 d-classes tinckering around with the dial and Very Fine has the chance to double upgrade your item or destroy it, do this until you get a 0-5 council card (the black one) so you can access anything. After that its probably already contaminated with a lot of scps so keep an eye out, when moving through corridors try not to have your head directly up, keep it at a downward angle so you can see where to go, if there is anyone in your path and to make sure you don’t anger SCP-096. When you get to Heavy Containment find any of the two gates, if you encounter any facility guards either defend yourself if you have found a weapon or surrender, sometimes its always best to co-operate with the guards, let them know you are friendly/tell them you don’t have a weapon and tell them that you have a 0-5 card, they will most probably detain you and get your card, follow them to the exit and escape, you will turn into MTF and can help them. If you don’t get detained you will become a Chaos Insurgent and most probably get killed instantly.
Allies: Chaos Insurgency
Enemies: Scientists, Facility Guards, MTF, SCPs
You have a keycard which can open 914, try and get yourself a 0-5 council keycard as fast as you can, get armed d-class are prone to killing scientists because most of the time they don’t trust them, it depends, but you have every right to kill them. When getting to heavy and encounter facility guards, they are not allowed to kill you or disarm you, if they do, you will turn into Chaos insurgency. If a Scientist (which hasn’t been disarmed) escapes it counts toward a MTF victory that is why.
Allies: MTF, Facility Guards
Enemies: SCPs, D-Class, Chaos Insurgency
Facility guard
You spawn with a weapon and a keycard, your keycard can be used to open checkpoints but not any of the gates. If you see a d-class DONT KOS (kill on sight), its bannable on most servers and its unethical. If a d-class starts attacking you, you have every right to kill them. Detain d-class, don’t detain scientists, when detaining their items will be dropped, so you can pick them up and if they have a good card take it and lead them to gate A/B. If you see a SCP you are most probably dead if you are not in a group, your gun will probably not do anything to the scp, your best bet is to run and hide.
Allies: MTF, Scientists
Enemies: D-Class, SCPs, Chaos Insurgency|
As a MTF your job is to contain all scps, kill any Chaos Insurgency and save d-class/scientists. Be with the group, don’t split up. You can be either a Cadet, Lieutenant or a Commander, the difference is in gear and keycards, ex. Cadet’s keycard is way less powerful than the Commander’s one. Find D-class, detain them, protect scientists and save anyone you can find basically.
Allies: MTF, Scientists
Enemies: D-Class, SCPs, Chaos Insurgency|
Chaos Insurgency
As chaos you spawn with different gear accourding to your class:

  • Chaos Riflemen: Chaos Insurgents who spawn with an AK and Combat Armor.
  • Chaos Marauder: Chaos Insurgents who spawn with a Shotgun, 44. Revolver, and Combat Armor.
  • Chaos Repressor: Chaos Insurgents who spawn with a Logicer, adrenaline and Heavy Armor.
  • Chaos Conscript: Chaos Insurgents spawn equal to riflemen.

your keycard actually is a Chaos Insurgency Access Device, which can open everything except the warhead. Your job is to kill any mtf/facility guards/scientists or scps, you can actually try and make a deal with the scps to work together. You need to let d-class pass by.
Allies: D-Class
Enemies: MTF, Facility Guards, SCPs (can team), Scientists


SCP-096 (Shy Guy)
With 096 you can attack only when someone looks at you, when they do you gain immence speed and damage and it is probably one of the most powerfull scps, you can descimate a whole group alone. The catch is that if they don’t look at you, you can’t attack and if they do it gets really funny. You can see only the person who looks at you. When you are looked at you can destroy doors by using your attack while being near a door, most of the times its not good to do when there is a computer player in your team, so they can close and open doors, to help you. Try and make a combo with 173, because people either have too look at 173 so it doesnt snap their neck or look down so they don’t look at you, either way they are dead. Play carefully, when your attack mode is over you get a cooldown where you can get killed really easily if you are around a group of armed
SCP-049 (Plague Doctor)
With the plague doctor you are really slow, you kill people instantly by using your attack button, after that you can resurrect them into a zombie (scp-049-2), the more zombies, the better. Try to avoid running into a big group of players alone, because you can’t run away from them that fast. Good strategies are to hide and wait for players and be in a group.
SCP-106 (Larry)
You are really slow but can go through doors, you have the ability to stalk someone (to teleport near them) and kill them. By killing them you are actually sending them to the pocket dimension, where they have the option to be lucky and choose the right exit, decay in it or die by choosing the wrong exit, you have bullet resistance, so you can withstand some damage but don’t get carried out. You can create sink holes which you can use to teleport quickly between one location and another. There is another catch, you can get contained really easily by the players using the femur breaker, it requires a powerful keycard and 2 players, one has to sacrifice themself and the other has to push the button to activate the femur breaker which contains you almost instantly and there is no turning back.
SCP-079 (Computer)
As the computer you can control the whole facility, close/open doors, lock doors, perform a blackout of a room which stops the lights and locks all the doors. This SCP is easy to learn but hard to master, communication is key, both from your side and the other scps’ side. Some things you can do is watch over 914 and the other scps, you can really get a lot of people killed that way. You get contained when all 3 generators around the map get activated by players, only fellow scps and teammates (like chaos etc.) can deactivate them.
SCP-939 (The Dog)
With this SCP you can only see people when they make a noise, players can walk slowly which makes it so you can’t see them, a counter to this is just to click always while moving around the facility, they are still there, you just can’t see them. Another neat characteristic of that SCP is that it can talk to people, that way you can sometimes trick people into letting you into 914 etc., you can also negotiate with Chaos.
SCP-173 (Peanut)
You can only move when you aren’t looked at, and when you can you move really quick, you have a lot of health and health shield to help you, if there is a group of people looking at you you are most of the time dead if you aren’t with teammates. When being looked at, people start blinking after a few seconds, which allows you to teleport and you can snap their neck, killing them instantly. You can also deploy goo (or, well, ♥♥♥♥) on the floor which slows down players who move through it. When a room gets blacked out by SCP-079 you can move freely as long as a player doesn’t have a flashlight. Be careful of groups and work with your teammates, you aren’t that strong alone

How to avoid being killed by SCPs

Don’t. Look. At. Him. As simple as that. If you do and you are in a group of people they will hate you because you and everyone around you will be dead in 2 seconds. If you look at him you are dead, like 99% of the time you will be dead, you can learn to dodge it but its really hard to do so. Avoid at all costs.
You can run away from it easily, it is really slow, if you close doors behind yourself you can easily run away, keep an eye out, they are prone to hiding. If you get killed and turned into a zombie
you just have to suffer.
Run as fast as you can. Closing doors behind you won’t help, Larry can move through them, but do it anyway, it can slow other scps if there are any and when Larry moves through doors he does it
slower than normal so there is a little slow down from that. If you get caught you still have a chance! The exit is random for everyone so seeing someone go through one and survive its most likely not going to be your exit, every time someone escapes the exits get shuffled. The best bet is to do a YOLO and go through one of the various exits (depends on the server), if you stay and don’t do anything you will start to corrode and the more you stay, the greater the damage gets, so make up your mind quickly. You can also dodge him easily, just run around him (if you are in a tight space
or locked down), the player will have a hard time sending you.
If you know there is a dog around KEEP QUIET! Walk slowly by holding your keybind, and walk near the walls, not in the middle of the hallway, because as I said earlier players will click around to have a chance to kill players who are quiet. The dog will catch up to you if you don’t close doors behind you, when it bites you you walk slower and have a blindness effect, the dog will kill you in 1-2 bites. If someone starts running around a dog, still keep quiet and if you get loud run.
If you encounter 173 always have your eyes on it and run backwards! Try to find a group, 173 will get vulnerable. Close doors and turn around for a brief period to run away from it faster, be carefull if you are going to do this 173 can catch up really fast. If a room you are in gets blacked out pull out a flashlight at all costs and shine it at the scp, that way it won’t kill you, if you don’t have one, you are screwed.


There are also different kind of items which give you all different kinds of bonuses.
Medical items:
Adrenaline: Adrenaline will give you a small amount of AHP (health whitch is added to your permanent health aka Artificial HP) and unlimited stamina for a limited amount of time.
Painkillers: They will give you a small regeneration effect.
First Aid Kit: The First Aid Kit will grant you 65HP after a 5 second animation and will remove any negative effects you have.
Normal items
Armor: There are 3 kinds of armor (Light, Combat and Heavy) they give a different amount of protection.
Flashlight: The flashlight can be used during a lockdown to stop SCP-173 from moving. You can also break the glass in VT00 room to get a keycard.
Coin: It is just cosmetic, you can flip it and that’s it.
Radio: A radio allows you to communicate with your teammates between set distance.
SCP items
SCP-108: It is a ball which when you throw will bounce around really fast and destroy doors, and kill players.
SCP-207: It looks like a bottle of Cola and when you drink it you gain infinite sprint and faster speed but at the cost of damage taken over time. You also gain 30HP.
SCP-244: It looks like a vase/urn which when placed on the floor will produce a frost effect and fog which will cover almost the whole room. In the fog the player will see less and take damage.
SCP-268: This is a hat which makes you invicible for around 15 seconds. Don’t forget, if you equip a weapon your invicibility will stop.
SCP-500: This SCP looks like a bottle of pills which will fully heal you, remove any status effects and will grant you regeneration for 10 seconds.
SCP-1853: This SCP looks like a vial with green liquid, when used, it will grant a lot of effects that will help you with accuracy, weapon handling nad movement.
SCP-2176: A green light bulb which you can throw on the ground will cause a effect on the whole room. If the room is normal it will be blacked out. If the room is blacked out however the blackout will end. If the light bulb is thrown in a room with a tesla gate will disable it.

General Tips

  • Always keep an eye out, anything can happen at any time.
  • Always be in a group when it is best and possible.
  • Co-operate with allies.
  • Talk, talking in SCP:SL is essential, communicate with people around, tell them what you saw, what you want, what you have, try and make a friend to be with you while you escape, that is the whole fun
  • of SCP:SL getting into funny situations by just talking, people are weird sometimes!
  • Watch some videos! You can learn a lot, also time is key, the more you play the more you will be able to survive! When I first started, I would live at most for 3 minutes, and the game started getting boring to me, but after some time, I learned about some strategies and “play styles” and got better, now I can easily find a keycard, move through the map and sometimes even escape.
  • You can get a better keycard as a facility guard by looking for a scientist card at the server room, if you find one go to the SCP-096’s Chamber (a small room with a dead MTF Lieutenant and his keycard near his body), open the door and get the card, now you can open gate A or B!
  • Be aware of tesla gates, SCP-079 may be watching over them and can kill you easily!
  • If it still isn’t clear, always close doors behind you while being chased or even while walking around (don’t be a ♥♥♥♥!)
  • If someone tells you to open 914 from behind the door, don’t do it, 9 times out of 10 it is a dog which wants to kill you.
  • Always try to team with Chaos/SCPs while being SCP/Chaos.
  • Elevators can be useful and can get you out of scary situations.



Hope I helped you with your journey in SCP:SL, remember have fun, and talk trash on the intercom!

Written by BoyanAntov

This is all about SCP: Secret Laboratory – Keycards Basic Information & Playthrough; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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