Sands of Salzaar – Various Console Command Id’s

Sands of Salzaar – Various Console Command Id’s 1 -
Sands of Salzaar – Various Console Command Id’s 1 -

A pile of console commands and ids to use. Mostly unit and item related commands.


The main reason that I created this guide was so I could share these console commands with others, when I learned about console commands I spent a long time on the internet trying to find where I could get a list of the commands ids and I found some but there only a handful. Therefore I took it upon myself to compile a bunch of the ids onto a steam guide.
I won’t include some key commands like for example, wood, ironstone, Utar and jade because other guides cover that. I want to put out some commands and ids that the other guides have not covered yet.
If you have any suggestions feel free to comment them.

Unit ids (cards)

Here is my tested list of units you could add to your party through console commands.
(warning: some of the units still take up an amount of resources to add to your party, its around the normal amount of resources it takes to hire the unit I think.)
Copy and paste the ADD_CARD*(unit name here) into the console but not the English unit name and execute. For example: this would give you a Nasir militia card.
Sands of Salzaar - Various Console Command Id's - Unit ids (cards) - 5F399E2
The list for now:
ADD_CARD*雄鹰高阶巫师 Nasir Apothecary
ADD_CARD*狩猎魅影 storm wizard ice
ADD_CARD*银铠女武者 wildfire silverback warrior
ADD_CARD*异教使女 radiant missionary
ADD_CARD*鱼人巫师 bahar wizard
ADD_CARD*兔犬 Garuda
ADD_CARD*凤凰之王 pheonix chick
ADD_CARD*蛇人 naga
ADD_CARD*鬣蜥人先锋 sahalia warrior
ADD_CARD*树人 arborean
ADD_CARD*花岗岩巨人 lightning puppet
ADD_CARD*人马 centaur
ADD_CARD*巨人 Giant
ADD_CARD*咕噜 Grunt
ADD_CARD*妖精 Fairy
ADD_CARD*花妖 Dryad
ADD_CARD*傀儡 puppet
ADD_CARD*金沙乞丐 beggar
ADD_CARD*火雏龙 fire hatchling
ADD_CARD*寒霜古龙 ice wyvern
ADD_CARD*兽人主线黑甲骑士 Dark knight
ADD_CARD*兽人主线人怪 monster (zombies, 10 party size
ADD_CARD*荒沙精英重骑兵 akhal metal knight
ADD_CARD*雪岭兽王 dhib tamer
ADD_CARD*蛮牛战神 thur raider
ADD_CARD*蝎族精英刺客 dakn stalker
ADD_CARD*蝎族高阶祭司 dakn blade thrower
ADD_CARD*雄鹰民夫 nasir militia
ADD_CARD*雄鹰施法者 nasir herbalist
ADD_CARD*雄鹰重骑兵 nasir assault calvalry
ADD_CARD*火魔苦工新 ifrit laborer
ADD_CARD*抚琴仙子 storm wizard – ice
The List might be added onto in the future.

Item ids

A few item id’s that might be useful.
Again, only use the GETITEMS*(item id),1 part and not the English name.
You can change the number on the end for more than one. (eg, GETITEMS*奶酪,19 )
Sands of Salzaar - Various Console Command Id's - Item ids - D4542F3
I have not tested most of the id’s but they should all work, let me know if one doesn’t.
GETITEMS*奶酪,1 cheese
GETITEMS*大豆,1 soybean
GETITEMS*葡萄,1 grapes
GETITEMS*土豆,1 potatoes
GETITEMS*烤肉,1 kebab
GETITEMS*鸵鸟蛋,1 ostrich egg
GETITEMS*行军干粮,1 marching rations
GETITEMS*豆子,1 beans
GETITEMS*烤馕,1 roast naan
GETITEMS*风干肉,1 dried meat
GETITEMS*凤凰之书,1 pheonix tome
GETITEMS*潜行者之石,1 rogue stone
GETITEMS*无畏纹章,1 fearless emblem
GETITEMS*白蔷薇纹章长老,1 white rose elder emblem
GETITEMS*黄金戒指,1 gold ring
GETITEMS*远古魔晶,1 ancient crystal
GETITEMS*星辉凝晶,1 nova crystal
GETITEMS*初雪魔戒,1 powder ring
GETITEMS*大河宝珠,1 great river pearl
GETITEMS*赫炎核心,1 ember core
GETITEMS*神戒雄鹰之怒,1 Divine Ring – Nasir’s Wrath
GETITEMS*秘宝风哭之珠,1 Treasure – Weeping Wind Pearl
GETITEMS*神戒巨龙之力,1 Divine Ring – Dragon’s Might
GETITEMS*巨人秘宝风暴宝珠,1 Giant Treasure – Storm Orb
GETITEMS*传说璀璨星辰,1 Legendary – Shining Galaxy
GETITEMS*传说繁花怒放,1 Legendary – Bloom Ring
GETITEMS*堕火之果,1 fallen fire fruit
GETITEMS*幸运之花,1 lucky flower
GETITEMS*恢复药剂中,1 divine healing water
GETITEMS*恢复大,1 rebirth orb
GETITEMS*气力大,1 mana well orb
GETITEMS*回生卷轴,1 rebirth scroll
GETITEMS*英雄火炎乱舞卷轴,1 Flaming Ballad Scroll
GETITEMS*古代音乐盒,1 ancient music box
GETITEMS*鱼人旋涡之石,1 bahar whirlpool stone
GETITEMS*永久生命,1 health potion
GETITEMS*永久气力,1 mana potion
GETITEMS*永久力量,1 strength potion
GETITEMS*永久敏捷,1 agility potion
GETITEMS*永久耐力,1 stamina potion
GETITEMS*永久精神,1 spirit potion
GETITEMS*永久攻击力,1 attack potion
GETITEMS*永久魔法攻击,1 arcane potion
GETITEMS*永久战场移速,1 speed potion
GETITEMS*白蔷薇秘药小,1 white rose potion (s)
GETITEMS*基础锻造工具,1 basic forge tools
GETITEMS*高级锻造工具,1 advanced forge tools
GETITEMS*顶级锻造工具,1 ultimate forge tools
GETITEMS*智慧结晶,1 wisdom crystal
GETITEMS*魅力上限基础,1 leadership tonic
GETITEMS*体力上限基础,1 health tonic
GETITEMS*气力上限基础,1 mana tonic
GETITEMS*生存工具箱,1 survival kit
GETITEMS*永久回城卷轴,1 permanent return scroll
GETITEMS*精致伐木斧,1 fine axe
GETITEMS*合金十字镐,1 alloyed pickaxe
GETITEMS*精致铁木法杖旧,1 fine ironwood staff
GETITEMS*部队经验之石大,1 soldier exp stone (L)
GETITEMS*无法抗拒的万能礼物,1 irresistible gift
GETITEMS*旧王权杖,1 old kings sceptor
GETITEMS*旧王冠冕,1 old kings crown
GETITEMS*旧王配剑,1 old kings sword
GETITEMS*蝎族战士之证,1 dakn warrior mark
GETITEMS*羊族战士之证,1 oryx warrior mark
GETITEMS*骆驼战士之证,1 camel warrior mark
GETITEMS*玉族战士之证,1 nephrit warrior mark
GETITEMS*野马战士之证,1 akhal warrior mark
GETITEMS*牛族战士之证,1 thurian warrior mark
GETITEMS*雪狼战士之证,1 dhib warrior mark
GETITEMS*盐族战士之证,1 milh warrior mark
GETITEMS*鹰族战士之证,1 nasir warrior mark
GETITEMS*随机文学掉落,1 gift
GETITEMS*随机杂物掉落,1 gift

Misc Console Commands

Miscellaneous console commands I found interesting.
SHAKE_SCREEN*0.3#3 -shakes screen for 0.3 seconds with
3 intensity.

Written by TheLaw1313

I hope you enjoy the Guide we share about Sands of Salzaar – Various Console Command Id’s; if you think we forget to add or we should add more information, please let us know via commenting below! See you soon!

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