Saints Row 2 – Installing Gentlemen of the Row Mod on Linux

Saints Row 2 – Installing Gentlemen of the Row Mod on Linux 1 -
Saints Row 2 – Installing Gentlemen of the Row Mod on Linux 1 -

This guide is now available for everyone!
Isn’t up-to-date – []. This guide will show you how to install Gentlemen of the Row with Wine.

Installing wine

You would only need to install Wine on your Distro. Most Distros have it installed. If it doesn't, your package manager will usually have it. The package name would typically be 'wine', or 'wine stable'.
These are some links that might help.

If none of these options help you figure it, and it's not in your package manager, search Google for: [your_distro] Install wine
Or something similar.

Download Gentlemen of the Row


  1. Download Gentlemen of the Row []
  2. Extract the downloaded folder.


Run the.bat script


  1. Open a Terminal and copy the folder you just extracted to a CD.

     cd ~/Downloads/Gentlemen_of_the_Row_Saints_Row_2_Super_Mod_v1.9.2/ 
  2. From here, run the 'Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat', with Wine console

     wineconsole start Create_Custom_GotR_v1.9.2.bat 

The batch script will be running and a new Wine Console window will open.

How to create and install a custom patch

Once you have selected any options (which the batch file will show you how to do), you can press P, then press enter. Once it is done, exit the script.
Note: To exit the wineconsole instance properly, you may need to press CTRL+C.
Once you have created your patch, you can:

  1. CD into the MY_CUSTOM_PATCH directory

  2. Copy everything from this page into your Saints Row 2 game directory.
    Although your game directory might be different from mine, the command would look something similar to this

     cp * ~/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/common/Saints\ Row\ 2/ 


You're done

After all this, you should now have a modded version Saints Row 2. Simply open the game and you will see multiple references to the Gentlemen of the row Mod.

Credit to

IdolNinja: Who created it?
This amazing mod – []
This batch script was also made easier by our use of it.
The Original Linux Guide – []
– This is a great tool for debian-based distros and will fix most of the issues you might face.



Written by Loaf of Beans

Hope you enjoy the Guide about Saints Row 2 – Installing Gentlemen of the Row Mod on Linux, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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