SCP: Pandemic – Dave

SCP: Pandemic – Dave 1 -
SCP: Pandemic – Dave 1 -

How to find Dave and his family


After killing the first group of guards you will proceed to another area that will look like this.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - Dave - F8A4269

You found Dave!

Now go press that button next to the shutter door and go pick his a*s up.
Yes Dave is a cardboard box and wants you to find his family.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - You found Dave! - 1B55E3A

First Child

The room where you reset the power after turning on the 3 valves.
Look under the desk, you’ll find the first child.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - First Child - 309C7A2

After exiting the elevator to enter Site 12

You will cross over on a passageway and will proceed to get in a firefight with some guards.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - After exiting the elevator to enter Site 12 - 70405B2

Watch your 6

You will hear a shutter door open behind you.
Make sure to take out the guards and proceed the same room where those guards were.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - Watch your 6 - 26B29A5

Mommy Milkers

You’ll see Dave’s Wife in the corner happy to be reunited with Dave.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - Mommy Milkers - 844A3AF

Server Room

Eventually you’ll be at the server room where all [REDACTED] ‘s p*rn stash and this facility intel is. Proceed to go straight to the door. Make sure to clear the area of hostiles.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - Server Room - 21C4D24

Second Child

Once you go through the door you’ll see all the shelves with intel. Look around and you’ll will find the other child hiding on one of the shelves.
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - Second Child - 58933F0

Congrats you helped a family in need

Dave is very grateful for your help. To repay for what you did.
Here’s a pic from his ex
SCP: Pandemic - Dave - Congrats you helped a family in need - AF97B58


Written by Xhong Xina

Hope you enjoy the Guide about SCP: Pandemic – Dave, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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