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Scavengers – Research Guide 1 -
Scavengers – Research Guide 1 -
Basics of research and how to unlock new items and research tiers



Scavengers - Research Guide - HOW RESEARCH WORKS 
Researching allows you to unlock new weapons, talents, and crafting options. 
To research, you need materials, which are found by collecting salvage. 
Salvage can be collected during matches as items like the Outlander Hoard, Flash Frozen Carca*s or Scourge Bioma*s. You can only carry one of these at a time during a match, and you only keep it if your team manages to extract at the end of the game. You can also receive it as a reward for leveling up or match placement. 
To open it, go to Research> Salvage and click Deconstruct. You’ll get 5 semi-random resources from each salvage item. Each salvage type can drop different resources. 
Scavengers - Research Guide 
Resources come in 5 tiers. You will only get items from tiers you’ve unlocked – more on that in Upgrading Research Tiers. 
To research items, choose the category you want from the Projects list on the right hand side, then select an item you want to research. 
Scavengers - Research Guide 
On the right hand side, you’ll see the items you need to research it. 
All research takes a certain length of time, Power, and Resources/Components. 
You can complete research early by spending credits. The number of credits it takes to research an item decreases as time progresses. Power recharges at a rate of 5 energy per minute, and you increase your Power cap by leveling up. 


If you don’t have the right parts, you can craft them through the resources screen. 
Scavengers - Research Guide 
You can right click a material to break it down into Nanites, that can be spent to make any material you’ve unlocked. 
Tier 1 materials give 10 Nanites on disa*sembly, and Tier 2 mats give 50. 
The resources screen also has a Components tab. You sometimes get these items through salvage, but more commonly you’ll craft them out of materials. You can also break components down into the matierals that they’re made of – unlike disa*sembling materials, there’s no loss from breaking down components. 
Scavengers - Research Guide 


The top of the research screen holds the research stations. Researching new tiers makes new and more powerful research options available to you, and also opens up new research stations, allowing you to research multiple items at once. 
Scavengers - Research Guide 
To unlock new research tiers, click on a tier station you haven’t unlocked. You’ll see you must first complete a number of research projects – 4 for Tier 2, 10 for Tier 3 and so on. These are *cumulative*, so once you’ve unlocked Tier 2 you only need to complete 6 more to unlock Tier 3. 
You also need to spend Power and materials to unlock higher Tiers. 
If I’m missing anything important or you have other questions please let me know! 

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