Scavengers – The best settings for Scavengers ( May 2021)

Scavengers – The best settings for Scavengers ( May 2021) 1 -
Scavengers – The best settings for Scavengers ( May 2021) 1 -
Regardless of your gameplan, you’ll always want to play under the most optimal conditions to ensure that you can bring your A-game to every Scavengers match.



While almost all developers strive to keep their games in top shape, it’s the competition that drives them to be better everyday. Updates of rival games or new features that are discovered by competitors are all reasons to keep pushing forward in terms of developing and maintaining a game. 
As of today, the battle royale genre has a new competitor in the shape of Scavengers. Developed by Midwinder Entertainment, Scavengers is looking to shake up the genre by introducing a PvE element to the already successful formula of battle royales. 
Scavengers matches are point based and players will be able to collect points from defeating NPCs and collecting resources. You’ll still have the option to get in fights with other squads in the game but it may not always be the most feasible action in a match. 
Regardless of your gameplan, you’ll always want to play under the most optimal conditions to ensure that you can bring your A-game to every Scavengers match. Scavengers will look a lot better when you max out all the visual settings in the game, but you’ll need to find a decent balance between performance quality to increase your competitive advantage. 

Steam Properties

Go in to your Steam Library -> Scavengers -> Right click -> Properties -> Steam launch option 
Paste this in launch option 
MaxMem=XXXX indicates how much ram you have, so if you have 24GB ram then you would put in 24576, 16GB = 16384 , 32GB = 32768, … 


Window Mode: Full screen 

  • While playing on windowed mode can look convenient at first since it makes alt tabbing easier, it is far from being the most optimal way. When you start playing your favorite game in window mode, you’ll also be rendering your desktop. This’ll put additional strain on your pc and may even cost you a couple of frames in the process.

Resolution: 1920Ă—1080 or your monitor’s native resolution 

  • The 1080p resolution is considered as the golden standard of both gaming and content consumption. Generally speaking, a 1080p resolution will be enough to retain your competitive edge in Scavengers but you can also experiment with other values that your monitor natively supports.

Resolution Scaling: Disabled 

  • If your PC isn’t struggling when it comes to hitting frames higher 60 then you won’t need to turn on this option.

Custom Resolution Scale: 100 percent 
VSync: Disabled 

  • VSync works wonders when it comes to reducing tearing, but it adds a little bit of input lag into the equation. Considering you’ll want to increase your competitive advantage by adjusting your settings in the most optimal way possible, VSync will be one of those settings that you’ll just need to turn off for the greater good.

DLSS: Off 


Quality Preset: Custom 
View Distance: Medium 

  • Though setting your View Distance to its highest available option can look like a no-brainer, it can have its drawbacks. When you maximize the View Distance setting, you’ll start rendering objectives that too far away from you to be relevant. The Medium option looks to be the best alternative when it comes to offering best of both worlds, but you can also try out Low if you’re struggling to average high frames.

Anti-Aliasing: Low 

  • Anti-Aliasing makes games quite more pleasant to look at while making it slightly easier to land headshots since it smoothen the edge of corners.The cons outweigh the pros on this one, however, and the advantages you’ll get by turning Anti-Aliasing will be just fall behind the competitive advantage you’ll get from more frames.

Post Processing: Low 

  • Amongst all the visual settings in Scavengers, Post Processing makes the most difference when it comes determining how the game looks. Increasing it will make your game look considerably vibrant while also introducing some eye-candy effects. It’s also one of those settings that’ll increase your frames the most once turned off, so keeping it on Low will be the most feasible way to go if you’re looking to maximize your performance.

Shadows: Low 

  • Shadows are an important part of almost all shooter games since they can help you locate an enemy without giving away your own positing. Setting Shadows at low will be more than enough the retain the competitive advantage of the feature while still retaining your frame rates.

Textures: High 

  • When it comes to raw performance, there isn’t much of a difference between setting Textures to High or Low. You should average the same number of frames while playing, but you can consider setting this to low if you’re gaming on an entry-level PC.

Effects: Low 

  • Effects can look awesome, but it doesn’t change the fact that they use way too many particles which can cause your frames to drop. Setting Effects to low will be the key to survive crowded battles since you won’t drop that many frames when something graphically intensive starts happening.

Foliage: Low 

  • The quality of plants and grass in Scavengers may not be on a competitive player’s checklist. You won’t have time to look around and breathe in the atmosphere in hectic matches, meaning you won’t be losing a lot by keeping it a Low.



DirectX version: DX11 
For those still struggling to get a smooth frame-rate, updating to the most recent Nvidia driver and trying DLSS could work well. Lowering Anti-Aliasing will also result in a couple of frames gained. Those with graphics cards equipped with less memory will want to try lowering the Textures settings. 
As a last resort, using Resolution Scaling to lower the resolution below native will result in higher FPS. However, the game image will begin to get blurry. 

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Written by N-OA

This is all about Scavengers – The best settings for Scavengers ( May 2021); I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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