Salt 2 – Gameplay + Loot + Enemies + Seeds Walkthrough

Salt 2 – Gameplay + Loot + Enemies + Seeds Walkthrough 1 -
Salt 2 – Gameplay + Loot + Enemies + Seeds Walkthrough 1 -

This section contains information about the game's features, loot and enemies available, hints on how to play the game, and locations of special places on 'Default' seeds. You can find out more.

Salt 2 – Shores of Gold- Helpful notes – Contains spoilers

As I find more information, this will be updated. If you find any missing information, please let me know in comments. I will make the necessary updates.
Purple (Epic)
Orange (Legendary)
100 copper = 1 silver
100 silver = 1 gold
100 gold = 1 Platinum
Depending on your character level, you'll find different quantities of items in Ore deposits, wood saplings, and most containers.
Sometimes, the Lone Fisherman dockhouse has a chest that you can use to get the Sunken Key. This key can be fished from the ocean.
You can place the boat from your boat inventory tab again. It will search for water and find it. The boat should now be ready to sail again.
There is an option on the ESC menu to'return your ship' regardless of where you are located on the island.
Placed items on your ship
You can pick them back up by pressing 'R" when you see the (tool tip that says "toggle", then press 'F to pick it up.
If you find yourself stuck in a dungeon there is an option to return to cave entrance' on the ESC menu.
Types of islands:
Natural: Green grass and trees. Copper is the most common ore type.
Desert: Lots of rocks and tan sand cover the island. Here are mining caves.
Battlemaster: Orange grass and red trees
Kings Island: Tall stone blocks and fort.
Mining ore veins:
Levels Mining. Mining Levels. Each 10th level increases your mining ability by 1 ore type.
Copper (45xp – You can mine this right from the beginning of the game. It can be found everywhere, both inside and outside. Most common on natural islands.
Iron (250xp – This metal can be mined once you have reached mining level 10. It is found all over the world, but is most often found on desert islands.
Silver (1,300xp: This can be mined once you reach mining level 20, It is rare, but most commonly found on battlemaster islands. Can be Moonrock.
(8500xp) Gold: This can be mined once you reach mining level 30. It is rare, but most commonly found on battlemaster islands. Can have Aquastone & Runestone.
Platinum (15,000xp: This can be mined once you reach mining level forty. It is found mostly in mining caves, but it is rare.
Ebony () 20,000xp: This can be mined once you reach level 40. It is found mostly in mining caves, but it is rare.
These ores include Stone, Sandstone and Flint.
It can be very costly to melt ore into ingots. So, make sure you mine every rock you can.
To make an iron ingot, for example, you will need 4 iron ore, a copper ingot (, and 4 copper ores).
To make the highest-tier Ebony ingot, you will need 4 copper and 4 iron, 4 gold, four silver, 4 platinum, and 4 ebony ore ores.
Wood saplings
Levels Herbalism.
Wood log (10xp)
Greenwood (15xp Greenwood)
Hardwood () 20xp
Aged wood (35xp -)
Wyrmwood (50xp)
Yellow Flower () 10xp, Also: Strong Plant fibers and Hemp.
Herb (Orange flower) : Plant fibers, Strong Plant fibers, Sage
White Jute (White flowers) – White Jute
Hemp (Purple flower) : Hemp
Cave Mushroom 5xp
Brown Cap Mushroom 10xp
Toadstool Mushroom 20xp
Clam – Located along the beach, it is possible to find this small treasure:
– Raw Pearl – 5Cp
– Pearl – 50Cp
– White Sand Pearl 2SP

Fishing lists, quest objects, junk items, locations of special places

Fish—01-09—————–> Cooked recipe——————-
Angel Fish 45xp 4cp
Barricuda 45xp 5cp
Blue Fish 45xp 2cp
Blue Grouper 45xp 2cp. -> Seared Grouper80xp 10cp
Brim 45xp 2cp
Floatsom 45xp
Map in a Bottle 45xp
Piranha 45xp 3cp
Red Crab 45xp 5cp -> Spicey Crab Stew 80xp 10cp
Rotten wood plank 45xp
Salmon 45xp -> Slow Roasted Salmon80xp 5cp
Seaweed 45xp
Small Mouth Bass 45xp 2cp. Fried Bass 80xp10cp
Sunken Key 45xp
Yellow Grouper 45xp. -> Fried Grouper80xp 10cp
Fish—10-19——————> Cooked recipe——————-
Blue Bellied Fish 150xp 10cp -> Honey Glazed Fish 400xp 10cp
Clown Fish 150xp 10cp
150xp Electric Eel -> Spicey Sauteed Eel 400xp 100cp
Large Mouth Bass 150xp 12cp Fish and Chips
Spotted Eel 150xp -> Eel Sushi 400xp 10cp
Yellow Tang 150xp 12cp
Fish—20-29——————> Cooked recipe——————-
Bonefish 750xp 15cp -> Bonefish Filet 2000xp 20cp
Discus Fish 750xp 15cp
Manta Ray 750xp 15cp
Sand Shark 750xp 17cp
Saw Fish 750xp 15cp
Sharpnose Puffer 750xp 15cp
Spotted Mandarin 750xp 17cp -> Honey Glazed Manarin 2000xp 20cp
Tiger Fish 750xp 20cp
White Crab 750xp 3.0cp -> Crab Cake 2000xp 20.0cp
Quest Items
Moon Crest – Anicent Ruins chest
Golden Tusk – Golden boar
An ancient chalice
Head Axe
Broken climing gear
Broken ancient tablet
Cracked telescopic lenses
Scroll of the Damaged Nomad
Dog collar
Human bone
Loyalist quill
Ruined book
Skull – *Can be put on Ship
Book that has been waterlogged
Wooden bowl
Wooden ladel
Seed: Default
Ancient Tower: 7W6S
Astrologers Cave: 34E, 45S
Catacombs: 30E 57S
Cult Shrine: 39E6S, 5E7N, 7W6S
Cult Altar 9E 18N
Dungeon Masters Lair: 38E 50S, 40E 49S
Ghostly Apperition: 0, 43E 4N. 0E 4N. 0E 4N. 0E 4N. 8W 5S
King's Island: 37E 39S, 35E 45S, 28E 13S, 33E 8S, 33E 7S, 31E 14N
Pirate prison: 14E72S, 43E0S, 5E 5N, 8E 9N
Town: 50E 1S
– Green Palm's Refuge 1E9S
– Mermaid’s Bay 7E 6N
– Monkey's Seaport 9E18N
– Seacross Refuge 10E 16S
Rite of Passage: 4W0S
Warlord's shrine: 24E 64S, 38E 2S, 34E 1S, 40E 5N,

The rareness and common loot of enemies

Rarity is the (color that is not listed for animals)
Common loot (is not listed for animals.) is what you might be able to get if the creature is killed.
Deer, Island Doe and Alpha Stag (Night
Fox (Battlemaster Islands)
Boar, Golden Boar (Desert islands), Gold Fang
(Caves) Brown Bear, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear
Ghostly Apparition – Listen to his story and then kill for Ectoplasm. Take the containers nearby.
Skeleton Fighter White coin. Bone, plant fiber, ore.
Skeleton Swordsman white coin
Skeleton Archer White bone
Skeleton Thrall White Coin, Bone, Potion, Ore
Skeleton Guardian Blue ancient moss, bone, potion and recipe, lockpick, cultist sealing, Rite of passage key, Ancient Stone shard
Cultist white coin
Forgotten Miner White rock, gem, potion, coin, bone
Undead Excavator Blue coins, ancient moss and cult seal, bone recipe, rite key, shard
Map of Undead Sailor Green
Skeletal Warlord Purple Belum Dominus Painting, Coin, Ancient Key, Warlords Clever, Potion
The Undead Priest Purple deadlands painting and coin, ancient key, Nebula (weapon) gem
Old Tree Guardian Purple coin.
Pirate Brigand
Banana, Pirate Stalker White Coin
Pirate Battlemaster White
Pirate Archer White coin. Food, arrow, junk
Pirate Miner Green ore: fish hook, potion. Ancient stone shard, pickaxe. Jewelry piece. Recipe
Pirate Cook Green coin, food, ingredient
Pirate Warrior Green potion
Pirate Navigator Green coin, compass, map, potion
Smuggler Green coin. Ore, loot key. Potion.
Grave Keeper Green
Adept Swordsman White currency, weapon, captains keys, fiber, junk
Master Archer White coin and food, starfish, arrow
Captain () Blue coin, 2 potions. Cave key, pirate key, seal.
Jacobs, Shields and Woodward, Sean Elis Grimsbane Crawford, Jethro, LianElzie
White banana for Prison Guard
The Warden Blue coin. Captains key, clothing. 2 potions. Pirate seal.
Battlemaster Sailor Green
Battlemaster Berserker White
White Battlemaster Bowman
Adept swordsman
Elite Fighter White ore and potion, junk
Master Archer
Guard Dog
King's Servant White Ore, fish hook, Pirate Seal
Bounty Hunter
Pirate King
King's Guard White Potion
King's Protector Blue
Night Watchman White ore
Elite Captain Blue clothing, lockpicks, recipe, gem
Painting, coin, exit key and scepter servitude for Elder King Orange, Potion, Key to the Treasure of Elder King Orange

Guilds and solo professionals

Marauder's Guild
38E 2S
30E 3N
1. (?)
2. Go to Warlord Shrine, kill the skeleton, and get Warlord Totem.
3. Go to Mine and find a pickaxe schematic.
4. Find the Spirit blade to kill the vengeful spirit
Sea Scholars Guild
17E 14S
32E 13S
4E 16S
1. Pirate Prison: Rescue a prisoner
2. Find the skeleton key for high-level skeleton.
3. Get Oliver stolen at a Shipwreck.
4. Find an embalming agent.
5. Kill the guildmaster.
Lone Hunter
– Quest: Deer Tails
– Quest: Fur Tuffs
Lone Fisherman 33E 7N, 38E 36S, 22E 9N, 18E 7N, 4W 0S, 2W 10S, 6W 13S
Quest: Any fish
Lone Blacksmith 34E 4N
– Quest for Foremasters Pick in mining cave
Lone Cartographer 2E9N, 3W1N, 1E15S
– Quest: Golden Sextant

Locations of Special Interest

Ancient Tower
The lever switch is hidden in plants and rocks, which opens the gate.
Teleport orbs to find the key and get to the roof for treasure (. Ultra rare)
– Two versions without any inside
Animal Den
Enemy: Fox, Boar, Grizzly Bear
Cave Mushrooms, Toadstool Mushrooms, Browncap Mushrooms
One cave type has a secret breaking rock on the far wall.
One cave type has a secret rock wall that can be broken right next to the entrance.
Enemy: Skeletons
5 ore, Emerald, Scuffed diamond, scuffed siphire, storage chest. Blacksmith's chest. Chef's chest.
Secret passage up secret wall straight in from the entrance, at bend of passage. Another secret wall is located in the passage.
To open the door, find the switch that opens it.
Cave Shrine
Cultist is the enemy
Red Root, White Truffle
To reach ancient chests, climb up
Dungeon Master
The key is located under Beau's mattress.
Elder King's Dungeon, Labyrinth
It is located in the ground-level wall of every fort on every King's Island.
Whiteball Mushroom
Mine Shaft
Cave mushroom, ore and whiteball mushroom, miner's chest, locked chest, herbalist box x2
Pirate Prison
Enemy: Warden
Rite of Passage
Guardians Grove – Old Tree Guardian (2 ore Emerald, Scuffed Diamond and Chest)
You can craft a key using 3 'Rite of Passage Key Shards' that can be found on certain high-level skeletons.
To enter the chamber, unlock the pedastal.
To get:
– Painting "The Old Tree"
– Sword Tree Cutter
– The Old Guardians Compass
Shivering Vale
Skeletons and a secret rock wall
Ore x10; Chest (Chef's and Cartographers; Herbalist's); Chest x2 Ancient chest, red root x2, locked antique chest.
Warlord Shrine
To make the key, you will need 5 warlord tokens. Activate full-blood bowl in shrine
Kill Warlords to Get:
– "Bellum Dominus” Painting
– Warlord's Beacon – Large radius red lantern


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