SaGa Frontier Remastered – Monster Skill Name Changes

SaGa Frontier Remastered – Monster Skill Name Changes 1 -
SaGa Frontier Remastered – Monster Skill Name Changes 1 -
Trying to turn your monster into Dullahan/Black Dragon/Mariche but you are stomped from the new skill names? Here’s a list of the new but not improved monster skill list.


Skill Table

Blank slots are those I haven’t encountered. GriffinScratch is most likely something I’ll never find/check due to how annoying it is to try to acquire this skill. Use CTRL + F to find what you are looking for. 

Original Remaster Original Remaster Original Remaster
AcidBreath Acid GhostTouch Ghostly Touch Psychout Fake Out
ArcticBreath Frost GliderSpike Gliding Spikes Quake Earthquake
Assist n/a Grasp Swallow Quicksand n/a
Battlesong Gremlin Touch n/a Rock Rockfall
Beak n/a GriffinScratch SacredSong Hymn
Beat Bash GroundHit Shockwave SadSong Dirge
Beetlejuice n/a Headbutt Scissors n/a
Blade n/a Heal n/a Scream n/a
BladeNet n/a HeatSmash Burning Smash SeedVulcan Seed Cannon
Bloodsucker Suck Blood Heatwave n/a Seduction Temptation
BoltBarrier Shocking Veil Horn Impale Silf Sylphid
BoltBlast Lightning Blast HP Drain Drain HP Siren n/a
BoltBreath Lightning Pierce Hypnotism Hypnosis SleepGas
BoomerangHook IceBarrier Frigid Veil Solvent Lysate
Braincrush HeadTrauma IceSmash Frigid Smash SphixRiddle n/a
Centipede Crush Ignis Ignis Stream SpiderNet n/a
CharmGaze Charming Gaze IllStorm Spoil Degeneration
Chop n/a Kick n/a Spore n/a
Claw n/a Kusanagi Stampede n/a
Coils Windup Kylin Song Stinger Puncture
CounterFear n/a LifeRain Rain of Life StinkGas Knockout Gas
Da Dum n/a LightBall n/a StoneGas Petrifying Gas
DaggerJaw Razor Teeth Lullaby n/a StoneGaze Petrifying Gaze
Dash Charge MadAttack Full-on Assault StunGaze Crippling Gaze
DeadlyMoss Corpse Moss Malstrom Maelstrom StunTouch Paralying Touch
DeathGaze Gaze of Death Magic Heal n/a Supersonic Ultrasonic Wave
DeathTouch Touch of Death MagneticStorm n/a Sweep n/a
Deathsynthesis n/a MightyCyclone n/a Tackle n/a
DoubleAxe Double Chop MinionStrike Tail n/a
Ectoplasnet n/a Needles n/a TailHit TailSwipe
ElfShot Sylvan Shot Oscillation n/a Thrust n/a
Fang n/a PainPowder n/a Thunderbolt Lightning Crash
FangCrush Feral Pounce Petrify n/a TitasWave n/a
Feeler Tentacle Pheromone Tornado Cyclone
Feint n/a Photosynthesis n/a Trample n/a
FireBarrier PoisonGas Tremor n/a
FireBreath Blaze PoisonGrip Poison Strike TripGas Debilitating Gas
FireKiss Flames of Pa*sion PoisonGun Poisonous Liquid WaterCannon n/a
FlameBlast PoisonMist n/a Windblast Gust
Flash Brilliance PoisonNeedle n/a Wing Wing Slap
GaleAttack Windfall PowerBeat Slam
GasFlame Scalding Gas PsyReflector


Written by Paper Rabbit

Hope you enjoy the Guide about SaGa Frontier Remastered – Monster Skill Name Changes, if you think we should add extra information or forget something, please let us know via comment below, and we will do our best to fix or update as soon as possible!

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