Sailing Era – Crafting + Loot + Events & Attributes

Sailing Era – Crafting + Loot + Events & Attributes 1 -
Sailing Era – Crafting + Loot + Events & Attributes 1 -

Welcome to Sailing Era – Crafting + Loot + Events & Attributes Guide.

This guide contains basic crafting, loot, fishing, events, and attributes.


You should ensure that you have enough space on the ship to store extra goods.

To cast a net, press F at a spot.

To reel the net back in, press and hold F.

Choose the cargo you wish to keep

Press F to store the cargo, R to transform it into supplies

Credit: Jiggles

Fishing spots

SE Asia

E123, N3

West Africa

E61, N1

Eastmost Eurasia

E146 N46


W29 N7

North Europe

E3 N55

Nile River doesn’t produce fish but gives you a few discoveries.

E31 N29

Events and Monthly Events

There is no alcohol in Africa/Arabian Peninsula/Istanbul/ Sevastopol. There is no influence or money on the alcohol that is sold.

Amsterdam – November – Tulip Event

Hangzhou – June – Blue and white Porcelain production event (low prices)

Venice – February Carnival

Calicut – Feb-Mar – Holi Festival

St. Elmos Fire – when it is heavy rain. Mine occurred while fishing with Lu Liyuan aboard.

Bar Maidens

They can access their locations/likes/gifts when they are maxed, as well as other items

Name Localization Likes Reward for Item
Andrea Veracruz (North America) Coral Jewelry / Phoenix Hairpin/ Glass Art *WIP*
Astrid Sweden Marble Statue / Nazar Amulet / Pearl Jewelry *WIP*
Clara Monica Seville, Spain Amber Fossil/Lace Mask/Noble Dress *WIP*
Julianne Lisbon, Portugal Velum / Painted Puppet / Mechanical Pendulum *WIP*
Daisy London, England Ivory Comb/ Porcelain Bird Cup/Glass Art *WIP*
Emin Arab Wooden spinning top / Junihitoe / Pearl Jewelry *WIP*
Gu Wan Zhangzhou, China Folk Story Script/Glass Art/Jewel Box *WIP*
Kanam Agarwal India Koinobori / Kite / Pearl Jewelry *WIP*
Margarita Amsterdam, Netherlands Noble Dress / Gemstone Ring/ Jewelry Box *WIP*

Merriam = Treasure Chest, Mechanical Pendulum, Porcelain Bird Cup = Istanbul, Ottoman Turkey

Nubu Kasheli = Chess, silk sachet, mechanical pendulum = Alexandria

Priya = Manual Of Leaves, Sweet Dew Wine, Porcelain Bird Cup = Athens (Greece)

Sakurako = Sugar, Toy Cat, Glass Art = Nagasaki

Shalin = Ema, Gemtstoe ring, noble dress = South Africa

Theresa = Soap and Noble Dress, Jewelry Box = Germany

Vera Lucia Scythia = Tile painting, noble dress, gemstone ring = Venice, Florence

Valentina = Glass Bead/Gestone / Shortsword/Pear Jewelry = Havana (Cuba)

Equipment, Attributes, Etc


Ship Building

The development of ingredients for the tendency is still in progress.

The quality of the ship does not depend on the item’s quality. Premium cheese will contribute 50% more than regular cheese with 50% damage.

Overall Tendency from best to worst


Sapphire / Diamond

Agate / Desert Rose / Tea Leaf / Argan Oil / Silver / Ivory

Black Pepper / Turquoise / Cocoa

Arms WIP

Damascus Blade

Weapon / Sherry

Wine / Copper Ore / Iron Ore


Explore WIP

Ebony Wood

Red Sandalwood

Trade WIP

Porcelain in Blue and White


Oil Painting


Cotton / Glass Ball

Uncommon Ships with Max dock/tech/shipbuilding

Ships seem to be bound to their area. A large Galleon like it will be built if the roll fails.


Large Galleons need to test more.

Seville/Lisbon – Ship of the Line

Istanbul/Alexandria: Giant Ottoman Galley

Naples: Galleass Galley

Amsterdam: Crommesteven

Written by Arkadus

This is all about Sailing Era – Crafting + Loot + Events & Attributes; I hope you enjoy reading the Guide! If you feel like we should add more information or we forget/mistake, please let us know via commenting below, and thanks! See you soon!

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