SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer – Detailed information about each SCP

SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer – Detailed information about each SCP 1 -
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer – Detailed information about each SCP 1 -

Learn about all the ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ SCPs! Detailed information about each SCP! 30+ SCPs


🟢 Short explanation 🟢
A prion which causes its victims to turn into zombies.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-008’s containment chamber can be found in the Heavy Containment Zone. Upon entering the chamber, the player will find the canister containing the SCP-008 samples open and releasing gas. SCP-173 will spawn in the control room adjacent to the chamber of the canister.
The canister may be closed, which will stop the gas from flowing; however, SCP-173 will eventually break through the glass in order to kill the player. If the player is not wearing the Hazmat Suit, which can be acquired in the small chamber before 008’s chamber, and has yet to close the canister, they will be wounded by a flying shard of glass, contracting the SCP-008 prion.
The longer the player is infected with SCP-008, the more predominant the red in the player’s vision will become and the louder the auditory hallucinations become.
Eventually, the player will black out, becoming an infected.
SCP-008 and its side-effects can be cured completely by consuming a SCP-500 pill or using SCP-427, with the latter happening over a period of time which increases the more the player has been affected.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-008 - DD0E70C


🟢 Short explanation 🟢
When within range of the composition, forcibly draws the victim towards itself, making them cut their wrist in an attempt to finish it using their own blood.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-012 is located in a containment chamber that requires a level 3 keycard to access. When opened, the player can travel down a flight of stairs and find a control panel.
If the player steps far enough into the containment area, SCP-079 will open the door to SCP-012’s containment room. Unless the player resists it, they will move into the room where SCP-012’s safe has been opened and lowered, and the track “On Mount Golgotha” will play while within the room.
The player will inflict damage to themselves and attempt to finish SCP-012 if they are pulled in to the point where they are standing in front of the object. They will mumble to themselves, proclaiming it to be “impossible to complete”, along with other insane ramblings. If the player does not leave the containment, they will eventually die from blood loss.
The player can fight for control of themselves by walking and looking away from SCP-012, allowing them to flee the chamber. If they have damaged themselves, they will also be bleeding as they leave the room, which will require healing with a first aid kit. The player will begin bleeding from when they get the message “You tear open your left wrist and start writing on the composition with your blood.” onwards. As the player damages themselves more and more, lines will start appearing on SCP-012 and the player will begin laughing manically.
The memetic effects of SCP-012 can be negated by wearing either SCP-714, the heavy gas mask, the super night vision goggles, and heavy hazmat suit. When worn, the player will not harm themselves, ramble, or be drawn to the composition. Even if the player stands in front of the composition, they will not begin damaging themselves.
SCP-035 mentions that if the player “reads between the lines” of SCP-012, it can be used as a map. This however is not true and is simply 035 attempting to get the player killed.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-012 - 55FE091


🟢 Short 🟢
A mask capable of transferring its conscious onto any victim which wears it. In this instance it is worn by a scientist in its containment chamber. Offers the player freedom in exchange for its release
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-035 can be heard requesting for help over the radio, stating that it knows its way around the facility and that it can help the player escape.
SCP-035 can be found in its containment chamber, attached to the face of one of the Foundation’s scientists. When the player enters the control room adjacent to the chamber, SCP-035 will stand up and begin to converse with them. It will pace the room and ask to be released from confinement, stating that if the player opens the door, then it can assist them in escaping the facility. It will also attempt to prove that it’s trustworthy by giving the player the passcode to the storage room containing a few helpful items.
If the player activates the gas valves, SCP-035 will begin coughing and gagging while pleading with them to turn it off. Leaving the gas valves on for a long period of time will cause SCP-035’s host to die.
After a few seconds SCP-035 will re-animate itself and criticize the player for their actions, stating that a Class-D like them would not live to make it out.
If the player opens the chamber door, SCP-035 will tell them one of 3 things depending on the player’s actions. If they release SCP-035 immediately, it will mention that SCP-079 is in control of the facility. If they release it after activating the gas valves but deactivate it before angering SCP-035, it’ll mention that Gate A is the player’s best chance of escape. If they attempt to kill SCP-035 with the gas, it’ll state that SCP-012 is actually a map, which is a false claim.
Once SCP-035 leaves its chamber, the player is able to enter the room. However, hostile tentacles will rise up from the ground inside the chamber and attack the player if they are close enough. If the player is wearing the heavy hazmat suit, however, they will not be harmed.
SCP-035’s host can later be found dead in another location of the facility. If the player approaches the corpse then a tentacle will rise out of it.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-035 - AEC4891


🟢 Short 🟢
Capable of killing a victim with the touch of its hand. Performs surgery on the victim afterwards to turn them into SCP-049-2.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
Once the player enters the monitor hub portion of the surveillance room, SCP-049 will follow shortly after in pursuit, due to SCP-079 reopening all the keycard locked doors. When within range, SCP-049 will extend its arm and attempt to catch the player. It is advised that the player avoid SCP-049 as much as possible. SCP-049 is no faster than the player’s walking speed, but it is very persistent and will not be deterred by Tesla gates. The player’s best hope of escape is to lock SCP-049 behind a security checkpoint, or hide behind a door connected to a junction and sneak away while SCP-049 searches the other rooms.
When traveling through its containment chamber, the area’s power will malfunction, and the lights will go out, forcing the player to manually activate the generator and re-route the elevator’s power to the generator. Upon reaching one of the now-re-activated elevators, SCP-049 will emerge from the elevator that the player gets in close proximity to. The player should quickly run around SCP-049 and escape through the elevator, as it is very easy to become trapped between it and the SCP-049-2 instances.
SCP-049 can also occasionally be seen on the unreachable catwalk in the four-way hallway, although it has no way of reaching the player. In addition to these encounters SCP-049 will randomly patrol the facility and pursue the player should they encounter it.
If SCP-049 manages to gain physical contact with the player, they will fall over and die. If this happens in SCP-049’s containment chamber, a scene then plays out depicting the player, now an instance of SCP-049-2, hobbling towards three Nine-Tailed Fox members. Shortly after, they will start shooting the player, killing them.
If the player is wearing SCP-714 or a Hazmat Suit, SCP-049’s touch will not cause the player to die instantly. However standing in front of SCP-049 for too long (5 seconds for SCP 714, 10 seconds for the hazmat suit) will result in the ring or suit being taken off, making the player vulnerable to SCP-049’s touch.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-049 - 59254C7


🟢 Short 🟢
Produces random effects and behaviors with no visible pattern. Often says “Eric?” when within range of a subject.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-066 can be encountered in the proximity of the cafeteria, scurrying across the floor. When it sees the player, it will begin scurrying towards them, produce a random sound, then scurry away. SCP-066 will also open and close doors around it.
On occasion, SCP-066 will play Beethoven’s Second Symphony at a loud enough amplitude that can temporarily deafen the player. After a short while their hearing will come back.
Besides producing sounds, SCP-066 can crack the floor around it, as well as dimming the lights. It will also cure any effects from SCP-966.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-066 - B51C83A


🟢 Short 🟢
Creates loud blaring sounds when near CCTV monitors. Attempts to halt the player’s progress through varied means.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-079 can be found in its containment chamber. The chamber itself cannot fully be explored until the player has disabled the remote door control system in the electrical center. In the far side of the chamber is a gated off cell that holds the Exidy Sorcerer that SCP-079 runs on.
If the player approaches the cell, SCP-079 will appear on the monitor and engage in a short one-sided conversation with the player. It is revealed here that SCP-079 has in fact taken control over the facility via the door remote console, and that it is the reason the breach initially took place. It also reveals that in disabling the door control system, D-9341 has limited SCP-079’s operations, rendering it almost impotent without so. Here, it proposes a compromise with the player to give them access to Gate B, in return of re-enabling the door control system, allowing it to do so. Once the player re-activates the remote door control system, SCP-079 will open the blast door to the exit.
After SCP-079 makes its proposal, it will display an “X” on its screen and will not talk to the player until the door control system is re-enabled.
While the remote door control system is on, SCP-079 will sometimes open and close doors, indicated by a certain high-pitched whine that plays. This can be inconvenient and sometimes hazardous if the player is trying to elude a hostile SCP. SCP-079 will also open the door to SCP-012’s containment chamber when the player approaches it in an attempt to kill them. If the player enters the large testing chamber and attempts to pick up SCP-682’s document in the center of the chamber, SCP-079 will release gas from the ceiling and say via intercom, “You’re not getting out.”. SCP-079 will also open the doors to Dr. L.’s Office when the player approaches it.
SCP-079 can momentarily flash on any CCTV monitor in the facility. It will also display SCP-895’s camera feed on any monitor at random points throughout the game. The only way to stop this is for the player to turn off the feed in the control room of SCP-895’s containment chamber.
SCP-079 can also be heard over the facility intercom at random times, occasionally muttering nonsensical vocalizations in a threatening manner. It should be noted that these extortions can be heard before the breach as well.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-079 - D22E3A9


🟢Short 🟢
Will chase down and devour any victim who views its face.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
When docile, SCP-096 will passively approach and follow the player. If the player ever views SCP-096’s face, it will enter an agitated state and will begin to cover its face and panic. Shortly after, it will start chasing the player down to kill them.
SCP-096 is extremely fast and cannot be deterred by doors or elevators, regardless of whether or not they are locked, as it will rip them open to catch up to the player. Once it catches the player, it’ll tear apart their limbs and devour them. Death is unavoidable once SCP-096 is triggered.
When not triggered, SCP-096 will randomly wander around various rooms in the Heavy Containment Zone. Specifically, it can spawn in the following rooms:
All metal corridor variations with the exception of the corner variant.
Grated Hallway
Gas Catwalk
Three-Way Gas Catwalk
SCP-096 also appears in the small server room where it brutally kills a guard that accidentally viewed its face. The player has to reset the power so they may escape from the room, due to the doors becoming locked after entering the control room. SCP-096 itself will wander around the room, making it difficult to avoid looking at its face.
SCP-096 can also spawn in a lockroom, where it will be sitting down in the center of the room around several blood splatters. It is easy to avoid SCP-096 in this room since the player can just walk around its back to reach the next room.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-096 - 1801020


🟢Short 🟢
Capable of traversing through solid matter. Catches victims and takes them to its Pocket Dimension.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-106 is a mobile threat, and appears quite often. It can spawn at any time near the player (either from the floor or from the ceiling). Once SCP-106 has spotted the player, it will immediately begin to pursue them. SCP-106 is difficult to deter, due to it being able to phase through doors, with the only way to shake it off being to wait out its pursuit for an amount of time or trick it into walking into a Tesla gate, stunning it and causing it to retreat. Should the player wander too far from SCP-106, it will teleport closer to them. If the player attempts to pause the game while being chased by SCP-106, the game will quickly unpause with the message “STOP HIDING”.
If SCP-106 manages to catch the player, it will take them to its Pocket Dimension. At the first intersection, SCP-106 will wander around this room in a counter-clockwise pattern through the walls of the hallways. Physical contact with it in this dimension results in instant death. After it performs 3 full rotations around the map it’ll head straight towards the player if they are still in the intersection.
SCP-106 appears again in the pillar area. SCP-106 will be floating upside-down a few pillars away and will teleport to adjacent pillars, coming closer to the player. Every time SCP-106 teleports, the player is forced to blink.
In the throne room, SCP-106 will be perched atop a large throne-like column. The player is only able to see its eyes and upon approaching the throne, the camera is forced up in its direction. Staying too long in the room will cause a deep voice (possibly that of SCP-106) to tell the player to kneel.
SCP-106 can also spawn in events, such as in the Maintenance Tunnels, in front of SCP-895, or when it captures a janitor in an end room. It can also be seen traversing across the grated hallway and the T-shaped hallway where it drops a dead scientist from the ceiling.
In the T-shaped hallway or the four-way hallway, the player can occasionally find a large sinkhole in the center of the room. Walking into the center of it will cause the player to sink into it and be teleported to the Pocket Dimension.
SCP-106 appears at the Gate A ending, attempting to escape when it is effectively halted with the H.I.D. Turret, causing it to retreat to its pocket dimension. However, If SCP-106 is contained by the player beforehand, this cutscene will not occur and the player will unlock the alternate Gate A ending.
Judging by the corrosion found in Dr. Maynard’s room and the fact that the player can find his security code note in the pocket dimension, it is presumed that Maynard was taken by SCP-106.
Dr. L.’s notes reveal that he was being tormented by SCP-106 and begun to go insane because of it. Entering his office will reveal that the room is completely corroded in moss stone similar to that of the Pocket Dimension.
SCP-106 can be detected using an S-NAV Ultimate, even if the corrosion sound is not heard.
WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.
At some point before the game’s events, Agent Skinner (whom is actually a Chaos Insurgency operative) allowed SCP-106 to breach containment. This in turn allowed Dr. Maynard to enter SCP-079’s containment chamber unnoticed as the site was busy dealing with SCP-106’s breach.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-106 - 84FAD2B


🟢 Short 🟢
Can be combined with the gas mask, ballistic vest or hazmat suit via SCP-914 in order to create heavy variants of each equipment.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
A portion of SCP-148 in the shape of a metal panel can be found in SCP-035’s containment chamber. Upon putting it through SCP-914 on the “Coarse” or “Rough” setting, it becomes an ingot. Upon putting said ingot through SCP-914 on the “Fine” or “Very Fine” setting along with the gas mask or hazmat suit, a Heavy variant of the respective items is created. This variant grants immunity to SCP-012’s effects. The hazmat suit variant grants immunity to anything inside of SCP-035’s containment chamber.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-148 - 6F24FA5


🟢 Short 🟢
Capable of moving at high speeds when not in direct line of sight. Snaps victims’ necks.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-173 is the first SCP object that the player encounters. At the start of the game, D-9341 is taken from his cell along with two other class-Ds to perform testing on SCP-173. However, during the testing, the site undergoes a power failure, allowing SCP-173 to kill the two class-Ds and a guard before escaping into the ventilation system.
Once the containment breach has started, SCP-173 first appears in the office connected to its containment area. Security Chief Franklin can be seen warning Agent Ulgrin about SCP-173 being behind him. Ulgrin will then turn around and start backing out of the room while they both continue to stare at SCP-173. Once they leave the room, a brief blackout will occur, allowing SCP-173 to escape.
Throughout the game, SCP-173 will follow and attempt to kill the player. If the player does not blink or look away from it, SCP-173 cannot move. If the player breaks eye contact, SCP-173 will either move significantly closer to them or open any doors that are blocking its way. Its movement can be noticed by the stone scraping sounds it makes while travelling.
SCP-173 can spawn in any room of the facility. It commonly appears in lockrooms, gas catwalks, server farms, the small testing room, and sometimes in the metal corridors. Rooms that it can suddenly appear in typically have a broken ventilation shaft cover in the room.
SCP-173 will also appear in the storeroom. As soon as the lights in said room go out, SCP-173 will break through the vent and kill a scientist and a janitor discussing escape routes.
If the MTF operatives encounter SCP-173, they will proceed to prioritize re-containing it, ignoring the player if present unless approached directly. When an operative needs to blink, they will announce it before doing so in order to prevent SCP-173 from moving. The operatives will then use a containment box to capture SCP-173 and return it to its containment chamber.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-173 - C660F7F


🟢 Short 🟢
Two flood lamps that cast the shadow and events of a woman leading up to her death.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
The SCP-205 pair can be found inside their containment chamber, facing and illuminating a projector screen. A shadow of a woman is cast on the wall, displaying her in various suggestive poses. Eventually the image will change to display horned male figures idly standing around. Shortly after the figures will begin to attack the shadow woman until she dies.
Upon any of the male figures appearing, the door to the chamber will open. Once the player enters the room all three figures will appear and stare at the player, followed by the doors closing and the lamps turning off. After the lights go out the figures will turn invisible and begin attacking the player until they die.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-205 - 975DD25


🟢 Short 🟢
Grants the subject a cup of anything they desire.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-294 is located in the cafeteria at the far end next to a sign telling personnel that only personnel with a 2 or higher security clearance are allowed to use it and that non-human consumable beverages are forbidden. After the player has deposited two Quarters into SCP-294, balancing out to the required 50 cents, they will be brought to the panel, allowing them to type the cup they desire.
All of the cups are loaded from Data/SCP-294.ini, which allows users to create their own cups [Tutorial]. If the player attempts to choose a cup which doesn’t exist in the .ini file, SCP-294 will display the message “OUT OF RANGE”.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-294 - 479FC0B


🟢 Short 🟢
Capable of only being seen by subjects in their peripheral vision.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
Upon entering SCP-372’s containment chamber, a rustling sound is heard, meaning that SCP-372 has started to stalk the player. By turning very quickly or blinking rapidly, the player, on occasion, can see SCP-372 out of the corner of their view. SCP-372 sometimes makes noises while stalking the player throughout the game.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-372 - 6FEDA99


🟢 Short 🟢
Heals wounds, but also transforms the subject into a shapeless mass of flesh after keeping it equipped for a long time.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-427 is obtained by putting a pill of SCP-500 into SCP-914 on the “Fine” setting. When the locket is opened, it will slowly heal the player of any injuries or blood loss they’ve sustained, as well as slowly cure them of SCP-008’s infection. However, if the player keeps the locket opened for too long (7 minutes specifically) then they will become an instance of SCP-427-1, killing them. The amount of time the locket is opened does not need to be consecutive; opening and closing the locket will not reset the amount of time necessary to turn the player into SCP-427-1.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-427 - 6D8E7C5


🟢 Short 🟢
Heals wounds, SCP-008, and symptoms gained from SCP-1025.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-500 pills can be found on the shelves of the small storage space in the Maintenance Tunnels and in the storage room inside SCP-035’s containment chamber. SCP-500 can cure SCP-008, illnesses caused by SCP-1025 and SCP-966’s effect.
Placing an SCP-500 pill into SCP-914 on the “Fine” setting produces SCP-427.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-500 - BB3DC41


🟢 Short 🟢
A bell that when rung will trigger SCP-513-1.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-513 can be found in its containment chamber inside a protective gelatin, which is halfway melted.
If the player picks up SCP-513, it can be rung by double-clicking it in the inventory. After this, the player will begin seeing SCP-513-1.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-513 - D419E95
After the player rings SCP-513, SCP-513-1 will start stalking the player. The sound of loud breathing can be heard and SCP-513-1 will occasionally be seen in the player’s peripheral vision. Attempting to get closer to SCP-513-1 will result in it vanishing. The only way to get rid of SCP-513-1 is to destroy SCP-513 by processing it through SCP-914. Upon destruction, the loud breathing will cease.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-513 - 8270355


🟢 Short 🟢
Can be heard roaring throughout the facility.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-682 can be heard within the Site, roaring loudly, followed by gunfire, continued roars and heavy thrashing, which causes the facility to briefly shake.
WARNING: The following may contain spoilers about the game.
SCP-682 appears physically as it and the player both reach Gate B. SCP-682 is seen throwing a limb up into the air and destroying an attack helicopter along with presumably several APCs (a large vehicle can be heard rolling up before 682 begins its rampage) and other armed forces, as well as destroying the blast doors and area around the main exit.
After the security forces at Gate B fail to impede SCP-682’s escape, the Alpha Warheads are authorized to be engaged and are set off (depending on if the player had deactivated them previously).
Once the nuclear blast has settled, several recovery helicopters are dispatched to find possible remains. None are found, and a radio operative from helicopter dubbed OH-6 requests the deployment of an MTF unit to scout for remains at ground zero. However, the transmission is cut-off mid-sentence as a large growl is heard, indicating that the nuclear blast was unsuccessful in destroying SCP-682.
Spoilers end here.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-682 - F82A71C


🟢 Short 🟢
Increases exhaustion whilst increasing resilience to anomalous effects.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-714 can be found in a storage chamber along with SCP-860 and SCP-1025. The player must have a key card of at least level 3 or higher in order to enter its room.
When worn, the ring will reduce the player’s sprint bar considerably (down to two), which can cause difficulty if attempting to escape certain hazards. The ring can be taken off, though, and effects are not permanent. In exchange for the lowered stamina, SCP-714 will provide defense against a number of hazards, including SCP-049’s lethal touch, SCP-895’s camera feed, any “diseases” that would’ve been obtained by reading SCP-1025, SCP-1123’s hallucinations and SCP-012’s mind-affecting properties.
Using SCP-420-J while wearing SCP-714 will have no effect, and causes a piece of text on the bottom of the screen to appear, reading: “DUDE WTF THIS ♥♥♥♥ DOESN’T EVEN WORK”.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-714 - C2DE804


🟢 Short 🟢
Unlocks and causes any door to open into SCP-860-1.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
Upon being brought into SCP-860-1, the player will be faced with a dirt path in front of them. The path itself is linear with a few forks in the road along the way, with one of the paths leading to a dead end. Several notes left by Izumi Junko can be found along the trail. In addition, she can occasionally be seen in SCP-860-1, peering at the player with glowing yellow eyes from behind the trees.
Eventually the player will reach the other door, but SCP-860-2 will constantly be stalking them throughout the entire area, so it is advised that the player keep an eye out for it.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-860 - A3EEBD6
SCP-860-2 will stalk the player throughout the forest. It can occasionally be seen watching them through the trees. If the player tries to approach 860-2 while it is docile, it will dash away back into the forest.
If the player takes too long to maneuver through the forest, SCP-860-2 will jump out from the trees and onto the path to chase the player and try to kill them. It runs faster than the player and can kill them in one strike, so it is almost impossible to avoid SCP-860-2 once it is agitated.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-860 - E0F14A5


🟢 Short 🟢
Causes electronic equipment to malfunction. Victims within range of said equipment can die due to auditory or visual feeds.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-895’s chamber can be accessed using a level 2 keycard. The containment has a control room with a small CCTV monitor. Upon entering the control room, the player’s head will be drawn towards the monitor. If the player views the monitor long enough, it will cause several disturbing pictures to flash on the screen, and will eventually kill the player. The player can, however, at any time move their head away from the screen, even when the hallucinations begin.
A spiral flight of stairs leads down to a short hallway that leads to the room holding SCP-895 itself. If the player approaches it, SCP-106 will spawn before the coffin and will proceed to pursue the player. Additionally, if the player approaches SCP-895 while wearing a pair of night vision goggles, the hallucinations seen through 895’s feed will appear within the goggles, also killing the player should they not remove them quick enough. Goggles upgraded through SCP-914 can resist these effects however. Wearing SCP-714 will nullify all of SCP-895’s effects.
SCP-079 can display SCP-895’s camera feed on any CCTV monitor at random points throughout the game. The only way to stop this is for the player to turn off the feed in the control room of SCP-895’s containment chamber.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-895 - B9C223A


🟢 Short 🟢
Refines items.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-914’s chamber requires a level 2 keycard to access. Much of the chamber is taken up by SCP-914 itself. The player can drop items inside SCP-914’s ‘Intake’ booth by going inside the booth, then dragging an object out of any inventory slots. The player can then turn the upper knob on the panel to select any of 5 different settings.
When finished with selecting a setting, the player can turn the key on the lower section of the front panel to begin the refining process, with the objects appearing in the ‘Output’ booth after a brief period of time. However, if the player leaves the containment chamber before an item has finished refining, the booths will remain closed until the player re-enters the chamber.
Each setting will affect the outcome of each item placed into SCP-914. The effect of each of SCP-914’s settings are described below;
Often dismantles and destroys items.
Dismantles items into more refined parts.
Gives an item of at least nearly equal use and function. Some properties may be slightly altered.
Refines items and usually improves it with an anomalous feature.
“Very Fine”
Usually gives a heavily anomalous version of items. Some items can be deadly, while some may be more useful than their default or “Fine” counterparts.
By quickly turning the key and sprinting into the ‘Intake’ booth, the player can be affected by SCP-914.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-914 - 58D0C43


🟢 Short 🟢
Humanoid entities that are only visible when using the night vision goggles
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-966 instances can be found in their containment chamber and in the maintenance tunnels. They are only able to be seen when the player is wearing a pair of night vision goggles, although their sounds can still be heard when nearby regardless and the player is still able to collide with the instances. If the player approaches an instance without wearing the goggles, a message will be displayed, reading:
“You feel something breathing right next to you.”
“It feels like something’s in this room with me.”
“You feel like something is here with you, but you do not see anything.”
“Is my mind playing tricks on me or is there someone else here?”
“You feel like something is following you.”
“You can feel something near you, but you are unable to see it. Perhaps its time is now.”
The instances will idly walk around the facility. Should the player approach an instance, it will look up at them and begin emitting sounds. This is signified by the player’s vision becoming blurred for a few seconds. Afterwards the player’s stamina will slowly begin decreasing.
Should the player remain close to an instance for a period of time after the sound is emitted, they will pursue and attack the player, opening any doors they approach. The instances, however, are slow and easy to evade, although they may prove difficult to avoid should the player not have night vision goggles.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-966 - 7421A88


🟢 Short 🟢
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-990 appears in the “CWM” loading screen, where he will talk to the player as if they were dreaming. Instead of an excerpt from 990’s article, vague messages and tips with random characters will appear.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-990 - B2ADF39


🟢 Short 🟢
Causes the victim to begin exhibiting the symptoms of any disease they read.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-1025 can be found in a storage chamber along with SCP-714 and SCP-860. If The Player decides to read SCP-1025, a random page will be selected and the player will receive any of the following:
Appendicitis: Displays the messages “Your stomach is aching” and “The pain in your stomach is getting unbearable” after a prolonged period of time; will significantly lower the rate of stamina regeneration after this happens.
Asthma: Coughing at intervals proportional to the player’s remaining stamina; lowers the player’s speed proportional to the player’s remaining stamina.
Cardiac Arrest: Increases heart beat frequency, eventually leading to death.
Chickenpox: The message “Your skin is feeling itchy” is displayed at random intervals.
Common Cold: Coughing at random intervals; significantly lower the rate of stamina regeneration
Lung Cancer: Coughing at random intervals; lowers the rate of stamina regeneration.
There are a number of ways to negate SCP-1025’s effects; an upgraded Gas Mask can negate the effects of lung cancer and the common cold, but not cure them. SCP-500 is capable of curing all symptoms. If the player is wearing SCP-714, then they won’t develop any of the symptoms. However, applying the ring after reading the page will not cure the effects or prevent them from happening.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-1025 - B153AE7


🟢 Short 🟢
A teddy bear that roams the facility.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-1048 can be found wandering aimlessly around the large testing chamber. It can also occasionally be seen dancing on a desk inside the observatory room of the checkpoint rooms. If the player looks away from it and then looks back, it will be gone.
SCP-1048 can also be encountered in the three-way gas catwalk, making drawings with a pen and paper. If the player walks up to it, it will hold up a drawing that it made, which the player can then pick up. Each drawing represents D-9341 in some form of peril. As soon as the player picks up the drawing SCP-1048 will disappear.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-1048 - 3362EB7
SCP-1048-A can sometimes be encountered in the two-way hallway. If the player approaches it, it will begin screeching, causing the player’s vision to blur and shake. If the player remains close to SCP-1048-A for too long, ear-like growths begin to form all over their body, causing them to suffocate.
It is advised that the player runs quickly through the room or avoid any that SCP-1048-A is roaming in and seek an alternate route. If the player manages to get past it without dying, it will despawn. It is, however, possible to have multiple rooms occupied by SCP-1048-A in a single game.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-1048 - 00DD1D9


🟢 Short 🟢
If touched the victim will enter a dissociative fugue, psychogenic state and adopt the identity and memories of a random human being.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-1123 can be found inside of its containment chamber. When the player attempts to pick it up, they will adopt the identity of what can be assumed to be a PoW inside a Nazi concentration camp, during World War II.
The first scenario the player witnesses is them being inside a prison cell similar to the Class-D cells, albeit with concrete walls and a wooden door. A propaganda leaflet can be found on the bed, presumably after having been sneaked in by the PoW. After a short period of time, a Nazi officer will open the door and order the player to step out of the cell. Upon leaving the cell, the player will be taken back to SCP-1123’s containment chamber, ending the first scenario.
The second scenario is triggered by attempting to leave the chamber, as the door will instead lead the player to a series of hallways, with the same concrete lining the walls. Eventually the player will come across a closed wooden door. Opening it will reveal the officer, who will abruptly turn around and aim his Luger at the player. They will then be taken back to the hallway outside SCP-1123’s chamber.
After a few seconds the player will be taken back to the scenario, only this time the player is lying on the floor in a pool of blood. The officer (who presumably was the one to critically wound the player) will be standing over the player, taunting them. He will then shoot and kill them, making the screen go white. The player will then be transported back to the hallway outside SCP-1123’s chamber, ending the final scenario.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-1123 - F73B811


🟢 Short 🟢
If reached in to, the subject can retrieve various items.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
When the player interacts with SCP-1162, it will manifest a random item, whilst taking a pre-existing item in their inventory. Should the player have no items in their inventory when interacting with SCP-1162, it will instead take the player’s right lung, causing them to bleed out for a minute before dying.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-1162 - 83FB604


🟢 Short 🟢
If worn the subject will be teleported to a different dimension.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-1499 can be found inside a wooden box in its containment chamber.
Upon equipping SCP-1499, the player will be transported to the landscape. Removing the gas mask will return the player to the location where they initially equipped it, regardless of how far they travel in the landscape. However, any damage inflicted to the player by an SCP-1499-1 instance will linger once SCP-1499 is removed. Equipping the gas mask also allows the player to hide from any roaming hazards that may have been near them inside the facility.
The landscape primarily consists of large, black stone structures that are either grounded or suspended in mid-air. The player will initially start off outside what appears to be a church, where they can enter it and and find an audience of SCP-1499-1 instances. Another instance can be seen on a balcony overlooking the audience. If the player lingers for too long, the audience will face the player and the rest will chase him. The player may also wander the landscape, and small groups of SCP-1499-1 can be found.
Putting SCP-1499 through SCP-914 on “1:1” will refine it into a standard gas mask. Refining SCP-1499 on “Fine” grants the player infinite sprint when traveling inside the dimension, and “Very Fine” refines the gas mask into a hostile SCP-1499-1 instance.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-1499 - 64D743F
SCP-1499-1 instances appear all over SCP-1499’s landscape. They will begin wandering aimlessly around the dimension, occasionally stopping to stroke their head.
Once the player come into close proximity with a mobile SCP-1499-1 instance, it will begin moving away from them. If the player approaches a stationary one, it, along with every other instance in the landscape, becomes agitated and starts pursuing the player. Making any further physical contact with an instance will result in them slashing at the player.
Once SCP-1499 is unequipped, all SCP-1499-1 instances will disappear.
It is possible to create SCP-1499-1 instances outside of SCP-1499’s dimension by running SCP-1499 through SCP-914 on the “Very Fine” setting. Instances created in this way will immediately become hostile and pursue the player.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-1499 - 0ED748C


🟢 Short 🟢
High intensity narcotic. Stops blood loss and nausea.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-420-J, known as “The Best ████ in the World”, is a Safe-class joke object that can be found in the head office, which requires a level 4 or higher keycard to enter. Two joints of SCP-420-J can be found on the table in the room along with a document and a readable screen in the room. Entitled “Some SCP-420-J”, using the item will cause the file Mandeville.ogg to play, a slight “blur” when the player moves, and a text to appear at the bottom of the screen saying, “MAN DATS SUM GOOD A*S ♥♥♥♥”, presumably said by the player. If the player is wearing SCP-714, SCP-420-J will have no effect prompting the text to appear as, “DUDE WTF THIS ♥♥♥♥ DOESN’T EVEN WORK”. SCP-420-J can also cure the nausea brought on by the strange bottle and heal injuries.
Putting SCP-420-J through SCP-914 will give the player a number of alternates from it, the exact form depending on which setting that SCP-914 is turned to. Putting SCP-914 on “1:1” will result in a cigarette, which will disappear when used and cause one of a few different messages to appear. Putting it on “Fine” will result in a joint and “Very Fine” will result in a smelly joint, and, if either is consumed, it will kill the player. A message is also shown that reads, “UH WHERE… WHAT WAS I DOING AGAIN… MAN I NEED TO TAKE A NAP…”.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-420-J - 82F3DF3


🟢 Short 🟢
A face which manifests in toilets.
🟠 Detailed 🟠
SCP-789-J, entitled the “the butt ghost!!” on the Foundation Wiki, is a Safe-class joke SCP object. The player can encounter SCP-789-J by entering the WC room. Going near a toilet will cause a sound file to play, saying, “I am the Butt Ghost. I will eat your butt!”. It serves no other purpose than comic relief.
“I am the Butt Ghost. I will eat your butt!”
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - SCP-789-J - 934D332

Anomalous Ducks

Anomalous Ducks are easter egg objects that can be found scattered here and there throughout the game. One duck appears in the two-level office, which will teleport when the player blinks, usually to three or four different places around the room.
Another duck can be found when entering the three-way gas catwalk. It looks similar to the first duck, except for the fact that this duck has a saxophone on its side. When the player is not looking at it, the duck will play a random collection of off-beat notes produced by a saxophone if the player is still in the same room. When the player looks at the duck while it is playing the saxophone, it will stop playing until the player looks away again.
The last duck can be found in the server farm, where it rotates toward the player after they blink and levitates off the ground for a couple of seconds randomly. This duck is most notable because it is a color of white instead of yellow like the other two.
SCP: Containment Breach Multiplayer - Detailed information about each SCP - Anomalous Ducks - 86F82E1

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