Sailing Era – Ports + Locations Comprehensive Guide

Sailing Era – Ports + Locations Comprehensive Guide 1 -
Sailing Era – Ports + Locations Comprehensive Guide 1 -

Welcome to Sailing Era – Ports + Locations Comprehensive Guide.

A complete index of ports organized geographically with information on the commodities and structures that can be bought and sold there.


To facilitate navigation, ports are organized alphabetically within their respective regions.

A note on trade goods: every port has at least two available goods by default. Each port also has one restricted trade good that can be accessed by reaching 100 contribution within that port and obtaining the appropriate permit.

One “secret” trade product that can only be accessed by discovering it on the Post’s map is also present in ports with Posts (for exploration). These areas within the Post are referred to as “extra objectives” for each Post and are not indicated by markers. For instance, discovering the relevant Lead Mine at the post and pa*sing the necessary skill check are the only ways to access Lead in Naha. The trade goodwill then always be accessible at that port after that. A Ruby mine might appear in a square of a mountain, and a Natural Silk resource might seem as a mulberry grove, even though these resources are not shown on the map by an indicator.

In the tables below, trade goods that require a permit are marked with *, and those that require exploration in a Post are marked with **.

I have yet to find the Post goods in Gia Dinh or MĂ©rida, but I will update once I have.

Ports marked “supply only” have no features other than a Pier and exist only for resupply as you travel. However, I have still listed them for the purposes of locating all ports and completing the Chronicle.

Along with these port listings, I’ve also listed a variety of commodities and the ports where you can find each one at the bottom. Some commodities are not available for purchase in ports; instead, they must be discovered at random while exploring or being recovered from wrecks.

If you notice any mistakes or typos, please let me know and I will fix them to the best of my ability.

Happy trading!

East Asia

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Anping 120E 23N Ming Fish Meat Korean Pine Wood Zinc Ore Ambergris*
Busan 129E 35N Korean Tin Ore Silver Niter White Porcelain*
Edo 140E 36N Japan Sake Wheat Tortoise Shell Katana* Bookhouse, Shinto Shrine
Haizhou 119E 35N Ming Yellow Rice Wine Peach Wood Ship Spike Bra*s Tea Leaf* Equipment Store, Buddhist Temple
Hangzhou 121E 30N Ming Yellow Rice Wine Silk Celadon Blue and White Porcelain* Korean Pine Wood** Post, Shipyard, Bookstore
Hanyang 126E 38N Korean Ginseng Copper Ore Beeswax White Porcelain* Shipyard, Ship Materials Store
Macao 113E 22N Ming Folding Fan Sisal Tea Leaf Peach Wood Musk* Shipyard, Gift Store
Nagasaki 130E 33N Japan Sake Lacquerware Charcoal Katana* Shipyard, Item Store, Shinto Shrine, Sakurako (Inn)
Naha 128E 26N East Asia Honey Fish Meat Coral* Lead** Post
Pohang 129E 36N Korean Korean Pine Wood Charcoal Pota*sium Alum Ginseng*
Sakai 136E 35N Japan Laquerware Katana Pearl Silver* Niter** Post, Shipyard, Equipment Store
Tamsui 121E 25N Ming Fish Meat Beeswax Charcoal Agate* Black Market
Zhangzhou 118E 25N Ming Silk Celadon Tea Leaf Iron Ore Musk* Shipyard, Bookhouse, Item Store, Gu Wan (Restaurant)

*requires 100 Contributions and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

Southeast Asia

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Aceh 96E 5N Southeast Asia Coconut White Sugar Turmeric*
Ambon 128E 4S Southeast Asia Nutmeg Mace Clove*
Bago 97E 17N Central Asia Rice Jadeite Cinnamon Sapphire*
Banjarmasin 115E 3S Southeast Asia Mace Rice Coconut Nutmeg*
Brunei 115E 5N Southeast Asia Agarwood Wood Clove* Equipment Store
Davao 125E 7N Southeast Asia Wood Agarwood Ebony Wood*
Dili 126E 9S Southeast Asia Coconut Fish Meat Mace Nutmeg*
Gia Dinh 107E 10N Central Asia Rice Copper Ore Turmeric* ???** Post, Shipyard, Ship Materials Store, Buddhist Temple
Jakarta 107E 6S Southeast Asia Salt Copper Ore Agarwood Gold* Ebony Wood** Post, Shipyard, Black Market, Mosque
Jambi 104E 1S Southeast Asia Rice White Sugar Salt Coral*
Kuching 110E 2N Southeast Asia Gunpowder Zinc Ore Bra*s*
Lopburi 101E 14N Central Asia Ruby Lead Sisal*
Maka*sar 120E 5S Southeast Asia Coconut White Sugar Pearl*
Malacca 103E 2N Southeast Asia Weapon Ship Spike Pearl Golden Artware* Item Store, Mosque, Latia (Teahouse)
Manila 121E 15N Southeast Asia Banana Fur Gunpowder Silver* Shipyard, Item Store
Palembang 105E 2S Southeast Asia Rice Beeswax Agate Jadeite Library, Bookstore
Pattani 101E 7N Southeast Asia Rice Salt Tin Ore Sisal*
Samarai 150E 11S Southeast Asia Coconut Fish Meat Pearl*
Surabaya 113E 7S Southeast Asia Rice Fur Clove*
Ternate 127E 1N Southeast Asia Charcoal Clove Gunpowder* Shipyard

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

Indian Ocean Region

Socotra54E 13NArabiaHoneyMyrrhFrank-incenseAmbergris*-

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Aden 44E 13N Arabia Copper Ore Ship Spike Frank-incense Zinc Ore Weapon* Shipyard, Ship Materials Store, Mosque
Basrah 49E 30N Persia Tin Ore Saffron Lead Lapis Lazuli* Pota*sium Alum** Post, Library, Bookstore
Calicut 76E 11N India indian Calico White Sandalwood Black Pepper Ruby* Shipyard, Item Store, Shrine Kanam (Teahouse)
Ceylon 80E 7N India Red Sandalwood Ebony Wood Black Pepper Sapphire* Ruby** Post, Gift Store, Buddhist Temple
Diu 71E 21N India Rice Natural Silk Indian Calico*
Goa 74E 15N India Iron Ore White Sandalwood Cinnamon Red Sandalwood* Ship Materials Store
Hormuz 49E 30N Persia Turquoise Date Palm Niter Lapis Lazuli* Silver** Post, Equipment Store
Jeddah 39E 22N Arabia Coffee Frank-incense Tortoise Shell
Kilwa 39E 9S East Africa Wheat Tin Ore Rhino Horn*
Kochi 76E 10N India Cotton Black Pepper Cinnamon White Sandalwood*
Kolkata 88E 21N India Indian Calico Red Sandalwood Ship Spike Teak* Natural Silk** Post, Shipyard, Ship Materials Store
Machili-patnam 81E 16N India Cotton Natural Silk Cotton Fabric Indian Calico Sisal*
Madras 80E 13N India Salt Turmeric Wootz Steel Red Sandalwood*
Ma*sawa 39E 16N Arabia Cotton Coffee Niter Pota*sium Alum* Cedar Wood** Post, Mosque
Mogadishu 46E 2N East Africa Myrrh Coffee Rhino Horn* Features
Mombasa 40E 4S East Africa Salt Myrrh Beeswax Coffee Frank-incense*
Mozambique 40E 16S East Africa Rhino Horn Agate Emerald* Ship Materials Store
Muscat 58E 24N Persia Date Palm Frank-incense Saffron Pearl* Shipyard, Item Store, Emin (Cafe)
Natal 31E 30S East Africa Wheat Copper Ore Ebony Wood*
Puducherry 80E 12N India Turmeric Copper Ore Charcoal Wootz Steel*
Sofala Province 35E 20S East Africa Rhino Horn Emerald Gold* Shipyard, Equipment Store
Suez 32E 30N Arabia Royal Purple Ship Spike Bra*s Turquoise Sisal* Shipyard, Black Market
Toamasina 49E 18S East Africa Wheat Fur Sapphire* Gold** Goo-ds Post
Zanzibar 39E 6S East Africa Fish Meat Tortoise Shell emerald* Item Store

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post


Port Location Features
Pingala 116E 33S Supply Only
Whanganui* 175E 40S Supply Only

*On the map, there are two Whanganui ports, one in the Pacific Ocean between South America and Hiva Oa. Both ports are purely for supply and cannot be used for trading.*On the map, there are two Whanganui ports, one in the Pacific Ocean between South America and Hiva Oa. Both ports are purely for supply and cannot be used for trading.

Pacific Ocean

Port Location Features
Hiva Oa 138W 8S Supply Only
Samoa 173E 13S Supply Only
Whanganui* 110W 27S Supply Only

*On the map, there are two Whanganui ports, one in the Pacific Ocean between South America and Hiva Oa. Both ports are purely for supply and cannot be used for trading.

North America West Coast

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Acapulco 100W 17N South America Sweet Potato Wood Silver* Shipyard
Hawaii 158W 21N N/A Supply Only

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

South America

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Bahia 39W 14S Central America Corn Mate Maca*
Buenos Aires 57W 36S Central America Sausage Mate Tortoise Shell* Ship Materials Store
CopiapĂł 71W 28S Central America Fish Meat Quinine Tobacco*
Guatemala 90W 14N South America Sweet Potato Tequila Cotton Silver*
Lambayeque 80W 7S South America Corn Quinine Rhodo-chrosite*
Lima 77W 12S South America Corn Quinine Niter Gold* Rhodo-chrosite** Post, Shipyard, Item Store
Panama*** 80W 9N South America Sweet Potato Tequila Coral Silver*
Pernambuco 36W 9S Central America Corn Cocoa Oak*
San Antonio 65W 41S Central America Maca Tin Ore Mate Oak*
Tumbes 80W 4S South America Corn Iron Ore Zinc Ore Rhodo-chrosite*
Ushuaia 9W 39N N/A Supply Only
Valparaiso 71W 33S Central America Maca Wood Carving Silver*

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

***Panama and Portobello (Carribean Region) have nearly the same coordinates; however, Panama is on the southern coast, on the South America side.


Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Caracas 67W 11N Caribbean Banana Cocoa Niter Sisal*
Cayenne 52W 5N Caribbean Tin Ore Cocoa Silver*
Grand Cayman 81W 19N Caribbean Banana Rum Sisal Tortoise Shell*
Havana 82W 23N Caribbean Rum Weapon Tobacco Pearl* Shipyard, Library, Item Store, Church, Valentina (Tavern)
Jamaica 77W 18N Caribbean White Sugar Rum Coral Gold* Ship Materials Store
Maracaibo 72W 11N Caribbean Charcoal Pota*sium Alum Vanilla Silver Artware* Gold** Post
MĂ©rida 89W 21N Caribbean Potato Cocoa Vanilla Carmine* ???** Post
Na*sau 77W 25N Caribbean Rum Weapon Ship Spike Tortoise Shell* Shipyard, Black Market, Chloe (Tavern)
Portobello*** 79W 9N Caribbean Banana Copper Ore Cocoa Silver*
San Diego 75W 20N Caribbean Tobacco Cocoa Coral* Item Store
San Juan 66W 18N Caribbean Banana White Sugar Rum Pear;*
Santo Domingo 70W 19N Caribbean Agate Cocoa Tobacco* Gift Store
Trujillo 86W 16N Caribbean Vanilla Wood Bra*s Oak* Equipment Store
Veracruz 96W 19N Caribbean Potato White Sugar Carmine Gold* Agate** Post, Shipyard, Item Store, Andrea (Tea Stall)
Willemstad 68W 12N Caribbean Banana Honey Beeswax Sisal*

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

***Portobello and Panama (South American Region) have nearly the same coordinates; however, Portobello is on the northern coast, on the Caribbean side.

West Europe

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Azores 25W 36N Iberia Salt Fish Meat Pearl* Item Store
Bordeaux 1W 45N France Wheat Sausage Wine Brandy*
Casablanca 7W 34N North Africa Pottery Argan Oil Ambergris*
Ceuta 5W 36N North Africa Fish Meat Pottery Desert Rose*
Las Palmas 15W 28N Iberia Coconut White Sugar Coral*
Lisbon 9W 39N Iberia Cheese Blue Porcelain Weapon Port Wine* Firearm** Post, Shipyard, Library, Item Store, Church, Julianne (Tavern)
Madeira 17W 33N Iberia White Sugar Fish Meat Coral*
Malaga 5W 37N Iberia Honey Wine Linen Rosemary Sherry*
Nantes 2W 47N France Cheese Salt Wine Brandy* Item Store
Porto 9W 41N Iberia Sausage Wine Port Wine Blue Porcelain* Shipyard
Seville 7W 37N Iberia Sausage Sherry Firearm Rosemary Silver* Shipyard, Ship Materials Store, Church, Monica (Tavern)
Valencia 0W 39N Iberia Pewterware Silver Artware Rosemary Niter Golden Artware* Church

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

East Europe

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Alexandria 30E 31N North Africa Myrrh Gunpowder Frank-incense Egyptian Essence Black Pepper* Shipyard, Black Market, Mosque, Nubu Kasheli (Teahouse)
Algiers 3E 37N North Africa Iron Ore Desert Rose Argan Oil Weapon* Shipyard
Athens 24E 38N Balkan Marble Statue Ancient Fine Art Parchment Pota*sium Alum* Niter** Post, Shipyard, Library, Bookstore, Priya (Tavern)
Barcelona 2E 41N Iberia Cotton Fabric Iron Ore Gunpowder Ship Spike Firearm* Equipment Store, Church
Beirut 36E 64N Turkey Cotton Turkish Rug Iron Ore Damascus Knife* Equipment Store
Benghazi 20E 32N North Africa Wheat Cotton Pottery Cotton Fabric*
Cagliari 9E 39N Italy Wheat Oregano Wood Copper Ore*
Cairo 32E 31N North Africa Myrrh Papyrus Painting Egyptian Essence Emerald* Turquoise** Post
Crete 25E 35N Balkan Olive Oil Wine Anceint Fine Art* Marble** Post, Item Store
Famagusta 34E 35N Balkan Honey Beeswax Linen Royal Purple*
Genoa 8E 44N Italy Wine Velvet Oil Painting Golden Artware* Bookstore
Istanbul 28E 41N Turkey Turkish Rug Firearm Pota*sium Alum Frank-incense Blue Eye* Shipyard, Item Store, Mosque
Jaffa 36E 64N Turkey Cotton Date Palm Agate*
Marseilles 5E 43N France Chamomile Brandy Soap Linen Velvet* Shipyard, Gift Store, Camille (Tavern)
Naples 14E 41N Italy Lace Silver Artware Gla*s Ball Gla*s Artware* Pota*sium Alum** Post, Shipyard, Equipment Store
Palma 3E 39N Iberia Cheese Sausage Rosemary Sherry*
Pisa 10E 44N Italy Lace Velvet Oil Painting Jewelry* Item Store
Ragusa 18E 43N Italy Butter Cedar Wood Charcoal Gla*s Artware*
Sevastopol 34E 45N Turkey Gunpowder Pota*sium Alum Niter Turkish Rug*
Sicily 14E 38N Italy Sausage Butter Oregano Bra*s*
Syracuse 15E 37N Italy Oregano Marble Beeswax Marble Statue*
Thessalonica 23E 41N Balkan Olive Oil Marble Statue Marble Ancient Fine Art*
Trieste 14E 46N Italy Wheat Linen Lead Ship Spike* Ship Materials Store
Tripoli 13E 33N North Africa Cotton Cotton Fabric Agate*
Tunisia 10E 37N North Africa Olive Oil Cotton Desert Rose Royal Purple* Ship Materials Store
Venice 12E 45N Italy Velvet Oil Painting Gla*s Artware Jewelry Black Pepper* Shipyard, Library, Gift Store, Church, Vera (Tavern)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

North Europe

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Amsterdam 5E 52N Netherlands Gin Cotton Fabric Woolen Fabric Gla*s Ball Lace* Shipyard, Bookstore, Margarita (Tavern)
Antwerp 4E 51N Netherlands Gin Woolen Fabric Jewelry Golden Artware* Shipyard, Gift Store
Bergen 5E 60N Northern Europe Aquavit Wood Niter Oak* Church
Bremen 8E 54N Germany Wheat Sausage Beer Honey*
Bristol 4W 51N Britain Woold Wood Zinc Ore Ship Spike* Shipyard
Calais 2E 51N France Butter Honey Chamomile Lace*
Copenhagen 12E 56N Northern Europe Aquavit Pewterware Bra*s Armor* Shipyard, Equipment Store
Danzig 19E 54N Northern Europe Rye Wood Amber*
Dublin 6W 53N Britain Cheese Butter Whiskey England Tweed*
Edinburgh 3W 56N Britain Wool Woolen Fabric England Tweed*
Groningen 6E 53N Netherlands Cheese Gin Gla*s Ball Beeswax* Item Store
Hamburg 9E 54N Germany Beer Weapon Armor Golden Artware* Shipyard, Library, Equipment Store, Theresa (Tavern)
London 1E 52N Britain Whiskey Woolen Fabric Weapon England Tweed* Wool** Post, Shipyard, Library, Item Store, Church, Daisy (Tavern)
LĂĽbeck 11E 54N Northern Europe Beer Armor Lead Silver Artware* Shipyard, Black Market
Oslo 11E 60N Northern Europe Aquavit Wool Woolen Fabric Parchment Cedar Wood* Item Store
Plymouth 4W 50N Britain Pewterware Iron Ore Tin Ore Cedar Wood* Shipyard, Ship Materials Store
Riga 24E 57N Northern Europe Rye Copper Ore Niter Fur*
Stockholm 18E 59N Northern Europe Fur Iron Ore Silver Weapon* Amber** Post, Shipyard, Item Store, Astrid (Tavern)
Visby 18E 28N Northern Europe Rye Fish Meat Amber*

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post


Port Location Features
Murmansk 33E 69N Supply Only
Narvik 17E 69N Supply Only
Reykjavik 22W 64N Supply Only


West Africa

Port Location Cultural Sphere Goods Goods Goods Goods Goods Features
Abidjan 4W 5N West Africa Coconut Ivory Gold*
Arguin 17W 21N West Africa Iron Ore Wood Gold*
Benguela 14E 13S West Africa Wheat Salt Fish Meat Diamond* Item Store
Benin 5E 6N West Africa Wheat Cotton Charcoal Ivory*
Cape Town 19E 34S West Africa Iron Ore Tin Ore Niter Diamond* Black Market
Cape Verde 23W 16N West Africa Coconut Salt Agate*
Luanda 13E 9S West Africa Honey Fish Meat Wood Carving Ebony Wood*
São Tomé 7E 0N West Africa Coconut Fish Meat Pearl Emerald*
Sierra Leone 13W 8N West Africa Wheat Fur Diamond*
St. George 1W 5N West Africa Cotton Copper Ore Agate Gold* Ivory** Post, Shipyard, Item Store, Shalin (Tavern)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

North Eurasia

Port Location Features
Mangazeya 72E 72N Supply Only


Eastmost Eurasia

Port Location Features
Emishi 144E 44N Supply Only
Petropavlovsk 159E 53N Supply Only



Port Location Features
Rapa Nui 160W 70N Supply Only
Sitka 136W 57N Supply Only


North America East Coast

Port Location Features
Hopedale 60W 55N Supply Only


Trade Goods by Port – Food

Anchovy– Fisheries Only

Banana – Caracas, Grand Cayman, Portobello, San Juan, Willemstad (Caribbean); Manila (SE Asia)

Butter– Ragusa, Sicily (E Europe); Calais, Dublin (N Europe)

Cheese– Lisbon, Nantes (W Europe); Palma (EEurope); Dublin, Groningen (NEurope)

Coconut– Aceh, Banjarmasin, Dili, Maka*sar, Samarai (SE Asia); Las Palmas (W Europe); Abidjan, Cape Verde, SĂŁo TomĂ© (W Africa)

Cod – Fisheries Only

Corn – Bahia, Lambayeque, Lima, Pernambuco, Tumbes (S America)

Eel– Fisheries Only

Fish Meat – Anping, Naha, Tamsui (E Asia); Dili, Samarai (SE Asia); Zanzibar (Indian Ocean); CopiapĂł (S America); Azores, Ceuta, Madeira (W Europe); Visby (N Europe); Benguela, Luanda, SĂŁo TomĂ© (W Africa)

Herring – Fisheries Only

Honey– Naha (E Asia); Socotra (Indian Ocean); Willemstad (Caribbean); Malaga (W Europe); Famagusta (E Europe); Bremen*, Calais (N Europe); Luanda (W Africa)

Mackerel– Fisheries Only

Olive Oil – Crete, Thessalonica, Tunisia (E Europe)

Potato– MĂ©rida, Veracruz (Caribbean)

Rice– Bago, Banjarmasin, Gia Dinh, Jambi, Palembang, Pattani, Surabaya (SE Asia); Diu (Indian Ocean)

Rye– Danzig, Riga, Visby (N Europe)

Salmon– Fisheries Only

Salt– Jakarta, Jambi, Pattani (SE Asia); Madras, Mombasa (Indian Ocean); Azores, Nantes (W Europe); Benguela, Cape Verde (W Africa)

Sardine – Fisheries Only

Sausage – Buenos Aires (S America); Bordeaux, Porto, Seville (W Europe); Palma, Sicily (E Europe); Bremen (N Europe)

Sweet Potato – Acapulco (N America WC); Guatemala, Panama (S America)

Tuna– Fisheries Only

Wheat– Edo (E Asia); Kilwa, Natal, Toamasina (Indian Ocean); Bordeaux (W Europe); Benghazi, Cagliari, Trieste (E Europe); Bremen (N Europe); Benguela, Benin, Sierra Leone (W Africa)

White Sugar – Aceh, Jambi, Maka*sar (SE Asia); Jamaica, San Juan, Veracruz (Caribbean); Las Palmas, Madeira (W Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Medicine

Artemisia – Exploration Only

Chamomile – Marseilles (E Europe); Calais (N Europe)

Chinese Peony – Exploration Only

Ginseng– Hanyang, Pohang* (E Asia)

Maca– Bahia*, San Antonio, Valparaiso (S America)

Myrrh– Mogadishu, Mombasa, Socotra (Indian Ocean); Alexandria, Cairo (E Europe)

Oregano – Cagliari, Sicily, Syracuse (E Europe)

Quinine– CopiapĂł, Lambayeque, Lima (S America)

Rhino Horn – Kilwa*, Mogadishu*, Mozambique, Sofala Province (Indian Ocean)

Rose – Exploration Only

Turmeric– Aceh*, Gia Dinh* (SE Asia); Madras, Puducherry (Indian Ocean)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Liquor

Aquavit – Bergen, Copenhagen, Oslo (N Europe)

Beer – Bremen, Hamburg, LĂĽbeck (N Europe)

Brandy– Bordeaux*, Nantes* (W Europe); Marseilles (E Europe)

Gin – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Groningen (N Europe)

Port Wine– Lisbon*, Porto (W Europe)

Rum– Grand Cayman, Havana, San Juan (Caribbean)

Sake– Edo, Nagasaki (E Asia)

Sherry– Malaga*, Seville (W Europe); Palma* (E Europe)

Tequila– Guatemala, Panama (S America)

Whiskey– Dublin, London (N Europe)

Wine – Bordeaux, Malaga, Nantes, Porto (W Europe); Crete, Genoa (E Europe)

Yellow Rice Wine – Haizhou, Hangzhou (E Asia)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Textiles

Carmine – MĂ©rida*, Veracruz (Caribbean)

Cotton– Kochi, Machilipatnam, Ma*sawa (Indian Ocean); Guatemala (S America); Beirut, Benghazi, Jaffa, Tripoli, Tunisia (E Europe); Benin, St. George (W Africa)

Cotton Fabric – Machilipatnam (Indian Ocean); Barcelona, Benghazi*, Tripoli (E Europe); Amsterdam (N Europe)

England Tweed – Dublin*, Edinburgh*, London* (N Europe)

Fur – Manila, Surabaya (SE Asia); Toamasina (Indian Ocean); Riga*, Stockholm (N Europe); Sierra Leone (W Africa)

Indian Calico – Calicut, Diu*, Kolkata, Machilipatnam (Indian Ocean)

Lace– Naples, Pisa (E Europe); Amsterdam*, Calais* (N Europe)

Natural Silk – Diu, Kolkata**, Machilipatnam (Indian Ocean)

Royal Purple – Suez (Indian Ocean); Famagusta*, Tunisia* (E Europe)

Sappanwood– Exploration Only

Silk – Hangzhou, Zhangzhou (E Asia)

Turkish Rug – Beirut, Istanbul, Sevastopol* (E Europe)

Wool– Bristol, Edinburgh, London**, Oslo (N Europe)

Woolen Fabric – Amsterdam, Antwerp, Edinburgh, London, Oslo (N Europe)

Velvet – Genoa, Marseilles*, Pisa, Venice (E Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

Trade Goods by Port – Artware

Ancient Fine Art – Athens, Crete*, Thessalonica* (E Europe)

Blue and White Porcelain – Hangzhou* (E Asia)

Blue Porcelain – Lisbon, Porto* (W Europe)

Celadon– Hangzhou, Zhangzhou (E Asia)

Folding Fan – Macao (E Asia)

Gla*s Artware – Naples*, Ragusa*, Venice (E Europe)

Gla*s Ball – Naples (E Europe); Amsterdam, Groningen (N Europe)

Golden Artware – Malacca* (SE Asia); Valencia* (W Europe); Genoa* (E Europe); Antwerp*, Hamburg* (N Europe)

Jewelry – Pisa*, Venice (E Europe); Antwerp (N Europe)

Lacquerware– Nagasaki, Sakai (E Asia)

Marble Statue – Athens, Syracuse*, Thessalonica (E Europe)

Oil Painting – Genoa, Pisa, Venice (E Europe)

Papyrus Painting – Cairo (E Europe)

Pewterware– Valencia (W Europe); Copenhagen, Plymouth (N Europe)

Pottery– Casablanca, Ceuta (W Europe); Benghazi (E Europe)

Silver Artware – Maracaibo* (Caribbean); Valencia (W Europe), Naples (E Europe); LĂĽbeck* (N Europe)

Soap– Marseilles (E Europe)

Tulip Bulb – Quest Only

White Porcelain – Busan*, Hanyang* (E Asia)

Wood Carving – Valparaiso (Caribbean); Luanda (W Africa)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Industrial Goods

Armor – Copenhagen*, Hamburg, LĂĽbeck (N Europe)

Beeswax – Hanyang, Tamsui (E Asia); Palembang (SE Asia); Mombasa (Indian Ocean); Willemstad (Caribbean); Famagusta, Syracuse (E Europe); Groningen* (N Europe)

Bra*s– Haizhou (E Asia); Kuching* (SE Asia); Suez (Indian Ocean); Trujillo (Caribbean); Sicily* (E Europe); Copenhagen (N Europe)

Cedar Wood – Ma*sawa** (Indian Ocean); Ragusa (E Europe); Oslo*, Plymouth* (N Europe)

Charcoal– Nagasaki, Pohang, Tamsui (E Asia); Ternate (SE Asia); Puducherry (Indian Ocean); Maracaibo (Caribbean); Ragusa (E Europe); Benin (W Africa)

Copper Ore – Hanyang (E Asia); Gia Dinh, Jakarta (SE Asia); Aden, Natal, Puducherry (Indian Ocean); Portobello (Caribbean); Cagliari* (E Europe); Riga (N Europe); St. George (W Africa)

Damascus Knife – Beirut* (E Europe)

Ebony Wood – Davao*, Jakarta** (SE Asia); Ceylon, Natal* (Indian Ocean); Luanda* (W Africa)

Firearm– Lisbon**, Seville (W Europe); Barcelona*, Istanbul (E Europe)

Gunpowder– Kuching, Manila, Ternate* (SE Asia); Alexandria, Barcelona, Sevastopol (E Europe)

Iron Ore – Zhangzhou (E Asia); Goa (Indian Ocean); Tumbes (S America); Algiers, Barcelona, Beirut (E Europe); Plymouth, Stockholm (N Europe); Arguin, Cape Town (W Africa)

Katana– Edo*, Nagasaki*, Sakai (E Asia)

Korean Pine Wood – Anping, Hangzhou**, Pohang (E Asia)

Lead– Naha** (E Asia); Lopburi (SE Asia); Basrah (Indian Ocean); Trieste (E Europe); LĂĽbeck (N Europe)

Linen – Malaga (W Europe); Famagusta, Marseilles, Trieste (E Europe)

Marble– Crete**, Syracuse, Thessalonica (E Europe)

Niter– Busan, Sakai** (E Asia); Hormuz, Ma*sawa (Indian Ocean); Lima (S America); Caracas (Caribbean); Valencia (W Europe); Athens**, Sevastopol (E Europe); Bergen, Riga (N Europe); Cape Town (W Africa)

Oak – Pernambuco*, San Antonio* (S America); Trujillo* (Caribbean); Bergen* (N Europe)

Parchment– Athens (E Europe); Oslo (N Europe)

Peach Wood – Haizhou, Macao (E Asia)

Pota*sium Alum – Pohang (E Asia); Basrah**, Ma*sawa* (Indian Ocean); Maracaibo (Caribbean); Athens*, Istanbul, Naples**, Sevastopol (E Europe)

Red Sandalwood – Ceylon, Goa*, Kolkata, Madras* (Indian Ocean)

Ship Spike – Haizhou (E Asia); Malacca (SE Asia); Aden, Kolkata, Suez (Indian Ocean); Na*sau (Caribbean); Barcelona, Trieste* (E Europe); Bristol* (N Europe)

Sisal – Macao (E Asia); Lopburi*, Pattani* (SE Asia); Machilipatnam*, Suez* (Indian Ocean); Caracas*, Grand Cayman, Willemstad* (Caribbean)

Teak – Kolkata* (Indian Ocean)

Tin Ore – Busan (E Asia); Pattani (SE Asia); Basrah, Kilwa (Indian Ocean); San Antonio (S America); Cayenne (Caribbean); Plymouth (N Europe), Cape Town (W Africa)

Weapon – Malacca (SE Asia); Aden* (Indian Ocean); Havana, Na*sau (Caribbean); Lisbon (W Europe); Algiers* (E Europe); Hamburg, London, Stockholm* (N Europe)

Wood– Brunei, Davao (SE Asia); Acapulco (N America WC); Trujillo (Caribbean); Cagliari (E Europe); Bergen, Bristol, Danzig (N Europe); Arguin (W Africa)

Wootz Steel – Madras, Puducherry* (Indian Ocean)

Zinc Ore – Anping (E Asia); Kuching (SE Asia); Aden (Indian Ocean); Tumbes (S America); Bristol (N Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

Trade Goods by Port – Gemstones

Agate – Tamsui* (E Asia); Palembang (SE Asia); Mozambique (Indian Ocean); Santo Domingo, Veracruz** (Caribbean); Jaffa*, Tripoli* (E Europe); Cape Verde*, St. George (W Africa)

Amber – Danzig*, Stockholm**, Visby* (N Europe)

Blue Eye – Istanbul* (E Europe)

Coral– Naha* (E Asia); Jambi* (SE Asia); Panama (S America); Jamaica, San Diego* (Caribbean); Las Palmas*, Madeira* (W Europe)

Desert Rose – Ceuta* (W Europe); Algiers, Tunisia (E Europe)

Diamond– Benguela*, Cape Town*, Sierra Lione* (W Africa)

Emerald – Mozambique*, Sofala Province, Zanzibar* (Indian Ocean); Cairo* (E Europe); SĂŁo TomĂ©* (W Africa)

Gold– Jakarta* (SE Asia); Sofala Province*, Toamasina** (Indian Ocean); Lima* (S America); Jamaica*, Maracaibo**, Veracruz* (Caribbean); Abidjan*, Arguin*, St. George* (W Africa)

Ivory– Abidjan, Benin*, St. George** (W Africa)

Jadeite– Bago, Palembang* (SE Asia);

Lapis Lazuli – Basrah*, Hormuz* (Indian Ocean)

Pearl – Sakai (E Asia); Maka*sar*, Malacca, Samarai* (SE Asia); Muscat* (Indian Ocean); Havana*, San Juan* (Caribbean); Azores* (W Europe); SĂŁo TomĂ© (W Africa)

Rhodochrosite – Lambayeque*, Lima**, Tumbes* (S America)

Ruby– Lopburi (SE Asia); Calicut*, Ceylon** (Indian Ocean)

Sapphire– Bago* (SE Asia); Ceylon*, Toamasina* (Indian Ocean)

Silver– Busan, Sakai* (E Asia); Manila* (SE Asia); Hormuz** (Indian Ocean); Acapulco* (N America WC); Guatemala*, Panama*, Valparaiso* (S America); Cayenne*, Portobello* (Caribbean); Seville* (W Europe); Stockholm (N Europe)

Tortoise Shell – Edo (E Asia); Jeddah*, Zanzibar (Indian Ocean); Buenos Aires* (S America); Grand Cayman*, Na*sau* (Caribbean)

Turquoise – Hormuz, Suez (Indian Ocean); Cairo** (E Europe)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

**requires resource discovery in the Post

Trade Goods by Port – Hobby Goods

Cocoa – Pernambuco (S America); Caracas, Cayenne, MĂ©rida, Portobello, San Diego, Santo Domingo (Caribbean)

Coffee – Jeddah, Ma*sawa, Mogadishu, Mombasa (Indian Ocean)

Date Palm – Hormuz, Muscat (Indian Ocean); Jaffa (E Europe)

Mate– Bahia, Buenos Aires, San Antonio (S America)

Tea Leaf – Haizhou*, Macao, Zhangzhou (E Asia)

Tobacco – CopiapĂł* (S America); Havana, San Diego, Santo Domingo* (Caribbean)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

Trade Goods by Port – Spices

Agarwood– Brunei, Davao, Jakarta (SE Asia)

Ambergris– Anping* (E Asia) Socotra* (Indian Ocean); Casablanca* (W Europe)

Argan Oil– Casablanca (W Europe); Algiers (E Europe)

Cinnamon– Bago (SE Asia); Goa, Kochi (Indian Ocean)

Clove – Ambon*, Brunei*, Surabaya*, Ternate (SE Asia)

Black Pepper – Calicut, Ceylon, Kochi (Indian Ocean); Alexandria*, Venice* (E Europe)

Egyptian Essence – Alexandria, Cairo (E Europe)

Frankincense– Aden, Jeddah, Mombasa*, Muscat, Socotra (Indian Ocean); Alexandria, Istanbul (E Europe)

Mace– Ambon, Banjarmasin, Dili (SE Asia)

Musk– Macao*, Zhangzhou* (E Asia)

Nutmeg– Ambon, Banjarmasin*, Dili* (SE Asia)

Rosemary– Malaga, Seville, Valencia (W Europe); Palma (E Europe)

Saffron– Basrah, Muscat (Indian Ocean)

Vanilla – Maracaibo, MĂ©rida, Trujillo (Caribbean)

White Sandalwood – Calicut, Goa, Kochi* (Indian Ocean)

*requires 100 Contribution and the corresponding Permit

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