SCP: Labrat – Things Different In This Game

SCP: Labrat – Things Different In This Game 1 -
SCP: Labrat – Things Different In This Game 1 -
A guide on what is different from SCP: Containment Breach



I am a really long time player of SCP:CB and I know all basically all there is to know about shortcuts and stuff like that. So when I started playing I tried to use some, and it didn’t work. This is a guide on those things, and how to make the game easier (Spoilers probably btw) 

Light Containment Zone

This zone is actually the second hardest zone in my opinion, but still pretty easy 
1. when starting the game there is no guard that is escorting a scientist, so you can sprint through (after grabbing the flashlight) 
2. Gonzales (the janitor in the elevator) has a level one card, which you can get instead of the one from the place where SCP-173 kills those scientists, or the infinite hallway (I never saw an infinite hallway in my playthrough though) 
3. SCP-1499 DOES NOT DESPAWN LARRY, (I learned this the hard way) he also stays where you left, so if you put on 1499 and take it off later he will kill you instantly 
4. SCP-372’s room is closed off when you first see it, and the paper in the room is not of 372, it’s of 427. This means you can’t get the code for the Heavy Containment Zone basement skip 
http://5.In Euclid mode, you can save anywhere, making Euclid mode just harder safe mode. (in the og game you have to save on monitors) 

Heavy Containment Zone

Easiest zone in my book 
1. Watch your a*s, because after turning off the lockdown, SCP-049 comes after you. This is a lot like the game, except he tracks you to the end of the earth and CAN OPEN ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ CHECKPOINTS. This is very annoying and I hope it gets patched cus by himself 049 is annoying but now that he somehow can open checkpoints, hes basically fast larry 
2. The Light Containment Zone checkpoint locks behind you permanently. In fact, everything reverts to unactivated after loading a save, basically softlocking you if you load a save in the entrance zone, which happened to me. 
3. SCP-049’s room is completely black, moreso than the actual game. So you NEED either your flashlight or Night Vision or you’re softlocked. (my flashlight disappeared and I had to cheat another one in) 
4. There’s no NVG in SCP-895 
5. You can skip the SCP-096 cutscene because the doors are unlocked 
6. The levers on SCP-035 are unreachable (at least for me) and the door to SCP-500 is a button, giving free acess to the best healer in the game 
7. There is no HAZMAT suit 
8. There is no invisible guys (thank the lord) 
9. SCP-682’s chamber doesn’t require you to have a hand, skipping the annoying stairs 

Entrance Zone

Hardest Zone in the base game, because of MTF. But the easiest zone in this game probably 
1. There is no MTF in this zone 
2. Lights don’t turn off when entering the electrical room 


A lot has changed but most of the main things have stayed true to the game. A lot of things were buggy and as such I couldn’t complete the game. If I were to give feedback to the developer I would say FIX THE GLITCH WHERE LOADING A SAVE MAKES THE LOCKDOWN COME BACK. Anyway thanks for reading! 
P.S. I probably missed some things but if you spot them put it in the comments and I’ll add it 

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Hope you enjoy the Guide about SCP: Labrat – Things Different In This Game, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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