Scavengers – How to Research New Equipment

Scavengers – How to Research New Equipment 1 -
Scavengers – How to Research New Equipment 1 -
There are a host of different ways for players to improve their abilities in Scavengers. This guide shows players how to research new items.



Exploring and succeeding in the world of Scavengers will require players to stay on their toes at all times as they prepare themselves to fight against a host of enemies and other players. The player’s skills in the game will be the line between life and death, so being prepared is a must. One of the most important aspects though is always having the best possible equipment on hand. 
In order to ensure this players will have to spend a considerable amount of time in the menu researching different items and weapons. Once something has been researched the player will then be able to craft in the middle of a match. Researching isn’t exactly well explained to the player at this time though, and it can be slightly confusing to figure out all of the mechanics that it involves. This guide shows players how to research equipment. 
There are several different things that go into research in this game. The player will have to manage their power system, understand what salvage and materials are used for, and then figure out how research tiers operate. Each of these mechanics are very important for research overall. 
Scavengers - How to Research New Equipment 

Power System

Scavengers - How to Research New Equipment - Power System 
The power system is the first thing that players have to understand before trying to research new items in the game. In the top right of their menu screen, the player will see a green battery bar. This shows how much power the player currently has, and each piece of research will require that the player spend a minimum amount of power. Power will regenerate over time at a very small rate and it has a maximum limit it can hit. When the player starts it will regenerate at five power a minute and it can reach a total of 100 power. As the player levels up they will be able to have more power and the power will regenerate at faster rates. Remember though that nothing can be crafted without power. 

Salvage and Materials

Scavengers - How to Research New Equipment - Salvage and Materials 
Another very important aspect of researching items in the game are the materials that it takes to research them. Each item will need a certain number of materials that it displays like a recipe or blueprint. The player will need to collect materials first before trying to research these items. The way to collect materials is by deconstructing the salvage that is brought back from missions. Salvage comes in many different forms like guns that were collected during a mission, items that were leftover at the end, and even things that were collected from chests or from leveling up. The player can deconstruct these from the menu in order to obtain the materials that they hold. 

Research Tiers

Scavengers - How to Research New Equipment - Research Tiers 
The final important aspect of completing research in the game are the different Research Tiers. By upgrading to higher Tiers the player is able to gain access to higher quality weapons and items to research. Once the player unlocks a higher Tier they will also be able to discover rarer materials for research purposes as well. Tiers are actually researched in the same way that other items and weapons are by acquiring materials and having enough power to access them, but they usually take a large amount of both. 
With all of this understood players can begin working towards researching the best items available in the game. As players level up they will want to make sure that they continue completing research to give themselves an advantage over their foes. 


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